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Women on the edge - older women and increasing homelessness - SBS Insight 22 August 2017.


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In a Nutshell Walnuts shown to activate brain region involved in appetite control - Harvard Medical School 18 August 2017.


Sugars in human mother’s milk are non-toxic antibacterial agents - Vanderbilt University 20 August 2017.


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Making your money go further at Aldi - Your Life Choices 22 August 2017.


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Common strength ‘genes’ identified for first time - University of Cambridge 12 July 2017.


A new method for the 3D printing of living artificial tissues - University of Bristol 15 August 2017.


In assessing risk of hormone therapy for menopause, dose — not form — matters - UCLA 26 August 2017.


Asteroid Flyby to Help NASA Observation - University of Arizona 27 July 2017.


From the edge of the Solar System, Voyager probes are still talking to Australia after 40 years - The Conversation 18 August 2017.


Examining access to justice for those with an enduring power of attorney who are suffering financial abuse - ACHLR/CJRC and ADA Australia 18 August 2017.


2017 ELEIKO European Masters & International Masters Open Weightlifting Championships - MyNewsDesk 18 August 2017.


Renewed calls to improve electronic sharing of residents’ clinical information - Australian Ageing Agenda 18 August 2017.


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American men have half the sperm they used to - Harvard Kennedy School 5 August 2017.


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Poo transplants beyond the yuck factor: what works, what doesn’t and what we still don’t know - The Conversation 14 August 2017.


Alzheimer’s risk linked to energy shortage in brain’s immune cells - Washington University 10 August 2017.


End-to-end encryption isn’t enough security for ‘real people’ - The Conversation 14 August 2017.


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New data retention law seriously invades our privacy - University of Sydney 31 July 2017.


Action called for on gambling harm - Deakin University 28 July 2017.


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Man with $191,000 phone bill wins three-year fight with telco - The New Daily 8 August 2017.


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Former NAB adviser charged with forging documents - ASIC 4 August 2017.


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Risk factors to health - AIHW 7 August 2017.


Hiroshima Day: 72 Years since U.S. Dropped Atomic Bomb, Can the World Ban Nuclear Weapons? - Newsweek 5 August 2017.


When you analyse all the economic data, you should be rechecking you portfolio exposures - InvestSMART 4 August 2017.


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AUSTRAC seeks civil penalty orders against CBA - AUSTRAC 3 August 2017.


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Credit card fraud soars: don’t assume you’re covered - The New Daily 4 August 2017.


Affordable housing shortfall leaves 1.3m households in need and rising – study - The Conversation 2 August 2017.


Protein-rich diet may help soothe inflamed gut - Washington University St.Louis 3 August 2017.


Structure of dark matter brought in to the light - University of Queensland 4 August 2017.


Stroke recovery linked to stimulating environment - University of Queensland 31 July 2017.


Hypersonic flight test goes like a rocket - University of Queensland 17 July 2017.


Older Australians keep a step ahead of the latest scams - Department of Human Services 23 July 2017.


Which type of chocolate is best for your health? Here’s the science - The Conversation 1 August 2017.


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Toowoomba Carnival Of Flowers - Toowoomba Carnival Of Flowers 2017.


Older Australians say political correctness is ruining society - Your Life Choices 3 August 2017.


Beware governments bearing gifts for downsizers - Your Life Choices 31 July 2017.


How I was sucked into the murky world of 'third-party billing' and couldn't opt out - ABC News 1 August 2017.


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For the love of the punt - Pursuit 02 August 2017.


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Recycling scheme diverts millions of litres of unwanted paint from landfill - ABC News 30 July 2017.


Income divide between rich and poor Australians widening: report - The New Daily 31 July 2017.


Up-classification of surgical mesh & Patient implant cards - TGA 28 July 2017.


Super threshold losers – these are the people who are missing out - The New Daily 31 July 2017.


Coalition denies poverty, inequality are major issues - The New Daily 24 July 2017.


