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Australian airlines crack down on carry-on limits - The New Daily 10 December 2018.


The 25 richest families in the world, ranked - Business Insider Australia 9 December 2018.


Financial services complaints: the consumer experience - ASIC 10 December 2018.


These 22 Malware-Riddled Android Apps Might Be Draining Your Phone's Battery - Gizmodo 10 December 2018.


Has the Coalition Government doubled net debt? - ABC News 11 December 2018.


We're all ears as Voyager 2 goes interstellar - CSIRO 11 December 2018.


Opioid epidemic has reached Australia: study - Monash University 19 November 2018.


Visual snow: It's like seeing life through a static TV screen - Lens, Monash University 26 October 2018.


Sea water sucked 1 kilometre inland as Kwinana bores placed under intense pressure - ABC News 10 December 2018.


Top 5 Most Worrying Trends In Artificial Intelligence - Gizmodo 10 December 2018.


The 20 companies that dominate the global fashion industry - Business Insider Australia 10 December 2018.


5 ways a vegan diet affects your body and brain - Business Insider Australia 10 December 2018.


Housing prices are plunging, but we really should have seen it coming - ABC News 10 December 2018.


Antarctic jobs up for grabs, with 'life changing experience' to be had - ABC News 10 December 2018.


Researchers recreate ancient climate from Neanderthal teeth - Australian National University 1 November 2018.


Study firms up diet and depression link - James Cook University 10 October 2018.


World's oldest-known wild bird set to become a mother again at 68 - ABC News 9 December 2018.


Global call to arms for scientists as bad infrastructure booms - James Cook University 15 November 2018.


New satellite data peels Australia's landscape bare - Geoscience Australia 15 OCtober 2018.


China Launches 1st Mission to Land on the Far Side of the Moon - Space.com 7 December 2018.


The developer, the whistleblower and the minister - ABC News 9 December 2018.


Maryfield Station's land-clearing permit becomes first in NT to face legal challenge over climate change - ABC News 8 December 2018.


Adelaide puts food, not developments at the top of the city-fringe menu - ABC News 9 December 2018.


Storm photography a matter of preparation and having an escape route, weather tracker says - ABC News 8 December 2018.


NASA's InSight lander captures first sounds of wind on Mars - ABC News 8 December 2018.


'Christmas comet' 46P/Wirtanen and the Geminids meteor shower herald a cracker week in the sky - ABC News 9 December 2018.


Is pink salt better for us than table salt? Well, it’s not even from the Himalayas… - The New Daily 8 December 2018.


Up your nose with a slippery hose: Rare seals are snorting eels - The New Daily 8 December 2018.


Tehran Is Sinking Dramatically, And It May Be Too Late to Recover - Live Science 4 December 2018.


Fecal microbiome transplantation shows promise in treating colitis - The Conversation 5 December 2018.


Geckos walk on water – we filmed them to find out how - The Conversation 7 December 2018.


Australian 4WD Hire company admits customer it was suing did nothing wrong - ABC News 8 December 2018.

‘Total lemons’: Jeep’s struggles continue to grow - The New Daily 7 December 2018.

After a record dry, 2018 may be the year of the Indian Ocean Dipole - ABC News 7 December 2018.

'Outlandish' encryption laws leave Australian tech industry angry and confused - ABC News 7 December 2018.

Why is Huawei so controversial and being targeted by foreign governments? - ABC News 7 December 2018.

No Global Cooling Miracle: Sun's Activity Lull Will Stop Soon, Study Suggests - Space.com 7 December 2018.

The Australians actually affected by negative gearing - The New Daily 7 December 2018.

Focusing on kindness, not consumption, this Christmas - Pursuit, University of Melbourne 7 December 2018.

Watch SpaceX save a 16-storey-tall rocket that tried to land on the ground, but plunged into the sea - Business Insider Australia 6 December 2018.

Extreme heatwave to stretch from northern WA to Adelaide and Melbourne - ABC News 6 December 2018.


Australians’ trust in politicians and democracy hits an all-time low: new research - The Conversation 5 December 2018.


Facebook employees discussed monetising access to personal data, documents show - ABC News 6 December 2018.


Australia’s best city (according to the people who live there) - The New Daily 7 December 2018.


More people are experiencing severe food allergies than ever before - The Conversation 6 December 2018.


Why snacking could be damaging your health - The Conversation 6 December 2018.


Infant formula companies are behind the guidelines on milk allergy, and their sales are soaring - The Conversation 6 December 2018.


“Sun in a box” would store renewable energy for the grid - MIT 5 December 2018.


