Over 70s - most killed pedestrian group

The NSW Centre for Road Safety (CfRS) is urging motorists and pedestrians to take extra care while travelling on and crossing the road with the number of pedestrians killed nearly doubling.


CfRS Acting General Manager Margaret Prendergast said 17 more people have died while crossing the road compared to this time 2011.


“This brings the total number of pedestrian deaths so far this year [2012] to 36,” Ms Prendergast said.


“Every death on our roads is tragic, especially when we know it can be avoided with a simple check.


“People need to be are aware of road safety when they are out walking.


“Many of these crashes are not only the fault of the driver, pedestrians need to be just as alert.


“They need to remember to stop, look, listen and think before they cross the road and avoid using their mobile phones to talk or text as this can be a major distraction.”


Pedestrian deaths so far this year are at their highest levels since this point in 2009.


Ms Prendergast said the elderly account for the largest number of pedestrian fatalities so far this year with 11 pedestrian fatalities involving people aged 70 years or more.


“This is a significant figure because older pedestrians only make up 10 per cent of the population,” Ms Prendergast said.


“Older pedestrians should plan to take the safest route, wait for vehicles to stop before stepping on to the road, look both ways before crossing the road and use marked crossings and other pedestrian facilities where available.


“We have also had a lot more younger people killed this year compared to this time last year with pedestrians killed under the age of 17 up from zero to six.


“Motorists need to be aware travelling speed makes a huge difference in fatality rates for pedestrians because it allows them to slow down before hitting someone.


“If hit at 50 km/h you are more than twice as likely to die than if you are hit at 40km/h.


“Motorists need to remember to stay below the speed limit and look out for pedestrians especially when they are taking corners.”


27 June 2012.