Animation targets Baby Boomer alcohol use

Researchers at Turning Point and Monash University have developed an engaging alcohol-related health animation for people aged 55 and older.


Dr Michael Savic who is part of the research team said, “Alcohol use among people aged 55 and older is an emerging public health concern, but most alcohol-related health promotion activities focus on young people.”


As part of a project funded by The Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation, the research team analysed the alcohol-related concerns of 70 people aged 55 and older who accessed Counselling Online – a free national 24/7 online counselling service for alcohol and other drug issues.


They found that people were concerned that they had developed a habit of relying on alcohol to manage stress.

Using this information, Dr Savic said the Turning Point team developed an animation called #WaystoRelax to stimulate reflection and thought about other ways to relax and manage stress.


“Instead of relying on heavy-handed messaging or unhelpful stereotypes about what activities people in this age group like, we tried to ensure the animation was positive, playful and engaging,” Dr Savic said.


The animation is available as part of the self-help content on the Counselling Online website, which can be accessed at



See the published paper “#WaysToRelax: developing an online
alcohol-related health promotion animation for people aged 55 and older” at


28 April 2018.



11 May 2017 Nicole (Surname provided)

I just read your article about older adults excessively drinking alcohol. I totally agree! Data is showing a rise in binge drinking from seniors including baby boomers. Seniors should not be drinking so much! They are even more prone to health problems and should watch their excessive intake of any substance.

Anyways, my team and I have put together some more information about alcohol abuse surrounding senior citizens. Check it out, and hopefully, it can help a senior out there.