Protect your phone, data from grinches - Michigan State University 5 December 2018.


China backs bold plan to tear down journal paywalls - Nature 5 December 2018.


Neuroscientist discovers hidden region in the human brain - NeuRA 26 November 2018.


Aldi Stores Colway Real Mayonnaise 466g - recall - ACCC 6 December 2018.


Patties Foods Ltd — Nanna's Family Apple Pie 600g - recall - ACCC 6 December 2018.


There's a new place to lodge complaints about the banks — and it's already been flooded - ABC News 5 December 2018.


Be safe during storm season - RACQ 5 December 2018.


A new start to the day on ABC Radio Brisbane - ABC 5 December 2018.


Chemicals in beauty products may explain girls’ earlier puberty - The New Daily 4 November 2018.


Moon exploration is back in fashion as nations vie in space race - Nature 30 November 2018.


Here's what economists are saying about Australia's big GDP miss - Business Insider Australia 5 December 2018.


Australia's economic growth slows rapidly to 2.8pc - ABC News 5 December 2018.


Households continue to be squeezed by weak income growth, falling wealth and tighter credit - ABC News 6 December 2018.


Vladimir Putin warns Russia would develop banned missiles if US abandons nuclear arms treaty - ABC News 6 December 2018.


How to stop buying Christmas gifts without being called a grinch - Money 5 December 2018.


How oral allergy syndrome, a form of food allergy, may be linked to your spring hay fever attacks - ABC News 5 December 2018.


Dozens arrested across Europe in massive mafia crackdown - The New Daily 6 December 2018.


Nano-signature discovery could revolutionise cancer diagnosis - University of queensland 5 December 2018.


You can't outrun it, or outlast it. So take 5 minutes to outsmart it. [Bush fires.] - WA Government 3 December 2018.


Scott Morrison all but ends Liberal Party spill motions against a sitting prime minister - ABC News 4 December 2018.


Biggest monthly hit to home values since GFC - The New Daily 3 December 2018.


Worried you are dating a psychopath? Signs to look for, according to science - The Conversation 30 November 2018.


Warty hammer orchids are sexual deceivers - The Conversation 30 November 2018.


Boeing Delivers its 2,000th Airplane to China's Commercial Aviation Sector - PR Newswire 2 December 2018.


Tackling Asia’s new middle-income challenge - East Asia Forum 29 November 2018.


Australian transplant waiting list contributes to human organ black market, committee says - ABC News 4 December 2018.


NASA's OSIRIS-Rex spacecraft arrives at Bennu asteroid - ABC News 3 December 2018.


Biggest black hole collision yet detected by new gravitational wave discovery - ABC News 4 December 2018.


Put more carbon in soils to meet Paris climate pledges - Nature 3 December 2018.


Perth mother on disability pension charged $760 for $175 loan by short-term credit agent Cigno - ABC News 1 December 2018.


First sun-dimming experiment will test a way to cool Earth - Nature 27 November 2018.


Commonwealth Bank customers' medical data exposed in potential privacy breach - ABC News 3 December 2018.


Specialist on-country healthcare improving outcomes in remote Aboriginal communities - ABC News 1 December 2018.


Stanford researchers modify small flying robots to anchor onto surfaces and pull heavy loads - Stanford University 24 October 2018.


Asteroid-sampling mission zeroes in on tiny space rock - Nature 29 November 2018.


Scientists engineer a functional optical lens out of 2D materials - University of Washington 13 November 2018.


Arctic cold war: climate change has ignited a new polar power struggle - The Conversation 28 November 2018.


Australia's love of lawns harming the environment, researchers warn - ABC News 1 December 2018.


Canberra woman killed by pet dog told visitor to lock himself in laundry for safety, coroner finds - ABC News 30 November 2018.


Street art across Australia that's really worth hitting the road for - ABC News 2 December November 2018.


More than 100 women and girls raped, whipped and clubbed in South Sudan, aid workers say - ABC News 1 December 2018.


Hernia mesh concerns grow among men as more patients report surgery complications - ABC News 2 December 2018.


Indian Rocket Launches 31 Satellites to Orbit - Space.com 29 November 2018.


Emergency bread flights, $15,000 shopping bills are just facts of life on a remote Australian cattle station - ABC News 2 December 2018.


Explainer: what is irritable bowel syndrome and what can I do about it? - The Conversation 29 November 2018.


Playing high school football changes the teenage brain - UC Berkeley 15 November 2018.


Robots learn tasks from people with framework developed by Stanford researchers - Stanford University 26 October 2018.


Potential arthritis treatment prevents cartilage breakdown - MIT 28 November 2018.


