December quarter home care packages

A record number of home care packages have been assigned in the December 2017 quarter.


Aged Care Minister Ken Wyatt said, “The latest figures show that in the December quarter 50,300 care packages were assigned, over 17,500 more than in the previous quarter. That’s a rate of over 3,800 every week.


“More than 36,000 of these went to people who were new to home care, and almost half of the total went to senior Australians with the highest levels of need.”


Care packages allow people to choose their care provider and to take their home care package with them, wherever they live. There are four levels of home care packages, ranging from low to high care.


“To give seniors in need support as quickly as possible, we try to provide them with a lower level interim home care package and I continue to encourage people to take up this option,” the Minister said.


“In fact, the data shows us there are now almost 46 per cent of people in the queue accessing interim care, including almost everyone who’s been in the queue for 12 months or more.”


“While indications are that home care package queue growth is slowing, hundreds of thousands of senior Australians are also receiving assistance from the Government’s $5.5 billion investment in the Commonwealth Home Support Programme, as well, the Minister said.


“Like many new reforms, things moved a little slowly at first last year, as senior Australians and their families grew accustomed to the changes.”


The December Quarter Home Care Packages Program data report is available at


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2 March 2018.