Introducing ABC Weather – the story behind the science

The ABC has announced an initiative that will explore how and why weather events occur in Australia, and their effects on people and the environment.


ABC Weather will deliver science-based stories of interest to all Australians, with increased video, online and mobile coverage across all ABC platforms.


Australians will see stories which explore why everyday weather phenomena occur like rain, frost and wind, to more complex weather patterns such as heatwaves, cyclones and thunderstorms.

ABC Weather

ABC Managing Director Michelle Guthrie said, “ABC Weather will expand the depth and breadth of our news and weather stories by analysing the science behind our weather. We want to inform and engage with Australians so that they understand what is occurring, why and how it happens, and its impact on our communities.


“The ABC is also strengthening its relationship with the Bureau of Meteorology, sharing knowledge and data through greater collaboration between the organisations.”


ABC Weather is funded through the ABC’s Connecting Communities package, which will see an extra $15 million per year invested in regional news and information, as part of the ABC’s Investing in Audiences strategy announced in March.


Coverage will be expanded across the country, across the week and across platforms, through the creation of up to 80 new jobs. A further investment of almost $4 million in new tools and equipment will boost the video and digital capability of regional teams.


To access the ABC’s weather news and information see


1 September 2017.