How parents can punish your health and wellness - Michigan State University 5 November 2018.


How facial recognition technology aids police - The Conversation 30 November 2018.


Marriott's Starwood hotels hacked, compromising 500 million guests - ABC News 1 December 2018.


Zeroing in on long-term weight loss - The Harvard Gazette 29 November 2018.


Vital Signs: why now is the right time to clamp down on negative gearing - The Conversation 30 November 2018.


2019 will be an extraordinary year in space — here's what NASA, SpaceX, and the night sky have in store for Earth - Business Insider Australia 30 November 2018.


Space weather and the very real risks the Sun pose to Earth - AB C News 1 December 2018.


Shampoo Reviews - Canstar Blue 30 November 2018.


Asbestos exposure via 'deadly' DIY renovations could fuel new wave of mesothelioma cases - ABC News 30 November 2018.


China's Belt and Road initiative and just what it means to sign on - ABC News 1 December 2018.


Why daily doses of nature in the city matter for people and the planet - The Conversation 30 November 2018.


Strange seismic waves that rippled around world baffle scientists - ABC News 30 November 2018.


The final stage before the big bang? - ETH Zurich 16 November 2018.


Australia’s T20 women’s cricket world champs play hard and come up smiling - The New Daily 29 November 2018.


Final Report - Joint Select Committee on Constitutional Recognition relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples - Parliament of the Commonwealth of Austrlaia 29 November 2018.


Cosmic Airburst May Have Wiped Out Part of the Middle East 3,700 Years Ago - Live Science 28 November 2018.


ICAC report condemns SafeWork SA following failed prosecutions - ABC News 29 November 2018.


I'm the reporter who discovered Knickers the giant steer. I can assure you he is enormous - ABC 29 November 2018.


Climate outlooks – monthly and seasonal - Bureau of Meteorology 29 November 2018.


Southern Australia Seasonal Bushfire Outlook 2018-19: November - Bushfire&natural HazardsCRC 29 November 2018.


Despite the banking royal commission, NAB pursues high-pressure pre-Christmas sales drive - ABC News 29 November 2018.


World-first study of emergency service workers finds higher risk of distress and suicidal thoughts - ABC News 29 November 2018.


Cat attack warning as stray bites, claws woman in Fremantle, leaving her in hospital for three days - ABC News 29 November 2018.


Drunk, speeding, unlicensed teenager sentenced for killing cyclist in Adelaide crash - ABC News 29 November 2018.


Body clock could be key to better Asthma treatment - University of Manchester 10 September 2018.


Dual-layer solar cell developed at UCLA sets record for efficiently generating power - UCLA 30 august 2018.


Gut bacteria’s shocking secret: They produce electricity - UC Berkeley 12 September 2018.


Get to know asbestos this November - Asbestos awareness, November 2018.


A profile of Australia's veterans 2018 - AIHW 27 November 2018.


Wages crisis threatens to cause a financial meltdown, killing a 'fair go' - ABC News 29 November 2018.


What to do when your interest-only mortgage expires - Money 28 November 2018.


My Health Record takes vital step forward - Consumer Health Forum 28 November 2018.


Are phones listening to us? What they can learn from the sound of your voice - The Conversation 28 November 2018.


Platypus populations across Australia under pressure with calls for more protection - ABC News 29 November 2018.


Walking isn't just good for you — it's good for the economy - ABC News 29 November 2018.


Nations must triple efforts to curb greenhouse-gas emissions - Nature 27 November 2018.


List of countries by carbon dioxide emissions - Wikipedia, November 2018.


Analysis of breast cancer outcomes and screening behaviour for BreastScreen Australia - AIHW 26 November 2018.


The Vanlife Companion - Lonely Planet 28 November 2018.


Sydney woman deported from Nepal accused of door knocking as a Christian missionary - ABC News 28 November 2018.


Building regulator allowed Cullen Group to keep trading after it defaulted on debt - ABC News 28 November 2018.


These atomic clocks are so precise they can measure the distortion of space-time - ABC News 29 November 2018.


Queensland heatwave to continue into weekend as weather records tumble - ABC News 28 November 2018.


Duck chick retrieval - CCTV idiots, November 2018.


InSight Mars Lander Unfurls Solar Wings Amid 'Quiet Beauty' of Red Planet - Space.com 26 November 2018.


The Australians actually affected by negative gearing - The New Daily 27 November 2018.


Election likely for May with Budget locked in for April, as Morrison's hold on power takes a hit - ABC News 27 November 2018.


