Australia's largest online shopping centre opens

With more than 30,000 stores, the Aussie Mega Mall boasts the largest shopping centre in Australia.


The Aussie Mega Mall showcases Australian only online stores.


CEO and Founder Mr. Darryl Reeves said, “Being online and showcasing 100% Australian online stores makes us the biggest in Australia."


“The Aussie Mega Mall has been created as a fight back against the huge number of foreign stores coming into Australia and buying their way to the top of search engines,” said Mr. Reeves.


“In a growing number of categories of retail, it is now getting difficult to get an Australian retailer on the first or second page of search engines. We aim to stop this because it's detrimental to Australian businesses and unfavourable for Australian people!”


Australian online shopping is showing no signs of slowing down. The NAB Online Retail Sales Index for November 2017 reported that Australians spent an estimated $24 billion on online retail over a 12-month period to November 2017.


The site is 100% touch interactive with no typing required, which is perfect for hand-held devices. Every store can be found on page one of the aisle of a shopper's choosing and they look and work like an app.


With more than 7,000,000 Australian shoppers and growing, the Aussie Mega Mall enables shoppers to browse hundreds of aisles and thousands of stores with no need for time consuming searches, frustrating dead-ends or even fumbling with keypads or keyboards!


“Every online Australian store from large corporations to the small at home store can be showcased 100% free whilst knowing they will be on page 1. The only qualification is that you must be an Australian online store,” said Mr. Reeves.


The Aussie Mega Mall lets the shopper shop by preferred payment method, if you want to shop using your American Express card then touch the Amex logo and only stores that accept Amex are shown. Currently the Aussie Mega Mall supports 8 payment methods.


Additionally, the shopper is able to create their own mini mall inside the Mega Mall showcasing all of their favourite stores.


The Aussie Mega Mall is an all-Australian online shopping centre with no foreign stores.


30 January 2018.