The three most affordable retirement havens

The editors at have identified the three most affordable retirement havens, where Australians can live, for less -- Vietnam, Cambodia and The Philippines.


The winners of the "Cost of Living" category of International Living Australia's 2018 Global Retirement Rankings ( are the top three, best-value destinations overseas today for Australians.


"Look at the right places overseas and you'll find you have more good choices than ever for a comfortable -- even a luxurious -- retirement," said IL Executive Editor, Eoin Bassett.



A vibrant destination, steeped in history and brimming with opportunity. When it comes to bang for buck, Vietnam can't be beat...achieving the top score for cost of living in International Living Australia's 2018 Global Retirement Rankings.


Aussie couple Sharyn and Tim make their home in Ho Chi Minh City where they pay $900 a month for their two-bedroom, fully furnished, air-conditioned apartment -- that includes Pay TV, WiFi, the use of a gym and the cost of a cleaner two days a week.



While the cost of living in Cambodia may be one of the lowest in the world, the standard of living is high. Expats Scott and Audrey have settled in the riverfront town of Kampot.


"We rent a three-bedroom house with a large garden for $300 a month," says Scott. "This comes with Pay TV, internet and a maid who comes in two hours a day. Our total monthly expenditure is $1,200. This includes eating out most nights plus a trip to nearby islands for a few nights' stay."



Dazzling beaches and friendly, English-speaking locals aren't the only attractions in The Philippines. Expats looking for a sunny place to retire will find a little money goes a long way.


"I live a blessed life here," says expat Paul Whiteway, who lives in Cebu, The Philippines' oldest city. "I knew I couldn't afford to retire in Australia, but in Cebu you can live on a pension of $700 to $1,400 a month."


The complete IL Australia 2018 Global Retirement Rankings report is available at: Best Places for Australians to Retire -


26 January 2018.