Growing share of savings spent on school tech costs

New figures from a free national savings program for lower income families show a steady rise in the percentage of savings spent on school technology such as laptops over the past five years.

Codeine dependency - is it more common than we think?

Codeine-containing medicines will become prescription only from next week. An editorial in Australian Prescriber explains that this change was made.

The three most affordable retirement havens

The editors at have identified the three most affordable retirement havens, where Australians can live, for less -- Vietnam, Cambodia and The Philippines.

Australian of the Year Awards 2018

A quantum physics professor whose work has launched Australia into “the space race of the computing era”, a teacher who makes maths accessible and fun, a biophysicist helping to solve the world’s food challenges and a footballer with the world at her feet have been announced as the 2018 Australians of the Year.

A statistical analysis of Australia Day BBQs by the ABS

Australia Day is a day that many of us take a break, socialise, and think about our national identity.

Health insurance premium to increase again

The Federal Government has approved health funds receiving an average weighted premium increases of 3.95 per cent from 1 April 2018.

Molecule may help halt MS progression

Monash University researchers are set to conduct a large study into a drug that may thwart the progression of Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Stroke Ambulance driving innovation

The Australian Government Grant of $1.285 nillion delivered through the Medical Research Future Fund, will enable the trial of a new drug to stop strokes caused by bleeds (haemorrhagic stroke).

Costs of dementia can be reduced

The cost estimates to care for a person living with dementia in residential aged care, released by Flinders University, reaffirms Dementia Australia’s call for the urgent need for ongoing, systemic, aged care reform.

The young are drinking less – but older people are hitting the bottle hard

Recent research has provided yet more evidence that teen drinking in Australia is in steep decline, but drinking rates are stable or slightly increasing for those over 30.

Exercise parks for seniors help slippers for sneakers swap

Victoria University research has found that outdoor exercise parks specifically designed for seniors help them better enjoy life, and could lower rates of costly falls common with aging.

Counting the true cost of dementia

It costs approximately AU$88,000 a year to provide health and residential care for a person living with dementia in Australia, according to new research led by Flinders University.

Radio Rentals to refund millions to customers

ASIC today announced a package of regulatory outcomes against Thorn's (Thorn Australia Pty Ltd's) consumer leasing businesses Radio Rentals, RR and Rentlo Reinvented.

Frailty test for seniors promises healthier ageing

Older Australian women are most at risk of frailty, according to research that highlights how an online test and a series of interventions can help seniors improve their health and independence.

Dietary fat may promote prostate cancer metastasis

Prostate tumours tend to be what scientists call “indolent” – so slow-growing and self-contained that many affected men die with prostate cancer, not of it.

Blood test detects multiple cancers

Researchers have developed a new blood test for the early detection of eight common cancers, diagnosing tumours before they have spread, when the chance of cure is high.

Child myopia epidemic

Thousands of children will be immediately disadvantaged in 2018 as they start, or return to school, because they simply cannot see properly.

Older Australians rely on ‘a little help from their friends’

A new report from National Seniors Australia has shown that when it comes to getting good advice in the ‘information age’, older people favour humans over going online.

Extreme heat in sport

Record-breaking temperatures during the Ashes cricket test match in Sydney led many to wonder: how hot is too hot to continue playing sport safely?

Census reveals Australia’s religious diversity on World Religion Day

World Religion Day aims to foster interfaith understanding and harmony, and is an opportunity to recognise the diversity of religion present in modern day Australia.

Lured overseas by cheap flights? Remember travel health

A public health expert is urging Australian travellers to seek health advice before they travel overseas for holidays.