Valium tablets recalled because of suspected tampering

A recall notice has been issued for all packs of valium following the discovery of potential tampering, which is being investigated by the police.

WHO adopts Global Plan for Dementia

The push for a National Dementia Strategy received renewed urgency today after the World Health Organisation (WHO) adopted a Global Plan of Action on Dementia.

Five eye beauty secrets from your optometrist

No matter what you’re packing in your makeup kit, bloodshot and puffy eyes are never beautiful.

QLD seniors get transport and household savings

More South-East Queensland seniors are saving on public transport and household expenses, with 200,000 combined seniors cards and go cards handed out to older commuters.

Women rely on the family home to support them in old age

Australian women don’t just trail men in total wealth, they also have less diverse asset portfolios.

Abused caregivers have double chance of poor health

Women who become caregivers after experiencing intimate partner violence face a double-whammy hit to their health, University of Queensland research shows.

New wound care manual

A new free wound care manual has been released to address critical gap in nurse education.

Call for mandatory screening to cut the risk of malnutrition in older people

Old age comes with many challenges, including concerning levels of malnutrition. The issue is particularly worrying among older people recently admitted to residential care.

Many older people in care die prematurely, and not from natural causes

Frail older people living in residential aged care services, often referred to as nursing homes or care facilities, die prematurely.

Banks take $8.7 billion in superannuation fees in 2016

The major banks collected nearly $9 billion in fees from Australian workers’ super nest eggs in 2016, new research by Rainmaker Information reveals.

Red Shield Doorknock 2017

This weekend, over 60,000 volunteers are aiming to raise $8 million in Australia’s biggest Doorknock – The Salvation Army’s Red Shield Appeal.