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Library Offers Largest Release of Digital Catalog Records in History - Library of congress 16 May 2017.


Four mind tricks financial predators use against you - InvestSMART 27 July 2017.


Woolworths denies hackers are stealing rewards points, but someone sure is - The New Daily 28 July 2017.


Thinking like an economist can make your next trip abroad cheaper - The conversation 28 July 2017.


Grandmother Peggy graduates with a doctorate, aged 86 - University of Brostol 19 July 2017.


Prelude to global extinction: Stanford biologists say disappearance of species tells only part of the story of human impact on Earth’s animals - Stanford University 10 July 2017.


From Sydney to Melbourne, Hobart to Adelaide: microplastics litter the seafloor - University of Tasmania 13 June 2017.


University develops new cheap, sustainable water treatment devices for developing countries - University of Bath 12 July 2017.


Humans hardwired to lean to the right while kissing the world over - University of Bath 17 July 2017.


Protein may protect against heart attack - Kings College London 14 July 2017.


Australian Prime Minister visits King's - Kings College London 12 July 2017.


Aged care worker caught punching dementia patient 11 times in disturbing footage - 7News 5 July 2017.


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iTunes scam costs Melbourne woman $46,000 - The New Daily 27 July 2017.


Arnott’s under fire as Shapes shift and Teddy Bears’ picnic gets smaller - The New Daily 27 July 2017.


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Retirement Affordability Index TM June 2017 - Your Life Choices 23 July 2017.


Social housing: Publicly funded beds left empty, while waiting list grows, new data shows - ABC News 21 July 2017.


Euthanasia deaths to be permitted in Victoria by 2019 under committee proposal - ABC News 21 July 2017.


Why the dead outperform the living [in the stock market] - InvestSMART 22 July 2017.


Dementia village mimicking small-town setting to be built in Tasmania - ABC News 20 July 2017.


[UK]State pension age rise brought forward - BBC News 19 July 2017.


Free dementia e-learning courses launched - Australian Ageing Agenda 21 July 2017.


Big telcos to face legal action for over-promised, under-delivered NBN - The New Daily 20 July 2017.


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Sensing the dead is perfectly normal – and often helpful - The Conversation 19 July 2017.


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How to get over heartbreak (hint: quit talking about your ex) - The Seattle Times 16 July 2017.


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Ultrathin device harvests electricity from human motion - Vanderbilt University 21 July 2017.


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Buried tools and pigments tell a new history of humans in Australia for 65,000 years - The Conversation 20 July 2017.


Watch this spider pretend to be an ant - Futurity 18 July 2017.


The dark side of pressuring Australians to work until 70 - The New Daily 18 July 2017.


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Intergenerational care - Griffith University 8 July 2017.


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Exercise therapy for mental illness - UNSW 7 June 2017.


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Census makes it official: young Australians are priced out of home market - The New Daily 6 July 2017.


Plant Seeds Use Mini 'Brains' to Decide When to Sprout - Live Science 7 June 2017.


Why don't police usually charge footballers for on-field violence? - ABC News 7 July 2017.


Antarctica's Larsen C Iceberg Will Tower 600 Feet Over the Ocean - Live Science 6 July 2017.


NASA Completes Milestone Toward Quieter Supersonic X-Plane - NASA 27 June 2017.


A Whole New Jupiter: First Science Results from NASA’s Juno Mission - NASA 26 May 2017.


First complete genome data extracted from ancient Egyptian mummies - University of Cambridge 30 May 2017.


Epigenetic changes at birth could explain later behaviour problems - University of Bristol 12 June 2017.


Mother's personality can affect child's mental health - University of Bristol 6 June 2017.


Amazon rainforest may be more resilient to deforestation than previously thought - University of Bristol 30 May 2017.


Mining the moon for rocket fuel to get us to Mars - The Conversation 15 May 2017.