Goodbye, single-use plastic bags. Here’s how you can line your bins - City of Sydney 28 November 2018.


The essential food item you should be eating and why - Your Life Choices 27 November 2018.


Chart of the day: You're probably not afraid of Australia's deadliest animals - ABC News 27 November 2018.


Australian native flower industry looking for growers to stock booming local, international markets - ABC News 25 November 2018.


Bitcoin plunges another 12 per cent; has now shed 74 per cent of its value in 2018 - ABC News 27 November 2018.


Dogs don’t just die in hot cars – here’s how to stop them overheating when exercising - The Conversation 20 July 2018.


MS Researchers find new ways to regenerate the brain’s insulation - University of Melbourne 27 August 2018.


Facing humiliating defeat, PM backflips on anti-corruption commission - The New Daily 26 November 2018.


Thousands of public servants say they've seen corruption as calls for federal ICAC grow - ABC News 27 November 2018.


'I feel you Mars': NASA probe touches down on Red Planet's surface - ABC News 27 November 2018.


The Implant Files reveal how breast implants linked to rare cancer set off alarm bells - ABC 27 November 2018.


Think e-bikes are cheating? Think again! - University of Bristol 24 September 2018.


Drugs’ side effects in lungs ‘more widespread than thought’ - University of Manchester 29 October 2018.


Royal Commission: NAB used potentially ‘corrupt’ deals to sell mortgages - The New Daily 26 November 2018.


Genome-edited baby claim provokes international outcry - Nature 26 November 2018.


How to Convert Climate-Changing Carbon Dioxide into Plastics and Other Products - Rutgers University 19 November 2018.


Riots broke out in Paris after protests over rising fuel prices and Macron's presidency - Business Insider Australia 26 November 2018.


The Implant Files: Deadly devices - ABC News 26 November 2018.


Location of large ‘mystery’ source of banned ozone depleting substance uncovered - University of Bristol 26 October 2018.


Mars InSight: NASA's new mission to the Red Planet about to attempt daring touchdown - ABC News 26 November 2018.


'Human brain' supercomputer with 1 million processors switched on for first time - University of Manchester 2 November 2018.


ASIC: Is it time for the corporate watchdog to be put down? - ABC News 26 November 2018.


Great Australian Bight survey discovers 400 new marine species, catalogues biodiversity before oil drilling - ABC News 26 November 2018.


What can we do to go plastic free? - The New Daily 23 November 2018.


Whale watching season officially over with large numbers spotted along Australia's east coast - ABC News 25 November 2018.


Vet shares advice on how to keep your pet healthy over warmer months - ABC News 25 November 2018.


ASX now in a correction for the first time since 2015 - ABC News 25 November 2018.


Fossil of Gordodon dating back 300 million years rewrites 'known evolutionary timeline' - ABC News 24 November 2018.


London scooter crime sees Met Police release video of officers knocking riders off bikes at high speed - ABC News 24 November 2018.


Victorian election: Labor’s Daniel Andrews chalks up a massive, thumping victory - The New Daily 24 November 2018.


'Thundersnow', dust storms and gale force winds: What is going on with Australia's weather? - ABC News 22 November 2018.


US can't afford to stay ahead of China's military, former Pentagon official warns - The Sydney Morning Herald 20 November 2018.


Rates of Sepsis have been hugely underestimated, according to a new study - The George Institute 10 September 2018.


Fluorescent marker can help guide surgeons to remove dangerous brain tumour cells more accurately - University of Bristol 5 November 2018.


Spectacular cosmic pinwheel is a 'ticking bomb' set to blast gamma rays across the Milky Way - ABC News 20 November 2018.


When Delma met Frank: Dance hall sweethearts in their 90s, still living at home and still in love - ABC News 24 November 2018.


Bamboo house for Manila slums wins top prize in future cities contest - ABC News 24 November 2018.


Giant Boeing 737 waterbomber deployed to battle Newcastle bushfires in world first - ABC News 23 November 2018.


Leaning Tower of Pisa recovers 4cm and is in better structural health than predicted, engineers say - ABC News 23 November 2018.


Welcome to Giles, the loneliest weather station in mainland Australia - ABC News 24 November 2018.


Blue-tongued lizards are on the move at this time of year, so here's a few things you should know - ABC News 24 November 2018.


Jewellery store workers draw swords to fend off intruders in daylight robbery attempt - ABC News 23 November 2018.


Inside the plans for Chinese mega-collider that will dwarf the LHC - Nature 23 November 2018.


Termite mounds dating back millennia can be seen from space - Nature 19 November 2018.


