Report finds 82,156 vacancies in hospitals and aged care

Catholic Health Australia is calling on the new Health Minster post-election to introduce urgent and high-impact reforms.

New research challenges assumptions about older people

Older people in NSW support a number of issues that have long been contentious in public discussion, according to new research released by COTA (Council on the Ageing) NSW.

Cost of living crunch: top tips to keep your weekly shop cheap and healthy

Health and Wellbeing Queensland has revealed handy hints to cut grocery bills and make food stretch further as the rising cost of living puts the squeeze on household budgets.

Don’t be afraid to exercise regularly to boost bone health and cut falls risk

Include muscle strengthening 2-3 days of week; moderate impact exercise on most days; brisk walking 20 mins/daily for those with vertebral fractures.

Why does the oral health of the nation's grandparents matter so little?

Malnutrition, social isolation and declining general health are some of the serious impacts of not maintaining a healthy mouth – and this is never more so than with older Australians in aged care.

Regular exercise with dietary advice linked to better mobility in frail older people

Findings show improvements in physical performance and less loss of muscle mass and strength over three years.

COTA Australia Chief Executive Transition

The Chief Executive of the Council on the Ageing (COTA) Australia, Ian Yates AM, has announced that during 2022 he will be stepping aside from his longstanding role.

Women more likely to live in poverty in retirement

The inequality in superannuation balances as well as the entrenched gender pay gap means more women than men are likely to spend their retirement in poverty.

In-house pharmacists essential for aged care

Medicines are the most common treatments used in healthcare, especially for older people.

Older Queenslanders urged to have their say in developing a new seniors strategy

Health, staying in their own home, and managing cost-of-living are the top priorities for the almost 900,000 Seniors in Queensland, according to a state-wide survey.

Pensioners experience higher increases in living costs

Annual increases in living costs ranged between 3.8 per cent for Employee households and 4.9 per cent for Age pensioner households in the March 2022 quarter.

Heart week 2022: two-thirds of at-risk Aussies ignoring vital heart check-ups

Heart Foundation calls on Aussies aged 45-74 to resume annual Heart Health Checks

Call to alter elder abuse assessment to better protect vulnerable

A simple change to an assessment tool would double the capture rate of elder abuse sufferers, a University of Otago study has shown.

Seven ways to achieve sustainable aged care funding

In May 2022, whatever government wins the upcoming Federal election faces a considerable challenge: developing a sustainable financing system for Australia’s aged care needs.

Would you like to make a meaningful difference to the lives of older citizens and gain much in return?

Volunteer for the Re-Engaging Volunteers into Residential Aged Care Program.

Dietitians Australia member appointed to Aged Care Quality and Safety Advisory Council

Dietitians Australia congratulates Aged Care Subject Matter Lead and Accredited Practising Dietitian Julie Dundon on her appointment to the Aged Care Quality and Safety Advisory Council.

Humanity’s broken risk perception is reversing global progress in a ‘spiral of self-destruction’ - UN report

World could undo social and economic advances and face 1.5 disasters a day by 2030, according to UN’s flagship Global Assessment Report.

Driving decisions made easier for older drivers

Decision Aid helps drivers, their families and carers to make decisions based on an individual's situation.

Power to older Australians

By 2050, one-fifth of our population will be aged over 65. That greater concentration of older Australians will magnify a suite of challenges.

Covid explosion will trigger wave of aged care closures unless new funding is found

Catholic Health Australia is warning dozens of aged care homes around Australia are on the verge of collapse due to the heavy drain on their already-strained finances created by the resurgence of COVID-19.

Older Australians on the tough choices they face as energy costs set to increase

Australian aged care policy and programs are increasingly focused on what’s known as “successful ageing” – helping people feel satisfied, happier and healthier as they age.