Budget! - don't sink in the New Year

Wesley Mission has issued a warning to consumers who are intent on maximising their credit card expenditure before Christmas with the hope of transferring their balances to a no interest card in the New Year.

Proportion of older Australians continues to rise

The proportion of Australia's population aged 65 years and over continued to increase in 2018, with Tasmania home to the country's oldest population.

Are your grandparents getting tipsy at the holiday party?

November and December are defined by parties and social events. And in the U.S., alcohol is synonymous with socializing, with Americans particularly likely to overindulge during the holidays.

Nurse and midwife to patient ratios to increase in Victoria

Legislation will be introduced in Victorian Parliament today to enshrine improved minimum nurse and midwife to patient ratios.

Private health insurance premium increase in 2019

The Federal Government’s reforms to make private health insurance simpler and more affordable have delivered an average premium increase of 3.25 per cent from 1 April 2019.

Exercise to lower high blood pressure

Exercise may be as effective as prescribed drugs to lower high (140 mm Hg) blood pressure, suggests a pooled analysis of the available data.

Self-care should be top of your list this Christmas

Christmas is a time for good food, gift giving, socialising and having a merry time but with that comes a huge amount of expectation.

Regular problem solving does not protect against mental decline

Sudoku and crosswords may not offset age-related mental decline, but can boost mental ability over a lifetime.

Older Australians win in 2018-19 Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook

The Federal Government will provide more support for older Australians, with a $552.9 million increase to aged care funding including the release of 10,000 high-level home care packages within weeks.

Market slumps likely to delay retirement plans for over 420,000

The number of people intending to retire in the next 12 months is estimated at 426,000, a 30% increase on the level seen in 2008 when it was 328,000.

Free tickets to the NSW Premier’s Gala Concerts

Seniors can get free tickets to the New South Wales Premier’s Gala Concerts on 14 and 15 February 2019 from Ticketek.

Aged care ratios - economic sense

The ANMF has released evidence which outlines how mandated minimum staffing ratios in aged care can bring improvements in care outcomes for elderly nursing home residents and provide economic benefits.

New Commissioner to protect older people and adults with disability

A and independent Ageing and Disability Commissioner will be established in New South Wales to investigate and take action in cases of abuse of older people, and adults with disability.

‘Humans of Aged Care’ storytelling platform

A new storytelling platform for the aged care industry, Humans of Aged Care, has launched nationally.

Remote monitoring to help senior Australians live at home longer

High-tech movement monitoring promises to help more senior Australians live safely in their own homes for longer following $260,000 in funding by the Federal Government.

Voluntary retirement living code of conduct launched

The retirement living industry has officially launched a new voluntary industry code of conduct and is urging all retirement village operators to sign up over the next 12 months.

Why is no-one talking about safe sex for the over 60s?

Can you imagine being told in later life that you shouldn’t be having sexual thoughts or that watching a risqué TV show is “too sexy for someone your age”? Or even that you are “too old” for sex and shouldn’t be considering it?

Bed in a box - top mattress

CHOICE mattress test finds that bed in a box mattresses score higher on average than their traditional counterparts.

Productivity Commission seeking veteran support submissions

The Productivity Commission says that Australia’s veteran support system needs fundamental reform.

Proof of life needed from overseas pensioners

Australian pension recipients aged over 80 who are living overseas will be asked to provide a ‘proof of life’ certificate every two years to continue to receive their age pension, Minister for Families and Social Services Paul Fletcher said.

One in every 85 Australians sought help from homelessness services

Two reports released today by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) provide insight into the use of specialist homelessness services (SHS), with a special focus on Australians who are ‘couch surfers’.