Massive trial shows limited value for popular supplements - Nature 14 November 2018.


Things that cause cancer are all around us, if you believe the news — how worried should we be? - ABC News 24 November 2018.


ASIC pledges to get tough, but this week it has looked toothless - The New Daily 23 November 2018.


Keep slapping on that sunscreen and ignore toxic claims - University of South Australia 21 November 2018.


Men are less likely than women to survive some cancers - University of Melbourne 29 October 2018.


How my sexual health searches ended up in the hands of the world's biggest tech companies - ABC News 23 November 2018.


Political parties may know a lot more about you than you think - ABC News 22 November 2018.


For NASA's InSight Mars Lander, All Systems Are Go for Monday Touchdown - Space.com 21 November 2018.


Self-styled South Korean 'deity' Lee Jae-rock jailed for raping followers - ABC News 22 November 2018.


Designing cities to counter loneliness? Let’s explore the possibilities - The Conversation 23 November 2018.


One million hazelnut trees planted on farm in southern NSW to be used in Nutella and Ferrero Rocher - ABC News 22 November 2018.


All benchtop stonemasons should be urgently tested for lung disease, expert warns - ABC News 22 November 2018.


Poor housing stock in UK is creating a winter health crisis - The Conversation 12 November 2018.


Mechanics say they'll go bust if car makers don't share computer codes - ABC News 21 November 2018.


How China's push for cleaner air is pushing up Australian power prices - ABC News 22 November 2018.


Bum scooting, wall staring: 'Harmless' pet behaviours may hint at underlying conditions - ABC News 22 November 2018.


Why losing a dog can be harder than losing a relative or friend - The Conversation 10 March 2017.


Changes in breakfast and dinner timings can reduce body fat - University of Surrey 30 August 2018.


Explainer: how the Antarctic Circumpolar Current helps keep Antarctica frozen - The Conversation 16 November 2018.


Meet the elephants being nursed back to health at India's first elephant hospital - ABC News 19 November 2018.


How to stop your power bill from heating up this summer - Money 21 November 2018.


Decolonizing Mars: Are We Thinking About Space Exploration All Wrong? - Gizmodo 21 November 2018.


A drone flew for more than an hour to deliver a fresh human kidney - and it arrived healthy - Business Insider Australia 21 November 2018.


Breeding program to save critically endangered regent honeyeaters achieves new success in the wild - ABC News 20 November 2018.


Cancer drug's stumbles prompt calls to rethink how immune therapies are tested - Nature 19 November 2018.


Texas A&M Study: Enormous Growth By Cities To Pose Huge Problems - Texas A&M University 13 November 2018.


Insurance is unaffordable for some, but it’s middle Australia that is underinsured - The Conversation 20 November 2018.


How to get rid of head lice without spending loads of money - The Conversation 19 November 2018.


Victorian election pledge for public 'scrutiny' of judges criticised by lawyers - ABC News 19 November 2018.


'Alarming' number of women forced to move out of the Gatwick for The Block are now in jail - ABC News 21 November 2018.

Australia's endangered forests are being 'stolen' and sold in your local hardware store - ABC News 21 November 2018.


Fresh thinking: the carbon tax that would leave households better off - The Conversation 21 November 2018.


Will an ambitious Chinese-built rail line through the Himalayas lead to a debt trap for Nepal? - The Conversation 16 November 2018.


Smart devices could soon tap their owners as a battery source - University of Surrey 26 September 2018.


Gaia spots a ‘ghost’ galaxy next door - University of Cambridge 13 November 2018.


Celebrating 90 years of Antarctic aviation - Department of the Environment and Energy 16 November 2018.


In A Bushfire Every Five Minutes Counts - Fire & Emergency Services, November 2018.


Australia needs to triple its social housing by 2036. This is the best way to do it - The Conversation 15November 2018.


CBA's top 200 mortgage brokers were earning $2.5 million a year. Each. - Business Insider Australia 19 November 2018.


Voyager 2 Creeps Closer to the Edge of the Solar System - Space.com 15 November 2018.


This chart will infuriate Australian motorists - Business Insider Australia 19 November 2018.


Immune system's balancing act keeps bowel disease in check - Walter and Eliza Hall 2 October 2018.


Cancer trial shows treating the prostate with radiotherapy improves survival - University of Birmingham 21 October 2018.


Future cars to be made from revolutionary new material - University of Surrey 1 October 2018.


Here’s how the ‘brightest’ object in the universe formed - The Conversation 16 November 2018.


Northern Beaches Hospital doctors accuse operators of being 'arrogant' and 'incompetent' - ABC News 18 November 2018.


