COTA measuring quality and consumer choice in aged care

COTA Australia is asking Australians their views about the quality of life and quality of care in aged care services.


COTA is engaging with Australians as part of a project to better understand the information consumers want to choose their aged care providers.


COTA Australia has long been a proponent of the need for consumers to have access to information that's meaningful, answers the questions we need to know and is accessible and simple to navigate.


It believes good quality, reliable, easy to understand information was needed to help older Australians compare the quality of services and choose an aged care provider that suits their needs.


The project will canvass the views of all consumers, including older people, their families and friends (as well as aged care service providers) via online surveys as well as focus groups across Australia in November and December.


COTA particularly wants to ask people's views about their experience of their aged care providers, quality of life measures and indicators of care quality as well as the quality assurance systems and processes that support these measures. It also wants to hear from Australians about what information they need to make choices about the best aged care provider for themselves or their family.


Focus groups for providers and consumers will be held in:

  • Canberra on Thursday 30 November
  • Melbourne on Friday 1 December
  • Brisbane on Thursday 7 December
  • Sydney on Monday 11 December
  • Hobart on Tuesday 12 December, and
  • a provider only session in Adelaide on Thursday 14 December.


People wishing to participate in the focus groups for either consumers or providers can find details and RSVP information here:



If you have any questions about this project email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or get in touch with Jude Harris, Senior Policy Officer on 03 9909 7916.


27 November 2017.