Benetas Veteran Home Care (VHC) Packages Assessment Services in Queensland

Benetas has announced their new appointment by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, to provide Veteran Home Care (VHC) Package Assessment services to 2,823 veterans across Queensland.


The Benetas VHC Assessment team will now provide VHC Assessment services across four regions in Queensland 1.) Peninsula, 2.) Northern Metro, 3.) Darling Down/South West and 4.) Central.


The VHC program assists eligible veterans and war widows/widowers with low level care needs to remain in their homes for longer. It provides a wide range of home care services designed to maintain their optimal health, well-being and independence.


Benetas CEO Sandra Hills OAM said, ‘It is important that people who gave so much of themselves to our community, are now getting the support they need and deserve as they age,’ she says.


Donna Chapman, Veterans Home Care Manager, VHS Assessment Agency Services said,‘Our team members who work in this area, are passionate about building relationships and truly understanding the needs of each veteran. This helps them to recommend the right mix of services, and to ensure they are accessing all of the benefits that they are entitled to receive.


‘This appointment also means our team will be growing as we look to employ some new people to join our dynamic and committed group,’ she said.


18 April 2022.