Smart glasses for the vision impaired launched

The Royal Society for the Blind is the first organisation to bring eyewear technology to Australia, giving many visually impaired people the opportunity to see clearly for the first time.


The third generation of eSight electronic ‘smart’ glasses will be available through the South Australia Royal Society for the Blind (RSB).

eSight allows people with vision impairment to greatly enhance their remaining vision.

Developed in Canada, the eSight technology is a clinically validated and patented engineering breakthrough that allows the visually impaired to use eyewear to see in the same manner that sighted people do. For those living with low vision, eSight glasses can offer a dramatically improved quality of life.


RSB’s Adaptive Technology Manager, Andrew Davies, says the charity is delighted to be the first national product sponsor for eSight’s glasses.


“While the device cannot assist those who are totally blind, over 85 per cent of those who are legally blind have some usable vision that can be enhanced by eSight’s glasses.


“The eSight glasses herald a new era for helping vision impaired people and in some cases, they will be life-changing. It is tremendously exciting to be at the forefront of this type of technology and be able to share this with not only our clients, but indeed anyone with a vision impairment.


“Vision impairment can have a severe impact on a person’s lifestyle and for their friends, carers and family. Particularly as an ageing population, finding ways to address the impacts of macular degeneration in the community is an exciting prospect.”


eSight Vice President of Clinical and Regulatory Affairs Rob Hilkes said the technology has already changed lives across Europe and North America.


“Our philosophy is that everyone deserves to see. eSight glasses set the gold standard for the most sophisticated low vision glasses of their kind anywhere in the world. They help enable the visually impaired to actually see, be mobile and independently carry out virtually all aspects of activities in their daily living.”


eSight is now available for purchase in Australia through The Royal Society for the Blind, the first organisation to bring eSight’s breakthrough technology to Australia and is expected to retail for $13,000.


The RSB is also looking at the potential to be able to include the purchase of eSight glasses funded by NDIS or supported from fundraising for its clients.

For further information on how to trial or purchase eSight glasses, contact the RSB on 08 8232 4807.


14 September 2017.