NT Seniors, Pensioners and Carers scheme

The Northern Territory’s Pensioner, Seniors and Carers schemes come into effect on 1 July 2018.


Territory Families Minister Dale Wakefield said today the new Seniors Recognition Scheme and the reformed NT Concession Scheme come into effect on 1 July and the changes follow feedback from more than 10,000 Territorians across the NT.


Ms Wakefield said, “Senior Territorians said that they wanted a separate scheme recognising seniors, as the current scheme was unfair and excluded 3000 seniors.


"There are now two separate schemes – one for seniors, and one for pensioners and carers.


"Territorians were also concerned that the current scheme was open to fraud and some people were getting more than their fair share. We changed that. The new schemes are equitable and supported by robust administration processes..”


From 1 July 2018:

  • The new Seniors Recognition Scheme will come into effect. ALL Territorians aged 65 years or older are eligible for this scheme, it provides members with a $500 payment (per year) that can be used for travel, electricity, or water. This amount is above the original $350 that was promised before the election. Benefits will not be available until members confirm their eligibility
  • The reformed NT Concession Scheme will come into effect. This scheme helps Territorians who are on long-term income support. Members will continue to receive the concessions that were available as part of the previous scheme. This includes property rates, garbage, motor vehicle registration, driver licence and spectacles. Electricity and water are also part of this concession, with newly introduced capped amounts
  • Members of the existing scheme have until 31 December 2018 to confirm their details


The new schemes will include:

  • A Quality Assurance Framework for service providers which sets standards for service and product provision and a Vendor Code of Practice
  • A system for audits or concession and payment transactions
  • A feedback system for members to make complaints if they feel a service provider has not operated in accordance with the Code of Practice


A new website (https://ntconcessions.nt.gov.au/)has been launched to provide better user navigation, information and support for Territory seniors, pensioners, and carers as well as support for NT businesses.


21 June 2018.