Pet owners urged to keep animals safe this New Year's Eve

The Lost Dogs’ Home is urging pet owners to plan for the safety of their animals this New Year’s Eve, with hundreds of dogs expected to escape and flee after being spooked by fireworks.


“New Year’s Eve is the scariest night of the year for our pets,” said Dr David Cunliffe, general manager of animal welfare at the Home.


“The loud noises associated with fireworks cause sheer terror for many pets, forcing them to go to extreme lengths to escape.


“They can scale high fences, run long distances and be hit by cars. It’s a very dangerous situation that can result in severe injury or death.”


Dr Cunliffe said the 24 to 48 hours following New Year’s Eve was the busiest time of year for animal shelters.


“Fortunately, many lost dogs who end up at our shelters are quickly reunited with their families thanks to up-to-date identification,” Dr Cunliffe said.


“Where possible, bring your pet indoors before the fireworks start. If you have a pet who is particularly anxious or scared, it’s a good idea to stay home with them or arrange for someone you trust to stay with them.


“Provide a calming environment for your pet. Choose a safe room where you can put their bed or crate. Close the blinds and play classical or relaxation music to muffle firework sounds. Offer special toys and treats to distract your pet.”


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31 December 2017.