Australia's largest online shopping centre opens

With more than 30,000 stores, the Aussie Mega Mall boasts the largest shopping centre in Australia.

SA website for alcohol and other drug treatment and support

A new website providing South Australians with a one-stop online portal to access information about alcohol and other drug treatment and support services has gone live.

Grants to give WA bike riding a go

Western Australia's Bike Week 2018 is set to be one of the most diverse and exciting to date, with grants totalling $30,000 being awarded to 38 recipients to hold events encouraging people of all ages to get on their bikes.

More legal assistance for Tasmanians

The Tasmanian Government has announced that the Legal Aid Commission of Tasmania (LACT) will receive two grants totalling $700,000 that will benefit Tasmanians.

NDIS gaps for people living with mental illness

Many will be left without appropriate mental health support in the transition to the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Get physical for healthy ageing

New Federal Government funded research highlights the crucial role of structured physical exercise and building strength in improving the health, independence and quality of life of senior Australians.

Self-managed care improves perceived health among the 60+

Older Australians living with multiple chronic diseases perceive their health to be better after receiving chronic disease self-management support.

For some people dying alone is not such a bad thing

It seems so obvious that no one should die alone that we never talk about it, but people do often die when they are alone.

Breathing training before surgery prevents postoperative pneumonia

Pneumonia, and other serious lung complications, after major abdominal surgery were halved when patients were seen by a physiotherapist before surgery and taught breathing exercises.

Gender, education and class impact retirement

Researchers have found that raising your level of education and skills during your working life are key factors in determining your quality of life in retirement and older age.

innovAGEING to accelerate aged care innovation

The Federal Government will contribute $400,000 over the next two years to innovAGEING, a partnership to drive innovation across Australia’s rapidly growing aged care services industry.

Australia’s inequality crisis: Oxfam paper

A record number of Australian billionaires amassed $38 billion increase in their wealth last financial year – an Oxfam Australia briefing paper has revealed.

Scientist debunks popular myths about sex and brain power with ageing

Facts about ageing depict people as becoming less capable, less vibrant, less sexual and less fulfilled - do the "facts" stand up?

Superannuation consultation

The Government has released draft legislation to protect workers’ superannuation entitlements and modernise the enforcement of the superannuation guarantee.

Growing share of savings spent on school tech costs

New figures from a free national savings program for lower income families show a steady rise in the percentage of savings spent on school technology such as laptops over the past five years.

Codeine dependency - is it more common than we think?

Codeine-containing medicines will become prescription only from next week. An editorial in Australian Prescriber explains that this change was made.

The three most affordable retirement havens

The editors at have identified the three most affordable retirement havens, where Australians can live, for less -- Vietnam, Cambodia and The Philippines.

Australian of the Year Awards 2018

A quantum physics professor whose work has launched Australia into “the space race of the computing era”, a teacher who makes maths accessible and fun, a biophysicist helping to solve the world’s food challenges and a footballer with the world at her feet have been announced as the 2018 Australians of the Year.

A statistical analysis of Australia Day BBQs by the ABS

Australia Day is a day that many of us take a break, socialise, and think about our national identity.

Health insurance premium to increase again

The Federal Government has approved health funds receiving an average weighted premium increases of 3.95 per cent from 1 April 2018.

Molecule may help halt MS progression

Monash University researchers are set to conduct a large study into a drug that may thwart the progression of Multiple Sclerosis (MS).