Autism linked to maternal grandmother’s smoking in pregnancy

If a girl’s maternal grandmother smoked during pregnancy, the girl is 67 per cent more likely to display traits linked to autism, such as poor social communication skills and repetitive behaviours.

Public attitudes towards end-of-life care conflicted

Public attitudes in UK and USA reveal support both for life-sustaining interventions and for measures to enable peaceful death in progressive neurological illness such as dementia.

WA Volunteer Service Awards

104 volunteers honoured at today's Western Australia Volunteer Service Awards for contributing more than 3,790 years of service to the community.

798 charged in 12 months of new domestic violence offence

A total 798 people have been charged with strangulation offences in the past 12 months, in the first year non-fatal strangulation has been an offence under Queensland’s Criminal Code.

Why older Australians don't downsize

Encouraging senior Australians to downsize their homes is one of the more popular ideas to make housing more affordable. The trouble is, incentives for downsizing would hit the budget, but make little difference to housing affordability.

Vertical retirement village wins national property award

A new vertical retirement village in Queensland has taken home a national award at the 2017 Property Council of Australia / Rider Levett Bucknall Innovation and Excellence Awards.

Easing the journey after stroke new Easy English guide

Stroke Foundation has launched a new guide to better support around 160,000 stroke survivors in New South Wales make the best of life after stroke.

Battle of the Coral Sea 75th anniversary

The Coral Sea was one of the defining naval battles of the Second World War in the Pacific.

Your brain really does want you to eat more veggies

As well as our physical health, the quality of our diet matters for our mental and brain health.

What does a serve of vegetables look like?

Most Australian adults would know they’re meant to eat two or more serves of fruit and five or more serves of vegetables every day. Whether or not they get there is another question.

Indigenous Redfern workshop issues Statement

First Peoples Disability Network Australia and the National Congress of Australia’s First People workshoped key Indigenous disability issues highlighted in the 2016 Redfern Statement.