Doctors recognising ageing populations tailor-made drugs needs

Australia’s health-savvy ageing population is driving a need for personalised medication according to an expert in the field of compounded medication.

Four ways having a pet increases your lifespan

Pet owners will often swear their beloved pooch or moggie does wonders for their wellbeing, and now we have empirical proof.

Fixing pain management could help us solve the opioid crisis

Australia is facing a critical public health issue of poorly managed pain.

Shortage of respite accommodation in aged care homes

Carers Australia is calling on the Government to increase subsidies for respite care in residential aged care facilities so that family and friend carers can take a break from caring when required.

Treating sleep apnoea could reduce dementia risk

Inadequate oxygen levels during sleep can damage the brain and increase the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, University of Queensland researchers have found.

Social isolation health message fails to cut through

Social isolation has been shown to pose a greater health threat than smoking, poor diet and lack of exercise – but that message is failing to get through to the community.

Making hospitals safer

One in every nine patients who go into hospital in Australia suffers a complication, and if they stay overnight the figure increases to one in four, according to the new Grattan Institute report.

Kindness can make a difference in cancer care - World Cancer Day

Cancer may not be life-ending, but it usually is life-changing. A cancer diagnosis instantaneously turns life upside down for patients and families.

Exercise halves complication rate after lung cancer surgery

Exercising regularly before surgery for lung cancer halves the complication rate afterwards, finds a synthesis of the available published evidence in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

Victims scammed via Western Union may get refund

The ACCC’s Scamwatch is urging all Australians who lost money to a scammer through Western Union from 2004 to 2017 to take action by 31 May to try to get it back.

Draft Aged Care Quality Standards

The Federal Department of Health has worked with the aged care sector to develop the draft Aged Care Quality Standards which have now been released.

New accreditation scheme for retirement living industry

The Property Council of Australia and Leading Age Services Australia (LASA) are partnering to deliver a renewed accreditation scheme for the retirement living industry.

New research project to help tackle chronic pain

The Australian Government is providing $10 million for new research projects that focus on preventing disease and keeping people out of hospital.

Blood test for Alzheimer’s disease

Scientists from Japan and Australia have developed a blood test for Alzheimer’s disease, with the potential to massively ramp up the pace of Alzheimer’s disease drug trials.

Sunscreen use could cut melanoma by a third

Regular sunscreen use by all Australians could drive down the burden of melanoma by up to 34 per cent by the year 2031, according to a study by QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute.

My Health Record to bring safer medical care

Aged Care Minister Ken Wyatt has called on Australians, especially senior Australians, to embrace the rollout of the My Health Record, for secure, safer, more convenient care.

Aboriginal Victorians have their say on Closing The Gap

Aboriginal Victorians from across the state will have their say on the refresh of the national Closing the Gap agenda and the Victorian Aboriginal Affairs Framework.

Recommendations on genetic testing for ovarian cancer

A new position statement from Cancer Australia recommends that all women diagnosed with invasive epithelial ovarian cancer be offered assessment of their genetic risk, regardless of their age or family history.

Cause of death patterns and people’s use of aged care

AIHW has produced a first report on the causes of death among older Australians who used aged care services between 2012 and 2014.

Free dementia education sessions in Lockyer Valley

Are you worried about your memory? Do you know someone living with dementia? Dementia Australia is holding free sessions for QLD Lockyer Valley residents affected by dementia.

Diabetes doubles risk of sudden, unexpected heart death

The 1.5 million Australians living with type 2 diabetes are twice as likely to suffer a sudden cardiac death, where the heart suddenly and unexpectedly stops working, compared to those without the condition, according to a new report.