Evidence that education reduces risk of Alzheimer’s

The theory that education protects against Alzheimer’s disease has been given further weight by new research from the University of Cambridge.

Food for thought: eating safely during the festive season

Following a few simple food preparation guidelines can help reduce unwanted cases of food poisoning for family and friends this festive season.

Marriage may help stave off dementia

Marriage may lower the risk of developing dementia, concludes a synthesis of the available evidence published online in the Journal of Neurology Neurosurgery & Psychiatry.

Mums getting back to work thanks to grandparents childcare

The extent of grandparents providing childcare in the UK is much higher than previously thought and is a factor in assisting mums, who had taken time out from work to have children, to get back into the workplace.

Exercise increases brain size

Aerobic exercise can improve memory function and maintain brain health as we age, a new Australian-led study has found.

Over 50s with fewer teeth at risk of frailty

New research by scientists at King’s College London has found that tooth loss may contribute to musculoskeletal frailty in the over 50s, with those with fewer than 20 teeth being at greatest risk.

We wish you a stress-free Christmas

If you are feeling stressed about Christmas, you are not alone. Research shows that Christmas can be stressful, and it can even place a toll on your health.

Have your say on the standards paramedics must meet

Public consultation opened today on the registration standards that paramedics must meet once paramedicine joins the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme (National Scheme) in late 2018.

Queenslanders urged to stay storm savvy

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) is urging Queenslanders to stay storm savvy by finalising household preparations before severe weather strikes.

Offbeat brain rhythms during sleep make older adults forget

Like swinging a tennis racket during a ball toss to serve an ace, slow and speedy brainwaves during deep sleep must sync up at exactly the right moment to hit the save button on new memories.

Census insights into Australia’s ageing population

Australians are living longer, but also working later into their lives according to the latest data from the 2016 Census of Population and Housing.

Debt agreements and how to avoid unnecessary debt traps

Debt agreements are the fastest growing form of personal insolvency in Australia. They were designed to offer debtors a low-cost way to make arrangements with their creditors, while avoiding bankruptcy and some of its more serious consequences.

Transvaginal mesh support for VIC women

Victorian women experiencing complications from transvaginal mesh will now have support with an information helpline established, adding to the specialist hospital programs available in Victoria.

Treat your self with better health and wellbeing in 2018

While it’s not easy to make and maintain New Year’s resolutions, there are some simple steps towards making lifelong healthy changes.

Increased funding for WA Hardship Utilities Grants Scheme

The WA Government has allocated an additional $5 million to assist vulnerable Western Australians maintain access to energy and water services through the Hardship Utilities Grants Scheme (HUGS) program.

Gonorrhoea resistance threat looms

Australia’s rising number of gonorrhoea cases has been described as a potential ‘perfect storm’, with the emergence of extensively drug resistant strains overseas.

Energy upgrades for VIC low income households

In an Australian first the Victorian Government will deliver free energy upgrades to 1,000 low income households in Western Melbourne and the Goulburn Valley.

Centrelink, Medicare and Child Support holiday arrangements

There will be changes to payments and services over the Christmas and New Year holiday period for Centrelink, Medicare and Child Support customers.

More Australians intend to work longer

The age at which Australians intend to retire has again edged higher, according to data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) today.

Support services for veterans open over Christmas

Crucial support services for the veteran community will continue to be available throughout the Christmas and New Year period.

ESSA supporting embedding exercise in aged care

Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA) was pleased to see recognition and access to Accredited Exercise Physiologists (AEPs) services, for people living in residential facilities.