Intergenerational reminiscence guide

A new resource to constructively interact high school students and aged care residents has been launched in Rhodes NSW.


Meaningful Ageing Australia has launched “Intergenerational Reminiscence – A leader’s guide for aged care organisations and secondary schools” to explain how to run a successful intergenerational reminiscence program in aged care.


In the program, small groups of students spend time with an older person who has the opportunity to tell the stories that matter to them.


Students then produce a memento for the older person, and the aged care organisations hosts a special event where students present their final product and celebrate the person’s life with them and their family.


The guide is based on the successful “Through our Eyes” program, refined over the past seven years by Carrington with Magdalene Catholic High School in Camden, NSW. The program won Meaningful Ageing Australia’s 2016 Quality Practice Award, which recognises innovation and excellence in the spiritual care of older people.


The guide provides details on how to establish partnerships with local schools; select and brief student participants and older people, monitoring the partnerships; recognise and celebrate the final product with all participants including families; and handle specific issues and challenges such as the death of an older person during the project.


The guide also provides useful resources for project participation, selections, interviews, and reviewing the program from the point of view of the older person, family and the student.


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Courtesy of Meaningful Ageing Australia.


17 August 2017.