Elder abuse report – Western Australia

The State Government has welcomed the tabling of the Select Committee into Elder Abuse report as it continues to progress policy in response to the emerging issue.

Natural disaster preparedness for people with disabilities

A collaboration between the University of Sydney, NSW Emergency Services, and the health and disability sectors is raising awareness of the challenges people with disability face during natural disasters.

Blueprint for professional aged care workforce growth

A blueprint for the aged care sector to grow Australia’s professional aged care workforce – estimated to require almost one million workers by 2050 – has been developed by an industry-led taskforce.

People with dementia supported to hang up car keys

When people with dementia hang up their car keys, the sudden loss of mobility can have devastating effects.

Masters Games - final countdown to the begins

Around 4000 athletes are flexing their muscles in Central Australian ahead of the official opening of the Alice Springs Masters Games this afternoon, 13 October.

Increase in aged care complaints

The past year 2017-18, has seen a 23 per cent increase in the number of complaints received by the Aged Care Complaints Commissioner.

Anti-psychotic use in aged care is worrying and unnecessary

The ANZSGM is concerned by the high levels of unnecessary prescription of anti-psychotics in aged care residents, leading to their call to improve access to high quality medical care in residential aged care facilities.

First national report shows impact of digestive-tract cancers

A first-of-its-kind report from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) provides a new understanding of all digestive-tract cancers and their impact in Australia.

Portrait of a Senior Territorian 2018 winner

Minister for Tourism and Culture, Lauren Moss today announced Dr Al Strangeways as the winner of the 2018 Portrait of a Senior Territorian with her portrait titled Hills: Kathleen Wallace and the Dancers.

Private health insurance packages simplified

New rules will make private health insurance easier to understand from 1 April, 2019 with easier to understand clinical categories and a Gold, Silver, Bronze and Basic classification system.

Australians in the dark over cataracts

Many older Australians live with concern about independence, mobility and doing the things they love due to sight loss from cataracts.

Chinese aged care facility progress

A developer and operator has been selected for a new aged care facility in Melbourne’s south east, specifically catering for the needs of Victoria’s ageing Chinese community.

More aged care places for First Australians

More than 900 additional First Nations people in remote Australia will have access to residential and home aged care services close to family, home or country.

Aged Care Quality and Safety Royal Commissioners terms of reference

On 9 October 2018, the Prime Minister, the Minister for Health, and the Minister for Senior Australians and Aged Care announced the establishment of a Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety.

Heat-related health dangers for older adults soar during the summer

As we age, our ability to adequately respond to summer heat can become a serious problem.

Leef, a smart walking stick with built in features for greater mobility

Master of Design student Xia Zhang is in his final semester at the Swinburne School of Design. His design product, Leef, a smart walking stick has multiple functions with a supporting digital app.

Breakthrough could impact cancer, ageing and heart disease

A team of Sydney scientists have made a ground-breaking discovery in telomere biology with implications for conditions ranging from cancer to ageing and heart disease.

People with dementia and financial abuse – the warning signs and how to avoid it

When most of us go online to our internet banking account and set up a direct debit to pay a bill, we probably do it swiftly without much thought. But in reality it’s not that easy.

How ageing populations could boost economic productivity

People are generally living longer than previous generations across most parts of the world. Rising life expectancy is a result of advances in medicine as well as improving living standards and healthier lifestyles.

People with low muscle strength more likely to die prematurely

Individuals with weaker muscles do not typically live as long as their stronger peers, according to new research from the University of Michigan.

Sensor technology to improve safety and health in aged care

Flexible sensors developed at RMIT will be integrated into new health monitoring technology to improve aged care, in a project supported through a $1.7 million Federal Government grant.