Is your property storm ready?

With storm activity ramping up, residents are being urged to prepare their properties now before severe weather hits.


State Emergency Service (SES) Regional Manager Robert Bundy said most call outs in the region were for property damage, such as leaking roofs or damage caused by branches or debris.


“Storms can hit at any time, and we’ve already seen storms bring heavy rain, strong winds and even hail in some parts of the region so it’s important to be prepared now,” Mr Bundy said.


Mr Bundy said there were a number of simple steps residents could take to minimise the impact of storms and severe weather.


“Full gutters can cause rain water to back up into eaves, causing leaks in heavy downpours and putting strain on your roof,” he said.


“Residents should clean out their gutters, and check their roofs and eaves.


“For tiled roofs, ensure there are no damaged, cracked or lifted tiles and that all seals around skylights, chimneys or valleys are in good condition.


“For tin roofs, check for lifted or rusted nails or sheets of loose tin that might leak or lift off in strong winds.”


Mr Bundy said everyday items could potentially be a projectile in heavy wind, including trampolines, outdoor furniture and dog kennels.


“Trim trees and overhanging branches, clean up the backyard and secure loose items outdoors,” he said.


“Make sure you don’t forget your furry friends either. Pets can become very stressed during severe weather, so make sure they have a safe and secure area.


“We are trained and ready, but we urge all residents to ask how they can help themselves now, before they call for help.”


For more information on preparing for storm season see and


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30 November 2017.