Sporting clubs in NSW are joining the Modified Sport Program for seniors

Walking basketball, walking soccer, teeball and “Live Long Play Ping Pong” table tennis are some of the low-impact versions of popular sports encouraging NSW seniors to get active.

Prime Minister’s Literary Awards 2018 shortlists

The shortlists for this year's Prime Minister's Literary Awards were announced on 17 October by Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Minister for Communications and the Arts, Senator Mitch Fifield.

Omega 3 fatty acids linked to healthy ageing

Higher blood levels of omega 3 fatty acids found in seafood are associated with a higher likelihood of healthy ageing among older adults, finds a US study published by The BMJ today.

Verily Connect supports regional dementia carers

A high-tech regional network is being rolled out to support carers of people with dementia across three states, with a $1.7 million allocation by the Federal Government.

Cases of dementia may arise from DNA ‘spelling mistakes’

A study led by researchers at the University of Cambridge believe they may have found an explanation for some dementias: spontaneous errors in our DNA as cells divide and replicate.

Government turn-around on age 70 pension

The Minister for the Department of Social Services, Paul Fletcher announced on 5 September 2018 that Australia's Pension Age will remain at 67 and will not be raised to 70.

Palliative care growing faster

The use of palliative care services in hospitals has been rising at a faster rate than other hospitalisations, according to a report released today by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW).

Plant-rich diets may help prevent depression

Being depressed can negatively affect your appetite and what you eat, but can bad eating habits bring your mood down?

Healthy diet has mental health and memory function benefits

Current research reveals that diet and mental health are related. Poor diet is now believed to be linked to negative mental health and a greater risk of depression and anxiety, and also impacts memory and learning.

Tough times for Australians under financial pressure

New research has revealed the proportion of people over the age of 55 accessing The Salvation Army Moneycare financial counselling and capability services has increased by 37 per cent over the last 10 years.

75th anniversary of Thai–Burma railway completion

The sacrifice of Australian Prisoners of War (POWs) who worked on the Thai–Burma railway, including the notorious Hellfire Pass, almost 75 years ago, will be remembered today.

Exercise generates new neurons, improves cognition

Research finds that neurogenesis — inducing the production of new neurons — in the brain structure in which memories are encoded can improve cognitive function in a mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease.

Program launched to help older Australians move more

Sport Australia CEO Kate Palmer says a new $22.9 million program will encourage sport and physical activity providers to focus on empowering older Australians to become more active.

Bank@Post, Westpac and NAB agreement

Australia Post has announced that Westpac and NAB have signed agreements that will help guarantee the future of banking services, via Post Offices, in communities across Australia.

Caring for grandchildren: a grandmother's joy or a burden?

Grandmothers deserve more recognition for their role as caregivers and some are at risk of being overburdened, according to a report from the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women’s Health.

Ladder falls hospitalise 4,000 Australian seniors each year

Every year, over 4,000 Australians are hospitalised following a fall from a ladder with men aged 60-64 being the most susceptible.

Men’s Sheds receive $400,000 in grants

Men’s Sheds across Australia have received a total of $400,000 in grants from the Federal Government to boost the health and wellbeing of men in their communities.

National Carers Week 2018

Sunday marked the start of National Carers Week, 14 – 20 October 2018. The week is a dedicated acknowledgment of carers across Australia, and their contribution to the people they care for.

Study highlights roundabout risk for older drivers

Newly published research shows why so many older drivers crash at roundabouts and what can be done to improve safety.

CALD resources improve access to advance care planning

Advance Care Planning Australia (ACPA) has released a suite of translated resources to support Australia’s non-English speaking communities and empower them to take active control of their future health care.

NSW’s first Islamic faith aged care home opened

New South Wales’ first aged care home for senior Muslim Australians has formally been opened today.