Study uses music to soothe dementia patients and caregivers

The room transformed as an older woman danced around the skilled nursing care unit to rock ’n’ roll hits from her youth.

Boosting safety in healthcare and social assistance

Small to medium healthcare and social assistance employers are being urged to make the most of the free OHS Essentials program offered by WorkSafe Victoria.

Sharpen your mind with exercise

New research finds 100 minutes of exercise a week improves brain health.

Prostate cancer cases risk late detection due to misleading urinary focus

Men with early, curable stages of prostate cancer are missing opportunities to have their cancer detected.

Research says frailty can be reduced in older Australians

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, health restrictions mean many people have not had access to their usual community activities, from exercise groups to service clubs.

Fixing oral health in aged care

Dental Health Week (1-7 August), the Australian Dental Association’s annual nationwide oral health campaign, is just around the corner.

Allied healthcare key to managing chronic pain

One in four Australians are living with chronic musculoskeletal conditions, such as back problems and arthritis.

Australian Dementia Network Registry releases First Annual Report 2020-2021

Dementia affects nearly half a million Australians and is the second leading cause of death and the third leading cause of disease burden in Australians aged over 65.

People aged 60 years and over may now be able to make downsizer contributions to superannuation

The Australian Taxation Office advises that since its introduction in 2018, the downsizer measure has allowed over 41,000 older Australians to sell their homes and collectively contribute over $10 billion into superannuation.

Increased movement leads to better outcomes for aged care residents

University of Adelaide researchers have found that aged care residents who move more and interact with their environment are more likely to live longer, have fewer falls and have a higher quality of life.

Knowledge gaps in the understanding of economic and financial abuse of older people identified

Economic and financial abuse of older people is a serious issue with wide-ranging impacts for victim-survivors and their families.

The six key ingredients in Dr Tim Sharp's recipe for happiness

Discovering and leveraging one’s innate strengths is one of six key strategies that will help individuals lead happier lives both personally and professionally.

Medication reviews linked to a lower risk of death in aged care

New research from the Registry of Senior Australians (ROSA) at SAHMRI has shown medication reviews are linked to a lower risk of death for aged care residents.

Medicine-related harm in older people a major public health concern

A review into medicine safety and preventing avoidable medicine-related harm in older patients has found it is a major public health concern that requires further research.

Easing psychological distress for older rural patients

Psychological distress is acute for older people with multiple health difficulties in rural and remote areas of Australia, leading to higher health services use.

Death by choking on food: A new review of coronial findings

Researchers have recently examined coroner reports of deaths in residential care where choking or aspiration pneumonia was a factor in the person’s death.

The Importance of elders

According to long-standing canon in evolutionary biology, natural selection is cruelly selfish, favouring traits that help promote reproductive success.

Benny shares the importance of cancer support this NAIDOC week

NAIDOC Week (3–10 July) is a time to recognise and celebrate the contribution of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people while raising awareness about health inequities to help close the gap in survival disparities for cancer and other chronic diseases.

Mental health services underused in aged care

Fewer than 3% of people with mental health conditions living in Australian residential aged care facilities accessed government-subsidised mental health services.

How can private insurance help fund Australia’s aged care?

Australia’s aged care system is currently feeling the pressures of the last few years, with a combination of overworked and underpaid staff and a lack of resources.

‘Fixing the aged care crisis’ won’t be easy, with just 5% of nursing homes above next year’s mandatory staffing targets

In his election victory speech, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese pledged to “fix the crisis in aged care”.