Leaks in the brain’s blood vessels are an early sign of Alzheimer’s disease

New research showed that people with the worst memory problems also had the most leakage in their brain’s blood vessels – regardless of whether amyloid or tau were present.

Aged care royal commission to benefit Generation X

A surprising group of people stand to benefit from the aged care royal commission, whose hearings started 18 January. These are residents of nursing homes in the far future — people in their 50s and 60s, and their children.

The financially well-off defy the stereotypes

Financial well-being is hard to get a handle on. That’s because it’s a mix of how people feel and how they objectively are.

Volatility the new normal as super returns take a hit

Super members suffered sharp declines in December 2018, pushing many into negative territory for the year, with the likelihood of further losses over coming months as market volatility and political risk continue to challenge the outlook.

The inequality that divides us: Oxfam

Australia’s record number of billionaires took in a collective $100 million a day last year – a total increase of $36 billion in the wealth of just 43 people – as inequality continued to grow, an Oxfam Australia briefing paper reveals.

Keep your medicines out of reach of small hands

Families with kids travelling and visiting friends and relatives these holidays are being reminded how important it is to keep medicines safely out of the reach of children.

Aged care restraint regulation introduction

Chemical and physical restraint in aged care homes will be regulated, following examination of the issue and recent critical media coverage. Draft changes to regulations are expected to be released within weeks.

Franking credits inquiry – QLD public hearings

The House of Representatives Standing Committee on Economics will hold public hearings in Queensland for its inquiry into the implications of removing refundable franking credits.

Challenges ahead for the Aged Care Industry

IBISWorld has explored how the Royal Commission and the other key issues will affect the industry’s profitability.

Study to test fall prevention garments for people with Parkinson’s disease

NeuRA researchers partner with the Michael J. Fox and Shake It Up Foundations for Parkinson’s research.

How to better plan for aged care

Life is brimming with many major events, occasions and milestones planned for well ahead of time. It’s interesting however, how we avoid planning for life’s biggest and most inevitable event; ageing.

Extra CHSP funding to support seniors at home

The extra $15 million funding means means more seniors will be able to live safely at home, knowing they can remain in the communities they know for as long as possible.

New TV network channels good health to First Australians

A new digital television network now rolling out across Australia aims to help Close the Gap in health equality by revolutionising the way First Australians receive health information.

Tunstall Healthcare increases presence in China

Tunstall Healthcare has expanded its footprint in the lucrative Chinese market as a global provider of connected care and health solutions.

New Life Checks quiz to prepare for better lives

Australians are being asked to take a free and confidential online Life Check on a new Government website launched today, supporting Australians to live longer, better lives.

Increased physical activity linked to better mood

Increasing physical activity may be an effective way to boost mood states a new study in JAMA Psychiatry reveals.

Call for doctors to join in better approach for dementia care

Australian dementia care providers have highlighted concerns about the use of strong medications in dementia care – including the role of prescribing doctors.

Get your estate planning in order for 2019 and your family will thank you

Australia’s leading specialist trustee company Equity Trustees is recommending that everyone includes a tidy-up of some key estate planning paperwork at the start of the New Year.

GP visits reduce risk of hospitalisation and death following heart attack

The important role GPs play in providing care for patients following heart attacks has been highlighted in a new report from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW).

Top five ways to boost your health in 2019 – based on the latest research

It’s the start of a new year and there is no doubt that 2019 will be as saturated with nutritional nonsense as 2018.

Superannuation fee disclosure regime needs an overhaul

Under the current regime, platforms – typically owned by banks and wealth management groups – are not required to disclose all costs relating to underlying investment products.