Keeping up with ageing societies

1 October is the United Nations International Day of Older Persons, which celebrates the achievements and contributions that older people make to society.

Excellence in Ageing Services award - IRT Group-Kemira

The Global Ageing Network recognises Kemira with the IRT Group with Commendation for Excellence in Ageing Services.

National Police Remembrance Day 2017

Today is National Police Remembrance Day, the day we commemorate the brave Australian police who have been killed in the line of duty.

New VIC centre opens for Vietnamese aged care

An innovative residential aged care home will provide tailored, family friendly options for older Vietnamese Australians needing care.

Baby boomer women head back to university

 Statistics from the Department of Education and Training show a steady cohort of baby boomer postgraduates, mostly women, enrolling at university at the age of 60 or over.

Connecting older Muslims with tailored aged care

A comprehensive new resource kit has been developed to assist Muslim Australians in accessing culturally comfortable aged care.

Drivers of ageism study launched

Our fears about ageing prevent us from ageing well, but those fears are based on falsehoods. This was the major finding from new research released today by The Benevolent Society.

Tactics to influence obesity policy

Leaked email communication between former executives at multinational drinks giant Coca-Cola is evidence of attempts to influence public health policy for commercial gain.

Learn how to manage your diabetes

People with diabetes will have the opportunity to learn how to manage the complex condition through Curtin’s latest Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), Life with Diabetes.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population up 19%

Australia's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population has reached 798,400, or 3.3 per cent of the total Australian population, according to the latest figures released by the ABS.

Drug induced deaths at highest rate since late 90s

Australia recorded the highest number of drug-induced deaths since the late 1990s, with the death rate steadily increasing over a decade and now at 7.5 deaths per 100,000 Australians.

When life is coming to a close: three common myths about dying

On average 435 Australians die each day. Most will know they are at the end of their lives. Hopefully they had time to contemplate and achieve the “good death” we all seek.

Seniors score at NSW Volunteer of the Year Awards

Glad Dent turned 99 in August but that hasn't stopped her from doing what she loves most.

Dementia rates may be falling, not rising

World Alzheimer’s Day (22 September 2017) was a timely occasion to examine dementia statistics commonly quoted by advocacy groups and researchers.

Centre of Positive Ageing and Wellbeing opened

Torrens University Australia officially established the Torrens University Centre of Positive Ageing and Wellbeing which opened on 14 September 2017.

USC study to help older victims of scams

A University of the Sunshine Coast study is looking for ways to help restore the confidence and trust of older Australians in online technology if they become victims of scams that target personal information.

When it comes to keeping our brains young, we need to rise to new challenges

As we get older, our thinking skills often deteriorate: we get slower, more forgetful, less good at learning new things. Yet not everyone experiences these changes to the same degree.

Improving knowledge about sexuality for people with dementia

Dr Cindy Jones from Griffith’s Menzies Health Institute Queensland has been educating and researching what is commonly seen as a challenging and sometimes taboo issue in aged care.

Stay hydrated to stay safe in extreme and deadly heat

With the Australian Bureau of Meteorology predicting unseasonal heatwave for a wide area from Sunday, a health expert has warned people to stay cool, keep an eye on the colour of their wee and remain hydrated.

The secret to happiness in later life is simple to discover, but hard to achieve

We live in an extraordinary time: increasing numbers of us are living longer than ever imagined before. It is a major achievement of modern science and healthcare.

VIC Retirement Housing Inquiry fails to provide access to justice

After six months the Victorian Government has responded to the Inquiry into the Retirement Housing Sector, conducted by the Victorian Legislative Council.