Ageing gratefully: Older people summon more positivity in response to distress

Psychologists find evidence that while ageing results in overall cognitive decline, we become better at positively reframing distressing episodes.

Report shows 20-year snapshot of Alzheimer’s impact

New research from the University of Canberra’s National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling (NATSEM) has found that cases of Alzheimer’s disease are estimated to nearly double in Australia by 2041, and cost the national economy $26.6 billion annually.

Improving food and nutrition in aged care

New compulsory reporting on food and nutrition in residential aged care has revealed the amount providers spend each day, per person, has increased.

Quality costs more. Very few aged care facilities deliver high quality care while also making a profit

You don’t have to look to far to find examples of poor quality residential aged care. Most recently, residents have too often been un-vaccinated, frightened, isolated, and have died alone in aged care facilities during the pandemic.

New training program for Tasmania's aged care workforce

A multidisciplinary teaching hub at a Tasmanian aged care facility will secure greater opportunities for Tasmania's health students.

How to choose a legal decision-maker as you get older – 3 things to consider

“It’s my life and I’ll do what I want,” sang Eric Burdon of The Animals to the baby boomer generation.

Low blood folate may be linked to heightened dementia and death risks in older people

Levels should be routinely monitored and deficiency corrected in older age, say researchers

Queensland seniors set to connect in 2022

Queenslanders of all generations will join to celebrate with Queensland’s seniors through $100,000 of grants announced today.

$1.2 billion to help protect and prepare senior Australians for winter

The Federal Government is allocating a further $1.2 billion to prepare and protect senior Australians against COVID-19 and influenza this winter.

NT training centre to support aged care workforce opens

The Territory Government and Charles Darwin University (CDU) are boosting training for new aged care workers with a new Training Centre for Aged Care at CDU’s Casuarina campus.

Ageing in place successfully could be all about where you live

Research from the University of Adelaide has shown that neighbourhood characteristics can have a significant impact on older people’s ability to age successfully at home.

Study shows household and family ties significant in staving off dementia

In a global study, researchers in evolutionary medicine at the University of Adelaide have found that people living in larger households are at reduced risk of dying from dementia.

30-60 mins of weekly muscle strengthening activity linked to 10-20% lower death risk

Between 30 and 60 minutes of muscle strengthening activity every week is linked to a 10-20% lower risk of death from all causes.

A call to action UN Convention on the rights of older persons

There are significant gaps in the protection of the rights of older people globally.

Diversifying governance in aged care through inclusive leadership

The Centre for Cultural Diversity in Ageing, supported by Benetas, has identified a need for more work at a governance and leadership level to support the cultural, linguistic, spiritual, and lifestyle requirements.

Prime Minister Mr Morrison hasn’t done his job to fix aged care

ANMFexpresses their heartbreak and disgust that Prime Minister Scott Morrison ‘hasn’t done his job’ to stop the suffering of elderly Australians living in aged care.

Aged care reform delivery a year after Aged Care Royal Commission

One year since the final report of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety, the Federal Government has effected reform across the five pillars of its five year plan.

Aged care sector invited to participate in redesign

The Aged Care Workforce Industry Council is calling for those with an interest in the future of the Australian aged care workforce to contribute to a major new project.

Productivity Commission to consider aged care employment models and leave options for carers

The Commission will examine the merits of unpaid leave allocations for all workers who need to care for an older relative or friend and undertake a study of employment models across the aged care sector.

Today’s aged care falls well short of how we’d like to be treated – but there is another way

Bill? Why isn’t he home from work? I have to go and look for him. He’s never late – something’s happened. My chest is getting tight and tears start on my cheeks.

A friendly face comes into view, smiling warmly, facing me directly. A gentle hand reaches to me...

How good design can make aged care facilities feel more like home

The stark difference between an aged care “home” and a real home has been laid bare by the COVID pandemic.