Older people speak out media awards

Minister for Aged Care, Ken Wyatt, today congratulated the recipients of the Older People Speak Out Awards (OPSO), which recognise the work of the Australian media in promoting positive ageing.


“The OPSO awards salute the media’s important role in informing the broader community about ageing in 21st century Australia,” Mr Wyatt said.


“The media is a powerful tool and through print, television and radio journalism at its best, can help address the misconception that ageing automatically equals frailty and losing quality of life.”


The OPSO awards acknowledge the work of the media in categories ranging from best coverage of a controversial issue affecting older people, to best feature story illustrating positive ageing.


“These awards shine a light on where we need to do better and also help ensure our older people are treated with the respect they deserve,” said Minister Wyatt.


The Commonwealth is supporting OPSO with $30,000 in funding from the Dementia and Aged Care Services program, through until to June 2020.


Since 1994 the OPSO awards, which are run by the all-volunteer organisation, have expanded to include 11 awards and two people’s choice awards.


A list of the recipients of the Older People Speak Out Awards can be seen at http://opso.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/OPSO_Newsletter-SE-opt.pdf


14 November 2017.