Survey to give voice to Queensland’s most vulnerable

Older Queenslanders, people with a disability, and their carers are encouraged to have their say about the issues that affect them most, and to highlight poor treatment from businesses and the community.


Queensland Aged and Disability Advocacy (QADA), is launching a survey which aims to develop a better understanding of the daily pressures and issues affecting some of the most vulnerable members of our community.


QADA CEO Geoff Rowe said the not-for-profit service helped Queenslanders every day who needed help accessing government assistance, standing up for their rights or navigating through complex rules surrounding care requirements.


“We help more than 100 Queenslanders each week, providing advocacy services or assisting them with essential information about their rights and the help available to them,” Mr Rowe said.


“We know from those we help that Queensland’s aged, those with a disability and their carers face issues in using businesses or government services most of us take for granted.


“For example, Queenslanders who need extra help tell us that, while most do the right thing, some businesses try to charge more for services or use a lack of understanding of technology to take advantage of them.


“Unfortunately there can be a lack of accurate, timely data about these issues, with government bodies focused instead on issues such as health needs that, while important, are not the full picture affecting our state’s most vulnerable.”


QADA’s online survey has specific questions tailored for older people, those with a disability and their carers, designed to assist QADA in meeting its client needs, as well as shining a light on important issues.


“It is important those who need assistance realise help is available at no cost, and organisations like ours exist to give them a voice.”


The data in the survey will be made anonymous and the results will be publicly available.


The online survey is available at


23 November 2015.