New aged care quality standards tool roll-out

Aged care quality control and monitoring has taken an important step forward, with the national roll-out of a new device to improve evidence collection and streamline customer feedback.


Officially launching the tablet-style Computer Assisted Audit Tool (CAAT) last Tuesday, Aged Care Minister Ken Wyatt said the new system would increase transparency, support more consumer friendly reports, enhance compliance monitoring and deliver accreditation services more efficiently.


“The debut of this hand-held technology marks a major improvement in evidence collection and information processing, to help maintain standards,” Mr Wyatt said.


“Ultimately, more detailed data will highlight what lies behind poor performance, and what factors are significant in good quality care."


The Chief Executive Officer, Australian Aged Care quality Agency Mr Nick Ryan said, "The new Computer Assisted Audit Tool - or CAAT - will provide assessors with a standardised interview and observation tool, and enable the more efficient collection and analysis of data from an accreditation site audit.


"We are also strengthening ways in which we engage consumers and their families in the accreditation and quality review process. Foremost among the initiatives will be the provision of more and more useful information for aged care recipients, their carers and families through a new Consumer-Focused Report.


"The consumer’s experience of the quality of care and services is already an important part of the site audit. It ensures that the consumer experience is considered in decision making by the Quality Agency.


"A minimum of 10% of residents and representatives are currently interviewed by the Quality Agency. Representatives may include family members, clinical representatives, a power of attorney or any other representatives of the resident.


"We expect this to improve information for care recipients and their families to help them choose the best care available, and to also support the market with structured feedback from consumers at the point of care."


28 June 2017.