Wipe Your Digital Devices Before Trading or Discarding Them - Vipre 5 April 2017.


First battery-free cellphone makes calls by harvesting ambient power - University of Washington 5 July 2017.


Early flu outbreak could signal the worst season on record - The New Daily 5 July 2017.


We’re not ready for the ‘silver tsunami’ of older adults living with cancer - The Conversation 5 July 2017.


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Dementia insurance launched amid rising concerns in graying Japan - Japan today 3 July 2017.


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Criminal syndicate and outlaw motorcycle gang members removed as company directors and business proprietors - ASIC 27 June 2017.


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Oldest Aboriginal Elder to graduate from FedUni Gippsland - Federation University 24 May 2017.


Australian police withdraw from Cyprus peacekeeping mission after 53 years - AFP 17 June 2017.


Supporting disaster preparedness and response in our region - Minister for Foreign Affairs 16 June 2017.


It can take just 15cm of water to float a car – don't drive on flooded roads - Victorian Government 19 June 2017.


Scientists discover plant 'brain' controlling seed development - University of Birmingham 5 June 2017.


[UK] Palliative care increase by 2040 - Kings College London 18 May 2017.


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Presidential candidates may be psychopaths – but that could be a good thing - University of Oxford 23 August 2016.


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Subsea pipelines make fish safe havens - University of Western Australia 12 June 2017.


Our national debt is about to blast past half a trillion dollars - The New Daily 15 June 2017.


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Could edible insects help global food security? - University of Adelaide 8 June 2017.


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This [QLD] Budget is just more of the same... - The Greens Queensland 13 June 2017.


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Inequality is getting worse, but fewer people than ever are aware of it - The Conversation 3 May 2017.


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The stores where a little money buys a lot of style - The New Daily 10 June 2017.


Perth group feeding the needy through landfill food rescue effort - The New Daily 5 June 2017.


Endangered desert animals take refuge in man-made homes in outback science project - ABC News 11 June 2017.


How we managed what Einstein thought was impossible – and used his theory to weigh a star - The Conversation 8 June 2017.


How hard is it to recognise that you are experiencing a delusion? - The Conversation 6 June 2017.


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Sensor detects shooting at elephants, helps authorities catch poachers - Vanderbilt University 7 June 2017.


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When it comes to disappearing ocean history, HMAS Perth is the tip of the iceberg - The Conversation 6 June 2017.


New Moroccan fossils suggest humans lived and evolved across Africa 100,000 years earlier than we thought - The Conversation 8 June 2017.


How yoga makes us happy, according to science - The Conversation 8 June 2017.


Planning red tape hinders age-friendly housing - Australian Ageing Agenda 7 June 2017.


The other reason to shift away from coal: Air pollution that kills thousands every year - The Conversation 7 June 2017.


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Snapshot Issue06.17 - CSIRO 8 June 2017.


Working until 70 is nearly impossible. Here’s why - The New Daily 6 June 2017.


That ‘Origin Energy’ bill is a scam. Whatever you do, don’t open the attachment - The New Daily 6 June 2017.


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App uses smartphone compass to prevent voice hacking - University of Buffalo 6 June 2017.


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Blind people have brain map for ‘visual’ observations too - KU Leuven 17 May 2017.


Scientists unlock genetic data to create diets that could be used in the fight against obesity - Monash University 7 March 2017.


Honey bees have sharper eyesight than we thought - University of Adelaide 7 April 2017.


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FESL delay a costly blow to NSW - Insurance Council of Australia 30 May 2017.


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Door and window locks are less carbon-costly and more effective than burglar alarms and CCTV, a new study finds - University of Surrey 13 March 2017.


Sapphire Holdings enters China residential aged care - Sapphire Holdings 16 May 2017.


Retail funds harvest 50% of all superannuation fees - The New Daily 29 May 2017.


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Elderly pilot flies around Australia at 84 to get 'oldies' to dream big - ABC News 26 May 2017.


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