National Police Remembrance Day 2017

Today is National Police Remembrance Day, the day we commemorate the brave Australian police who have been killed in the line of duty.


Every year, 29 September provides an opportunity to pause and reflect on the sacrifice of police officers who have fallen while protecting our communities.


This year, there will be 12 names added to the National Police Memorial, one of whom lost their life in the past year.


Queensland's Senior Constable Brett Forte was killed on 29 May 2017, after a gunman fired on him and his partner. Senior Constable Forte's quick response and courage helped save the life of his fellow police officer.


For his exceptional bravery in protecting his colleagues and the community, Senior Constable Forte was awarded the Queensland Police Service Valour Award posthumously.


An additional 11 officers will have their names placed onto the National Police Memorial retrospectively.


From Queensland Police:

  • Sergeant First Class Theodore Reinhold Herman (1950)

From New South Wales Police:

  • Probationary Constable James Hawkins (1881)
  • Probationary Constable William Norman St John Maule (1881)
  • Probationary Constable Thomas Lyons Hackett (1886)
  • Probationary Constable Michael Thomas de Courcey O'Brien (1891)
  • Constable Francis William Grundy (1898)
  • Probationary Constable Frank Evans (1900)
  • Constable Joseph William Gilholm (1902)
  • Constable John Charles Donovan (1922)

From Tasmania Police:

  • Constable Edward John Woodward (1879)
  • Constable William John Williamson (1889)


The 12 new touchstones added to the National Police Memorial this year brings the total number of police officers honoured to 776.


National Police Remembrance Day will be commemorated at the National Police Memorial in Canberra from 4.30pm. The service will be preceded by a display of more than 200 police officers across Kings Avenue Bridge to the National Police Memorial.


To honour his fallen colleague, Queensland Police Service Assistant Commissioner Tony Wright will perform the role of Parade Commander and MC at this national event.


For all ceremonies, a blue and white chequered ribbon is worn to remember those fallen members, and to take strength in the knowledge that their memory lives on.


Across Australia, police forces will be holding services and events to commemorate National Police Remembrance Day. For details are on the National Police Memorial website.


29 September 2017.