The bears have the bulls on the run all over the world. All eyes are on what happens next - ABC News19 November 2018.


Despite new findings, the jury is still out on whether omega-3 supplements reduce heart attacks - The Conversation 15 November 2018.


Some breast cancers have a pause button - Garvan Institute 28 September 2018.


New high-capacity sodium-ion could replace lithium in rechargeable batteries - University of Birmingham 14 September 2018.


Future cars to be made from revolutionary new material - University of Surrey 1 October 2018.


Six surprising drug interactions you should know about - The Conversation 15 November 2018.


Selective amnesia: how rats and humans are able to actively forget distracting memories - University of Cambridge 7 November 2018.


Fixed-odds betting machines are devastatingly addictive – why it’s right to cut maximum stakes - The Conversation 15 November 2018.


Scientists pioneer a new way to turn sunlight into fuel - University of Cambridge 3 September 2018.


" target="_blank">TITLE - SOURCE November 2018.


Benefits of smoking cessation take time: study - Vanderbilt University 15 November 2018.


Fridge Reviews & Ratings - Canstar Blue 15 November 2018.


Why is my air conditioner not working? - Canstar Blue 15 November 2018.


Missing Argentine submarine found deep in Atlantic, one year after disappearance - ABC News 18 November 2018.


What dating with a chronic invisible illness is really like - ABC News 18 November 2018.


3D concrete printing could free the world from boring buildings - The conversation 14 November 2018.


Fine particle air pollution is a public health emergency hiding in plain sight - The conversation 15 November 2018.


Finally, a Robust Fuel Cell that Runs on Methane at Practical Temperatures - Georgia Tech 24 October 2018.


Why does it take humans so long to mature compared to other animals? Look to your neurons! - Vanderbilt University 30 October 2018.


Supermassive Black Holes Collide in First-Ever Views of Galactic Merger Final Stages - Space.com 7 November 2018.


Do gut bacteria make a second home in our brains? - Science 9 November 2018.


Charity groups push for greater transparency of hidden cancer treatment costs - The New Daily 15 November 2018.


GoFundMe couple and homeless man who raised $550,000 charged with conspiracy - ABC News 16 November 2018.


NAB chief Andrew Thorburn takes a $2.1 million pay cut ahead of royal commission grilling - ABC News 16 November 2018.


Labor, Coalition unite to reject legislative changes which would make political donations more transparent - ABC News 16 November 2018.


There'll be blackouts this summer if nothing is done, AEMO report warns - ABC News 16 November 2018.


North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has visited test site of new weapon, state media says - ABC News 16 November 2018.


Thousands of ways to kill the world: Global warming is the worst-case scenario - The 16 New Daily November 2018.


Australia’s pollution mapped by postcode reveals nation’s ‘dirty truth’ - The New Daily 16 November 2018.


Chart of the day: The countries where teachers are respected (and paid) the most - ABC News 16 November 2018.


Move more, sit less – great advice, but how can we make time for exercise? - The Conversation 12 November 2018.


Health and aged care pay gap increases again - Austrlaian Ageing Agenda 14 November 2018.


Certain blood pressure drugs linked to increased risk of lung cancer - The BMJ 24 October 2018.


The US recession is coming – you have 18 months - Money 14 November 2018.


Australian and Asian airlines dominate latest aviation awards - The New Daily 14 November 2018.


Federal anti-corruption commission a step closer, with growing support in Lower House ahead of debate - ABC News 14 November 2018.


Bikie Bogdan Cuic jailed over manslaughter of Jei 'Jack' Lei during botched cocaine deal - ABC News 14 November 2018.


Perth bikie Luke Cook and wife sentenced to death over failed Thai drug-smuggling attempt - ABC News 14 November 2018.


Chart of the day: Half the world's deaths are from four preventable factors - ABC News 14 November 2018.


How to Manage Your Type 2 Diabetes with Diet - Jen Reviews, November 2018.


World Diabetes Day, 14 November - Diabetes Australia, November 2018.


Hypoglycaemia - Diabetes Australia, November 2018.


Scott Morrison backs down on funding cut to Foodbank - The New Daily 13 November 2018.


Fake tradies - Consumer Affairs Victoria, November 2018.


Australian Government must act as Japanese whalers leave port for whale hunt - Australian Marine Conservation Society 13 November 2018.


Hold The Sauce: New Report Finds Swapping Your Soy Sauce Can Halve Your Salt Intake - VicHealth 13 November 2018.


Salt: how to cut back without losing that delicious flavour - The Conversation 7 November 2018.


