Lack of physical activity threatens health

On the eve of the Olympics, a series in the medical journal The Lancet has starkly highlighted the threat a lack of physical activity poses to our health and mortality.

Late life drinking and cognitive decline

At the Alzheimer's Association International Conference(R), Vancouver, studies suggest that moderate alcohol use in late-life, heavier use earlier in life, and "binge" drinking in late-life increase risk of cognitive decline.

Retirement village sign-up caution

Older people are urged to seek professional advice, rather than rely on family and friends, when making the complex decision of choosing a retirement village.

Over 70s - most killed pedestrian group

The NSW Centre for Road Safety (CfRS) is urging motorists and pedestrians to take extra care while travelling on and crossing the road with the number of pedestrians killed nearly doubling.

Not too old to donate organs

Parliamentary Secretary for Health and Ageing Catherine King today appealed to older Australians to decide about and discuss their organ and tissue donation wishes with their loved ones.

Falls among elderly tied to depression

A new study has found that people suffering from depression are more likely to fall, pointing to a complex relationship between mental illness, a sense of balance, and falling in older people.

Testosterone overprescribed for older men

Testosterone prescriptions have surged since 2006 due to promotional activity, according to University of Sydney research which also found growing overuse in older men.

Inquiry into dementia early diagnosis

Alzheimer’s Australia welcomed an inquiry into early diagnosis of dementia and intervention, to be undertaken by the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Health and Ageing.

Older Australians workforce barriers review

An ALRC review of Commonwealth legislation and policies that create barriers for older people participating in the workforce or other productive work has started.

Baby Boomers tough it out in retirement

The GFC has hit Baby Boomers hard – particularly if they are older single women in poor health and on lower incomes.

Tips to preserve eyesight

Eyesight is one of the most precious assets a person has so it pays to take care of your eyes by protecting them from a harsh environment and providing them with the nutrition they need.

Sleeping pills linked to more than fourfold increased risk of death

Certain commonly prescribed sleeping pills are associated with a more than fourfold increased risk of death, even among those taking fewer than 18 doses a year.

Never too old to work out

Claiming you are too old for aerobic work-outs may no longer be a valid excuse, with Victoria University sports scientists saying it’s time for pensioners to sweat.

Aged care crisis blueprint

Australia’s looming aged care crisis can only be averted if the Federal Government commits to aged care reform in 2012, leading aged care sector groups said today.

Older Australians waiting for aged care reforms

As politicians return to Canberra for Parliament before the Budget is brought down, COTA has appealed to them to guarantee older Australians the aged care that they deserve.

Sexually transmitted infections double in older population

Sexually active adults aged 45 and over are being encouraged to pay more thought to safe sex in line with recent figures showing that STIs in 50-90 year olds have doubled in the past ten years.

Improving care in older people with fractures

The care of older patients with hip fracture is a high priority for the NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI).

Kitchen fire injures elderly woman

An elderly woman was taken to hospital following a kitchen fire in St Clair NSW earlier today.

Two or more prescription medications doubles fall rate

Taking two or more prescription drugs at any one time seems to double the unintentional fall rate at home for the young and middle aged, similar to the effect seen in elderly people.

Giving up driving doesn't have to drive you around the bend

Older people who give up driving report positive life impacts and say it’s not all doom and gloom.

Mature age workers central to future prosperity

A new Deloitte report recognises the imperative for businesses to retain their mature age workers.