Home Care Package Research Report

The Australian Government Department of Health commissioned independent agency AMR to conduct research among home care package clients and service providers in August and September 2017.


The research aimed to measure experiences and perceptions since the Increasing Choice in Home Care reforms were introduced on 27 February 2017.


The Department reported that the key findings from consumers include:

  • High satisfaction (80% or above) with: the services they receive, the services matching these expectations, and their general standard and suitability. Specifically, 85% of consumers were satisfied with the standard of services they received.
  • Close to half of participants recorded using the My Aged Care Contact Centre, a printed brochure/booklet and/or information provided by a service provider to help them set up services
  • Information was well received, and around 80% were satisfied with the information received from the My Aged Care Contact Centre, printed resources developed by the department and information on the My Aged Care website.
  • The wait time experienced by participants before they were assigned a package was usually seen as satisfactory (74%)
  • A majority (65%) of participants indicated satisfaction with the amount of time they had to make a decision about which provider would deliver the services.
  • Almost two thirds (65%) indicated satisfaction with the funding allocation for home care packages.
  • The likelihood of changing providers was extremely low, with 7% giving a positive response, and more than half (58%) not at all likely to do so. This was due to satisfaction with current services (85%) and/or that they liked the workers delivering their services (76%).


A majority of home care package providers (55%) were satisfied with the information provided by the department before 27 February.


Representatives of home care package providers felt that their organisation had adjusted reasonably well to the changes, including by:

  • adapting to the systems and processes of the new model (58%), and
  • making changes to their work force or work model (59%).


Home care package providers were also positive about changes to their organisation’s service delivery, with:

  • 59% considering offering packages in new locations, and
  • 61% now offering new package levels.


Download the Home Care Package Research from https://agedcare.health.gov.au/node/52421


8 February 2018.