Palliative Care Week 2018

Aged Care Minister Ken Wyatt is urging all Australians to support National Palliative Care Week, by asking the question: What matters most?


Mr Wyatt also released a new video featuring prominent Australians promoting palliative care and the “What matters most?” theme of Palliative Care Week 2018.


Mr Wyatt said, “We should all be asking this question and having conversations about it with our loved ones.”


Mr Wyatt said the Australian Government was prioritising palliative care, with a $32.8 million allocation in the 2018-19 Budget in the Better Quality of Care Comprehensive Palliative Care in Aged Care initiative to extend choice for older Australians.


“This measure aims to provide high-quality palliative care within residential aged care facilities so people have the option to pass away peacefully in their place of residence.


“It is about giving people choice, with support right up until then including improved care coordination and better clinical governance.


“In collaboration with State and Territory governments, it is crucial that we deliver the best possible palliative care for older Australians.”


The video includes messages from former Wallabies captain Mark Ella, comedian Jean Kitson, chef Kylie Kwong, Commonwealth Games champion and palliative care nurse Carla Krizani, and intensive care specialist Ken Hilman.


The Government has provided Palliative Care Australia - the peak national organisation for palliative care and end-of-life issues - $5.5 million under the National Palliative Care project grants scheme, to support its policy development, consultations, awareness raising activities and work to produce national care standards.


To watch the palliative care video, see


For additional information on palliative care go to the Palliative Care Australia website.


22 May 2018.