Easier authorisation of spokespersons for aged consumers

An important change to My Aged Care has been clarification of who can speak on a consumer’s behalf, and under what circumstances.


“The legal documents needed to establish an authorised representative, and the nature of decisions made in My Aged Care, have now been streamlined to make them consistent with State and Territory legislation.”


New policies and processes have been implemented to make life easier for all consumers, particularly older people with diverse needs, and health professionals who use My Aged Care.


My Aged Care is the Australian Government’s one-stop shop for aged care support.


Aged Care Minister Ken Wyatt said, “If a person is capable of consenting to someone speaking and acting on their behalf in My Aged Care, he or she now has greater flexibility in appointing a regular representative, and who that person can be.


“In those cases where a person may not be capable of providing such consent, the consumer will need to have an authorised representative appointed for them.


Specific consumers with diverse needs who cannot engage with My Aged Care over the phone, and who do not have a representative, can now be referred by a third party directly for an assessment.


“Health professionals will also benefit as they will be able to follow up on their patient’s progress when they call the My Aged Care contact centre,” Minister Wyatt said.


“This will enable them to provide continuity of care for their patients. There will be greater visibility on the progress of referrals, as health professionals work together with My Aged Care assessors in support of older people.


For details, see the My Aged Care website, https://www.myagedcare.gov.au/


12 July 2017.