Creamy chicken laksa - Nutrition Australia, November 2018.


Opioid harm in Australia: and comparisons between Australia and Canada - AIHW 9 November 2018.


Paul Keating says raising superannuation to 12 per cent will 'barely cut it' - ABC News 14 November 2018.


Super’s retiring ‘godfather’ reveals ambitious vision for superannuation - The New Daily 13 November 2018.


Energy 'confusion-opoly' blamed for consumers paying too much for electricity - ABC News 14 November 2018.


North Korea: US analysts release satellite images of secret missile sites - ABC News 13 November 2018.


Loyal dog in China waits almost three months for dead owner to return - ABC News 13 November 2018.


Hotel owners speak out against accommodation booking websites - ABC News 13 November 2018.


Tool library a hit with women as resource sharing reduces environmental waste - ABC News 14 November 2018.


How Labor’s plans to revamp negative gearing could put a floor on house prices and lower rents - Business Insider Australia 12 November 2018.


Government wavers after Foodbank cuts attacked - The New Daily 12 November 2018.


Fracking causes earthquakes by design: can regulation keep up? - The Conversation 10 November 2018.


Super simple guide to back up phone and tablets - Your Life Choices 12 November 2018.


Apple announces hardware issues with its iPhone X and 13-inch MacBook Pro - Business Insider Australia 11 November 2018.


If you see 2 dots chasing each other in this optical illusion, it's evidence of a quirk in human nature - Business Insider Australia 12 November 2018.


Five food mistakes to avoid if you’re trying to lose weight - The Conversation 12 November 2018.


World's humpback whale population booming thanks to Australia's Kimberley region - ABC News 13 November 2018.


How ordinary Australians can manage their debt without the aid of ‘vultures’ - The New Daily 12 November 2018.


Health Check: should you take probiotics when you’re on antibiotics? - The Conversation 12 November 2018.


MyDefence Successfully Integrates Counter UAS Sensors in Light Armoured Vehicle - My Defence 12 November 2018.


Remembrance Day: Australians mark 100 years since end of World War I - ABC News 12 November 2018.


Strawberry needle contamination scare: Queensland woman charged after months-long investigation - ABC News 12 November 2018.


Selected Living Cost Indexes - Australian Bureau of Statistics 7 November 2018.


Vital Signs: Why we distrust the consumer price index - The Conversation 9 November 2018.


Why debt will be the cause of the next stock market jolt - ABC News 12 November 2018.


How to remove mould in your home - our Life Choices 11 November 2018.


Gluten-free foods fail to meet Australian standards in about one in 40 cases - ABC News 12 November 2018.


World War I ended 100 years ago, but what if it happened now? - ABC News 11 November 2018.


Uncensored diaries celebrate the courage and camaraderie of women in World War I - ABC News 11 November 2018.


How likely is war in space and what will it look like? - ABC News 10 November 2018.


Exercising with Pain - Go4Life, November 2018.


Cats, galaxies and Pompeii — October’s best science images - Nature 2 November 2018.


Novel methods to treat glaucoma - Vanderbilt University 8 November 2018.


Blasts from the past: how massive solar eruptions ‘probably’ detonated dozens of US sea mines - The Conversation 8 November 2018.


The Pathways Through which Light Affects Learning and Mood - National Institute of Mental Health 7 November 2018.


Jamal Khashoggi murder the latest in string of suspected Saudi abductions and assassinations - ABC News 10 November 2018.


Youth crime fears in Tasmania as gang of children blamed for string of offences - ABC News 9 November 2018.


Income and wealth affect the mental health of Australians, study shows - Curtin University 16 October 2018.


Dolphins understand their partner's role in cooperative tasks - University of Western Australia 20 September 2018.


Magellanic Clouds duo may have been a trio - University of Western Australia 18 September 2018.


SNARED, specially adapted for radio, will be premiered across Africa and beyond in a synchronised broadcast on November 10, 2018. - Snared in Africa, 10 November 2018.


FrogID Week 9-18 November 2018 - Austrlaian Museum 8 November 2018.


Dying, not waving: nearby dwarf galaxy running out of gas - CSIRO 30 OCtober 2018.


Family tree of 400 million people shows genetics has limited influence on longevity - Genetics Society of America 6 November 2018.


I Took 9 Different Commercial DNA Tests and Got 6 Different Results - Live Science 5 November 2018.


The Pathways Through which Light Affects Learning and Mood - National Institute of Mental Health 7 November 2018.


Supermarket Meat Awards 2018 - Canstar Blue 7 November 2018.


