Time for national action on loneliness, the unnoticed epidemic

Loneliness clouds the lives of many Australians and exposes them to increased risk of depression and other illness.

Exercise boosts artery health in middle-aged and older men, not testosterone therapy

A 12-week exercise program improved artery health in middle-aged and older men, while testosterone treatment alone provided no benefits to artery health and function.

A heartless betrayal of millions – Government JobSeeker decision

The Government’s JobSeeker decision today comes as devastating news for people, it is a cut to their current income and is a measly $3.57 a day more than the brutal old Newstart rate.

Stereotypes can harm performance of older adults on cognitive and physical tasks

When older adults are viewed as cognitively or physically impaired, they perform below their abilities on tasks.

Lithgow Aged Care Ltd not to be re-accredit

A meeting was held on 16 February with Lithgow Aged Care residents and family members in order to provide them with information and answer questions about the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission’s decision not to re-accredit the residential service.

Communal activities boost rehabilitation for older adults in long term care

A research team implemented a study based on a program that encouraged elderly patients at care homes in Adachi Ward, Tokyo to participate in gardening activities.

Regis Nedlands, WA Notice to Impose Sanctions and Notice of Requirement

The Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission has recently published performance reports resulting from surprise site visits at Regis Nedlands residential aged care service in Western Australia.

Exercise protein doubles running capacity and extends healthy lifespans in older mice

A new study shows that humans express a powerful hormone during exercise and that treating mice with the hormone improves physical performance, capacity and fitness.

Appetite linked to healthier gut bacteria in over-60s

Over-60s with a good appetite have more diverse and different communities of microbes in their gut than those with a poor appetite, a study has found.

Food first in aged care - a basic human right

Tackling malnutrition by elevating the importance of nutritious food for older Australians is Dietitians Australia’s key focus at today's National Congress on Food, Nutrition, and the Dining Experience in Aged Care.

Consumers critical of some aged care services

New research highlights the need for comprehensive change in aged care and the Australian community’s commitment to achieve it.

Outrunning dementia with physical activity

Regular exercise can improve brain function and may protect against dementia in middle-aged and older adults, with women benefiting almost twice as much as men, according to research.

COVID-19 vaccinations for seniors

Thousands of aged care residents in Australia will receive their first vaccine dose against COVID-19 next week.

Aged care services sector-wide collaboration

Catholic Health Australia today welcomed the launch of a nationwide coalition of providers to advocate for better aged care standards and funding.

A ‘skeletal age’ calculator to predict bone fracture risk

Researchers from the Garvan Institute, led by UTS Professor Tuan Nguyen, have developed a computational model to calculate ‘skeletal age’.

Romance baiting scams costing victims millions

Australians reported a record-breaking $37 million lost to Scamwatch last year for dating and romance scams.

Improving social health for people living with dementia

Researchers at UNSW Sydney’s Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing (CHeBA) have pinpointed mechanisms to reduce loneliness and improve social participation and belonging for people with dementia.

Calling all seniors who are writers

Page Turner Awards is inviting Australian Senior Citizens to join their community of writers and get involved in the Page Turner Awards 2021.

Family conflict and isolation are top risk factors for elder abuse

A history of family conflict, living alone or being isolated and dependent on others are the three key risk factors for elder financial abuse Griffith University research has found.

Tougher SA laws on paid carers and powers of attorney needed to protect the elderly from abuse


Law firm Maurice Blackburn is urging the South Australian Government to adopt a law reform recommendation to ban paid carers from being used as powers of attorney, describing it as an important safeguard against elder abuse.

Push for change to elder abuse laws to prevent false claims

Disgruntled relatives can win inheritance battles under ‘abuse’ pretence.