Get 'vaccination proof' - Services Australia

Services Australia has some important information that will help you get proof of their COVID-19 vaccinations.


So far, over 57% of fully vaccinated people in QLD have already accessed their COVID-19 digital certificate. Services Australia encourages those who are yet to get a copy of their certificate to get proof now. It’s a simple process.


The certificate is one of two documents people can use to show their COVID-19 vaccination status:


1. COVID-19 digital certificate

  • Once you’re fully vaccinated, you can access it online through myGov or the Express Plus Medicare app
  • Only shows your COVID-19 vaccinations
  • Can be added to Apple Wallet and Google Pay
  • Can be saved offline in the Express Plus Medicare app.


2. Immunisation history statement

  • Available online through myGov or the Express Plus Medicare app, no matter how many doses you’ve had
  • Shows other vaccinations, like flu shots
  • Can be saved offline in the Express Plus Medicare app.


There are also hard copy options available.


People who don’t have access to a smart phone or device can print a copy of either of these documents as proof of their vaccinations.


People who don’t have access to online services can ask their GP or Services Australia for a printed copy. They can contact Services Australia by calling 1800 653 809.


Those who aren’t eligible for Medicare can access proof through myGov using the Individual Healthcare Identifier service.


Services Australia General Manager Hank Jongensaid, “Getting proof of your vaccination online is a quick and simple process. Once you’ve signed into myGov, select the ‘Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination’ quick link and follow the prompts.”


“Once you’ve linked Medicare to myGov, I recommend you download the Express Plus Medicare app on your smartphone . That way you’ll have proof of your vaccination in the palm of your hand whenever you need it.”


“Both the COVID-19 digital certificate and immunisation history statement can be used to provide proof of your COVID-19 vaccinations. You can show this to your employer if you need to prove you’ve been vaccinated to work.”


“People who are unable to access our online services can get a printed copy of their certificate by asking their GP to print it for them or by contacting us and we can post a copy to them. If they require urgent proof, they can also visit our service centres and our team will print a copy for them.”


20 November 2021.