Nearly 80 children kidnapped in Cameroon released but two teachers still held - ABC News 8 November 2018.


Australia's housing downturn is set to be the largest in nearly 40 years, and if the global economy falters it could get even worse - Business Insider Australia 7 November 2018.


Big brands called out at the 13th annual CHOICE Shonky awards - Choice 4 October 2018.


Microplastics found in Great Barrier Reef wild-caught fish, new research reveals - ABC News 7 November 2018.


Curtin research finds smarter way to harvest solar energy for clean fuels - Curtin University 25 September 2018.


New Deakin study shows cycling may be good for your spine - Deakin University 4 September 2018.


Should we sleep twice? - RMIT 10 September 2018.


Life cycle of sulphur predicts location of valuable minerals - University of Western Australia 23 October 2018.


E-cigarette vapour disables key immune cells in the lung and boosts inflammation - University of Birmingham 14 August 2018.


The credit ratings for 138 countries around the world, in one chart - Business Insider Australia 7 November 2018.


Broadband performance data - ACCC, November 2018.


Monarto Zoo welcomes birth of 'cheeky' newborn southern white rhino calf - ABC News 6 November 2018.


Nearly 80 Cameroon school children kidnapped by armed assailants during the night - ABC6 News November 2018.


Don Dale youth detention centre building on fire during major disturbance - ABC News 7 November 2018.


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Pakistan blasphemy case: Asia Bibi's lawyer flees to the Netherlands after threats - ABC News 6 November 2018.


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Australian teenager Rudi Browning wins World Drone Racing Championship title in China - ABC News 5 November 2018.


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Australian gangster John Macris shot dead in Athens ambush - ABC News 2 November 2018.


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NASA's shoebox satellites on a history-making mission to Mars to catch InSight touchdown - ABC News 2 November 2018.


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Early sport activity linked to stronger bones in young adults, study finds - Curtin University 17 October 2018.


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World's most precise clock wins Eureka Prize - Univesity of Adelaide 30 August 2018.


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Australians face $700b wealth wipe-out as debt levels rated riskiest in the world: Morgan Stanley - ABC News 30 October 2018.


More than half the world's vertebrates have disappeared since 1970; WWF sounds warning - ABC News 30 October 2018.


Air pollution kills 600,000 children every year, World Health Organisation says - ABC News 30 October 2018.


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Accelerometer breakthrough makes energy savings a piezo-cake - UNSW 7 September 2018.


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Innovative program provides housing for homeless - Swinburne University 27 August 2018.


WA Police raid massive cannabis farm near Gingin, north of Perth - ABC News 23 October 2018.


Drug dealers to be held criminally responsible for any deaths under new charge in NSW - ABC News 23 October 2018.


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Carbon ‘leak’ may have warmed the planet for 11,000 years, encouraging human civilisation - University of Bristol 30 July 2018.


Action plan can prevent over 600 stillbirths a year - University of Manchester 30 July 2018.


Thirty percent increase in risk of fracture after gastric bypass - University of Gothenburg 9 August 2018.


Researchers identify link between gut bacteria and eating for pleasure, as opposed to hunger - UCLA 23 August 2018.


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Solving the mystery of weak El Niños - Yale 6 August 2018.


No Mutation Needed: New Treatments Being Developed for a Small Group of Parkinson’s Patients May Work for Most People with the Disease - University of Pittsburgh 5 July 2018.


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Developing a screening test for ovarian cancer - University of Adelaide 30 July 2018.


Australia facing increased intense rain storms - University of Adelaide 31 July 2018.


Expanded fisheries impact 90 per cent of the entire ocean - University of Western Australia 2 August 2018.


Innovative triple pill significantly lowers blood pressure, study finds - The George Institute 15 August 2018.


Better sleep linked with family tree strength - University of Oxford 6 August 2018.


Woman sues Victoria Police for failing to protect her from her violent ex-partner - ABC News 28 August 2018.


Policeman tells court of repeatedly trying to separate alleged murderer from home intruder - ABC News 27 August 2018.


Myanmar military chiefs should face genocide case for Muslim Rohingya killings, UN report says - ABC News 28 August 2018.


Contaminated water is a problem in remote Australia, so an Aboriginal teenager decided to try and fix it - ABC News 27 August 2018.


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Rise in starving dog cases prompts RSPCA to launch Combat Cruelty campaign - ABC News 26 August 2018.


Wall Street's bull run breaks new records, while the bond market paints a different picture - ABC News 26 August 2018.


The Prime Minister announced, on 26 August 2018, his intention to recommend to the Governor-General, the following Ministry - Australian Government 26 August 2018.


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