Experts urge “Know Your Bones” this World Osteoporosis Day

A new Australian report reveals alarming under-investigation and under-treatment of osteoporosis in those at risk.

Australians are avoiding talking about wills

Research demonstrates a national hesitance to talk about wills is causing confusion about the final wishes of Australians.

Aged care staff urgently need training to report and prevent sexual assault

An estimated 50 sexual assaults occur nationally every week in Australian residential aged care facilities.

New program helps people find their way forward after a dementia diagnosis

An new program launched on 11 October aims to assist the estimated 60,000 Australians diagnosed with dementia each year to understand the next steps and change outdated perceptions of living with dementia.

New service to support aged care providers

Home and residential aged care providers will develop coordinated workforce planning approaches under a new Australian Government service aimed at ensuring quality levels of personalised care.

Putting people at the centre to improve aged care

Respect, support and opportunities for feedback are vital to ensure Australians experience quality aged care, say Flinders University experts.

Aged care provider reports to strengthen individual care

Food and nutrition for aged care residents across Australia will come into focus as providers deliver their first reports under mechanisms to strengthen individual care.

Reducing hospitalisations for older Australians

One in five South Australians will experience an unplanned hospitalisation or emergency department presentation within 90 days of undertaking an aged care assessment.

Only 3.8% of Australian aged care homes would meet new mandatory minimum staffing standards: new research

One of the most significant outcomes from the aged care royal commission was the federal government’s commitment this year to mandate minimum staffing levels in residential aged care homes by 2023.

Payment to recognise value of registered nurses in aged care

The number of registered nurses working in aged care will be increased, particularly in rural and remote areas, under a new payment aimed at rewarding clinical skills and leadership.

A vision for a culturally inclusive aged care system

People from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds make up approximately a third of our older population, however, they are not a homogenous group.

Rethinking retirement: Supporting workers in new ways

Fresh and innovative thinking is needed in the way employers support workers who are approaching retirement or choosing to return to the workforce from retirement.

Queensland Seniors 2022 Calendar launched for Seniors Month

ADA Australia – advocates for older Queenslanders - has released a 2022 calendar to celebrate Queensland Seniors Month.

Nominations open for Australia’s first Council of Elders on aged care

Nominations are now open for members of Australia’s first-ever Council of Elders – a panel of representatives charged with providing advice and feedback on aged care issues around the country.

International Day of Older Persons helping keep us connected

Older Australians are today recognised for the vital contributions they make to communities around the country as part of the United Nation’s International Day of Older Persons.

Hormone links exercise with cognitive benefits

Exercise may benefit brain health and improve cognitive performance during ageing. It’s also associated with reduced Alzheimer’s disease risk and cognitive decline.

Using internet in retirement boosts cognitive function

Using the internet during your retirement years can boost your cognitive function, a new study has found.

New report shows disparity in care following a hip fracture

The Australian and New Zealand Hip Fracture Registry (ANZHFR) has released its 2021 Annual Report into the recovery process after a hip fracture.

Socialising may improve older adults' cognitive function in daily life

Socialising with others is important for mental health and well-being, and it may help improve cognition, as well — especially for older adults, according to new research.

Dementia’s toll on the USA

A University of Michigan study shows major gaps in who gets care that could help them remain at home.

Discrimination is inevitable for people living with dementia

Recent research conducted by Dementia Australia has identified that discrimination against people living with dementia is real and so entrenched that even those at risk expect discrimination.