20-year snapshot of Alzheimer’s impact

Cases of Alzheimer’s disease are estimated to nearly double in Australia by 2041, and cost the national economy $26.6 billion annually.

Pets in aged care homes makes paw-fect sense with new tool

Australia has launched a new online tool to assess whether individual pets can safely be accommodated in aged care homes, easing the stress for many older people moving into residential care.

Aged Care Quality and Safety Commissioner reappointed

The Commissioner for Aged Care Quality and Safety, Ms Janet Anderson PSM, has been reappointed for a further three years.

Aged Care Situation Report released by sector

A Situation Report on the aged care sector’s fight to keep older Australians safe during the pandemic paints a grim picture of the stresses faced by aged care providers and their staff.

Age pensioners experience higher living cost increases

Annual increases in living costs ranged between 2.6 per cent for Employee households and 3.4 per cent for Age pensioner households in the December 2021 quarter.

New treatment option for thyroid disorder lists on PBS

The one in 33 Australians living with hypothyroidism, or an underactive thyroid – now have access to a new treatment option listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS).

Federal Government announces retention payment to aged care workers

The first of two payments will be paid on a pro-rata hours worked basis before the next Federal election.

New Support at Home Program that will start in 2023

In response to the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety, the Australian Government is developing a new Support at Home Program that will start in July 2023.

Older people can struggle with sustainable living, despite its obvious benefits

Improving the sustainability of Australia’s housing stock is crucial to meeting national emissions reduction goals.

Aged Care Council of Elders meets

The Federal Government has welcomed the first meeting of the Aged Care Council of Elders.

Almost one in six older Australians report experiencing abuse in the last 12 months

The National Elder Abuse Prevalence Study found that the most common form of elder abuse was psychological abuse (11.7%),

Union calls on Federal Government to pay everyday Australians to help solve aged care crisis

The Health Services Union is calling on the Prime Minister to fund a ‘home guard’ style system which would allow everyday Australians to provide support to the overwhelmed aged care sector.

Poor social health a predictor for cardiovascular disease

A recent study by Monash University has found that among healthy older adults, social isolation and low social support are strong predictors of overall cardiovascular risk.

My Health Record - proof of COVID-19 vaccinations

The Government's Australian Digital Health Agency is reminding people that My Health Record has proof of COVID-19 vaccinations.

Seniors struggle with anxiety when personal needs not met

Older adults who struggle with dressing, bathing and preparing meals, but don’t get the help they need, may experience high levels of anxiety.

The brain-protecting power of exercise

When elderly people stay active, their brains have more of a class of proteins that enhances the connections between neurons to maintain healthy cognition, a UC San Francisco study has found.

Online brain games can extend in-game ‘cognitive youth’ into old age

online brain game exercises can enable people in their 70s and even 80s to multitask cognitively as well as individuals 50 years their junior.

$34m centre to transform age care nationally

Flinders University will lead a an aged care initiative bringing together the aged care industry, older people and the nation’s experts to transform the way Australia supports its ageing society.

How retirement impacts social support and wellbeing


Australian couples moving into retirement tend to maintain their social networks, and many see an improvement in their mental health and wellbeing, new research shows.

Aged care providers who fail to plan for COVID, plan to fail

Aged care providers have no excuse if they are unprepared for a COVID-19 outbreak. They are inviting the regulator to take action.

Council of Elders on aged care

Council of Elders – a recommendation from the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety was announced today.