Commitment to protect My Health Record privacy welcomed

ACOSS welcomes the Federal Government’s commitment to make changes to the My Health Records legislation to protect the privacy of people with a My Health Record.


ACOSS believes that My Health Record has the potential to deliver better coordinated care and allow people more control over their health information. However, the current My Health Records Act 2012 fails to adequately protect the use of a person’s health information and is out of step with community expectations of privacy.


ACOSS CEO Dr. Cassandra Goldie said, “The Minister’s commitment to make changes to the My Health Records Act to protect the privacy of people with a My Health Record is welcome news.


“In order for people to have confidence in the My Health Record System, they need to know that their privacy will be protected, and that government agencies will not be able to access their health information for reasons unrelated to their health care without a court order.


“They also need to know that when their record is deleted, that it is permanently deleted.


“This commitment by the Minister follows advocacy by people and organisations from across Australia.


“I want to particularly recognise the work of ACOSS members on this issue, including the Consumer’s Health Forum, the National Association of People Living with HIV Australia, The Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations, the Federation of Ethnic Communities’ Councils of Australia, mental health consumer groups and a number of other organisations.


“The voices of the medical profession are important in this discussion, but it will also be critical that the input of community organisations and consumer representatives is sought and informs the legislation as it is drafted.”


ACOSS has received financial support from the Australian Digital Health Agency to assist with communication to the community sector about the introduction of My Health Record and it will continue to provide the community with information about implementation.


1 August 2018.