Victorians to reshape rental laws

The Victorian Government is encouraging the community to help shape rental laws relating to length of leases, terminations, and rent increases.


A new Issues Paper released today by the Minister for Consumer Affairs Jane Garrett will explore ways of improving security of tenure, including leases of up to ten years.


‘Security of tenure’ refers to how secure a person feels about their renting situation. High security of tenure generally means a person can afford their rent, has the choice to stay or leave, and knows that there are legal protections over their tenancy agreement.


The Issues Paper is part of a review of Victoria’s rental laws announced in June and will help inform the Government’s Plan for Fairer, Safer Housing.


The security of a renting situation can significantly influence a renter’s overall wellbeing. For example, it can give people the confidence to stay involved in work and local community.


Secure tenancies can also provide economic benefits, such as a stable source of income for property investors. They can also reduce strain on public or community housing.


The Issues Paper Security of Tenure examines the factors which contribute to stable tenancies, including current renting laws, and the challenges faced by those who want more secure tenancies.


The Government is seeking input from all Victorians, including the aged, that will help to strike a fairer balance between the rights and responsibilities of both tenants and landlords.


The Security of Tenure issues paper is available on the Fairer Safer Housing website, where people can also register to have their say.


10 November 2015.