Fairer NSW retirement village law

New laws make retirement village arrangements more transparent and accountable and puts more power into the hands of retirees and their families.

Aged care workforce not keeping up with high care demand

Lower paid and lower skilled personal care workers are likely to be substituting the work of enrolled nurses in Australia’s residential aged care homes, according to new research released by the Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre.

Retirement costs continue to increase

There was a modest increase in the cost of living in the September quarter for retirees.

Better access to dental care needed

The Australian Dental Association NSW is calling for better access to oral health services for older Australians, after a new report found dental treatment was the most difficult medical service for this group to access.

Report on staffing ratio disclosure Aged Care Bill presented

The House of Representatives Standing Committee on Health, Aged Care and Sport Committee today presented to Parliament its Advisory Report on the Aged Care Amendment (Staffing Ratio Disclosure) Bill 2018.

Too few trained nurses increase patient death risk – UK study

Admission to a hospital ward with below average numbers of fully trained (registered) nurses to care for patients is linked to a 3 per cent rise in the risk of death for each day the shortfall persists.

Motorists ignoring ‘if it’s flooded, forget it’ message

QFES is urging motorists to steer clear of flooded roads, after severe storms on Wednesday night resulted in crews being called to two swiftwater rescues near Charters Towers.

Your low back pain will probably go away without extra treatment

Having an X-ray, CT or MRI scan usually won’t change your treatment for low back pain, and movement is the best medicine with the pain usually getting better within 4–6 weeks.

Waiting times for emergency department and elective surgery on the rise

Nationally, waiting times for elective surgery and emergency department care are steadily rising, according to two reports released today by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW).

Aged care consumer experience report

The first annual release of data and feedback on Consumer Experience Reports in residential aged care homes has been published.

Action needed to help vulnerable older Australians - report

A new report has found older Australians overwhelmingly support assisted dying legislation, nearly half feel less valued by society than when they were younger and the majority feel a decade younger than their current age.

Older women live in fear of rent increases - report

New research from consumer and tenancy groups (CHOICE, National Shelter and the National Association of Tenant Organisations (NATO)) has shown that women over 55 who rent live in fear of rent increases.

Consumer protection in superannuation watered down

Successive governments have provided dozens of regulatory carve-outs and concessions to superannuation products.

Rethinking HIV and ageing

The first generation of people with HIV in Australia and around the world, infected decades ago, are now growing old.

Carers of older adults often don’t know their care preferences

When it comes to making health decisions for an older adult, what health surrogates, i.e. carers, don’t know can be harmful, according to new research.

New ageing institute launched at UNSW

A new ageing research institute has been established at UNSW as one of four cross-disciplinary centres focused on finding solutions to major social and scientific challenges.

Warning about tax scams

Tax scams seem to be everywhere at the moment and Scamwatch is warning people not to engage with phone calls or emails they receive threatening arrest or jail over unpaid tax debts.

Why more older Australians are living in share houses

An increasing number of older Australians are living in share housing. A relatively new group to emerge on the share-housing scene, they are choosing to share for financial reasons, but finding unexpected social benefits.

A brain scientist who studies Alzheimer's explains how she stays mentally fit

As a specialist in Alzheimer's prevention, Jessica Langbaum knows that exercising her mental muscles can help keep her brain sharp.

Health costs of ageism in the US calculated at $63 billion annually

Ageism — a widespread form of prejudice that is directed at older persons — led to excess costs of $63 billion for a broad range of health conditions during one year in the United States.

Home care not keeping up with demand

Data contained in the latest Home Care Packages Program report shows that too many older Australians are not getting care at the level they require.