New Aged Care Visitor Access Code released for public consultation

Australians are invited to consult on the revised Industry Code for Visiting Aged Care Homes, developed by 12 aged care consumer and provider organisations.

COVID-19 vaccine push to protect senior Australians at home

The Federal Government has opened a $20 million grant program for home care providers to increase and report on the vaccination rate of their workforce.

Should I take a gift? As borders open, how to prepare for reuniting with your grandkids

As border restrictions lift, family reunions are being planned around Australia. This is an exciting but also uncertain time, particularly for grandparents who have been separated from grandchildren.

New research shows how hard it is for ‘flying grannies’ to care for their Australian grandkids

In Australia, grandparents are the most popular form of childcare. Yet with almost 30% of Australians born overseas, for many families, grandparents are not close by.

Analysis of Delta outbreaks needed

LASA is calling on the Federal Government to conduct on an independent analysis of Delta COVID-19 outbreaks in aged care to inform the sector on keeping residents and staff safe as we begin living with COVID.

Recommendations of review into COVID outbreaks in aged care accepted

The Federal Government has accepted all 38 recommendations from a review into COVID-19 outbreaks in residential aged care facilities.

Grandparents Day

All over Australia this Sunday families will be celebrating Grandparent’s Day on 31 October.

Benetas calls for cosumer participation in service improvements

Aged care service provider, Benetas, has launched a Consumer Participation Register, designed to engage consumers from all walks of life in the growth and improvement of Benetas services.

How to support a person with dementia as lockdowns ease

Lockdowns lasting months in some states have seen tight restrictions on visitors to nursing homes. So as lockdowns ease, and if you’re vaccinated, you might be planning a happy reunion with your friend or family.

Busting the ‘slow down’ myth: vigorous activity needed in later life to live longer and better

Older people are the most sedentary group in Australia, but recent research indicates many would exercise more if encouraged to do so.

Grandparent carers face poverty

Grandparents caring for their grandchildren face poverty as they use life savings to care for children with state and territory governments saying the federal government must support them.

Increasing dairy intake reduces falls and fractures among older care home residents

Extra daily milk, yoghurt, and cheese led to a 33% lower risk of all fractures.

Intergenerational storytelling increases social connections

Residents in Bolton Clarke’s aged care communities are sharing their stories in new ways through a research-based Life Stories program.

Experts urge “Know Your Bones” this World Osteoporosis Day

A new Australian report reveals alarming under-investigation and under-treatment of osteoporosis in those at risk.

Australians are avoiding talking about wills

Research demonstrates a national hesitance to talk about wills is causing confusion about the final wishes of Australians.

Aged care staff urgently need training to report and prevent sexual assault

An estimated 50 sexual assaults occur nationally every week in Australian residential aged care facilities.

New program helps people find their way forward after a dementia diagnosis

An new program launched on 11 October aims to assist the estimated 60,000 Australians diagnosed with dementia each year to understand the next steps and change outdated perceptions of living with dementia.

New service to support aged care providers

Home and residential aged care providers will develop coordinated workforce planning approaches under a new Australian Government service aimed at ensuring quality levels of personalised care.

Putting people at the centre to improve aged care

Respect, support and opportunities for feedback are vital to ensure Australians experience quality aged care, say Flinders University experts.

Aged care provider reports to strengthen individual care

Food and nutrition for aged care residents across Australia will come into focus as providers deliver their first reports under mechanisms to strengthen individual care.

Reducing hospitalisations for older Australians

One in five South Australians will experience an unplanned hospitalisation or emergency department presentation within 90 days of undertaking an aged care assessment.