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21 April 2018 article, “Animation targets Baby Boomer alcohol use”.


I just read your article about older adults excessively drinking alcohol. I totally agree! Data is showing a rise in binge drinking from seniors including baby boomers. Seniors should not be drinking so much! They are even more prone to health problems and should watch their excessive intake of any substance.

Anyways, my team and I have put together some more information about alcohol abuse surrounding senior citizens. Check it out, and hopefully, it can help a senior out there.

It could be beneficial for your website and your readers; you could expand on the current article, link to it, or reuse it.

Let’s talk more about it when you get a chance.


Nicole (Surname provided)

11 May 2017.


Feb 19 article on paleo study


I am surprised and disappointed that you chose print what appeared to be a media release

on a study regarding a low carbohydrate diet on mice by Prof Andrikopoulos et al.


A read of the ACTUAL STUDY, including the supplemental tables, would have revealed that the food fed to these mice was nothing like what would be considered a Paleo diet. Not for mice let alone humans.


While I can understand the trust you had in the Prof to summarise his own study truthfully, he did NOT.


I have e-mailed him in regard to his discrepancy but he has not replied.


As you are a provider of information to seniors I trust that you pride yourself in giving Correct information.


This article did NOT do that and needs to be corrected.


Regards Peter (surname provided)

10 March 2016


Hi Michael!

Thanks for the quick response. I ran across your resource page ( while researching articles for a non-profit I'm volunteering with. One of the broken links was to ( and the other one was to (


I hope that helps :) Links can be tough to maintain (especially when you have so many)! Also, I'm curious, are you still accepting suggestions to this page? There are two really good organizations I volunteered with in the spring that could use some attention and would fit well in your resource section:, who has a great guide on promoting health for the elderly through quitting smoking (, and the American Lung Association, who also supports QuitDay's cause ( They're both great organizations dedicated to helping people. I'm always trying to spread the word when I can. Do you mind including those pages?




30 April 2015


Hi Brooke

Thanks for taking the time to inform me of the broken links which I have adjusted. The Government keeps changing policies and departmental responsibilities, with links becoming a victim.


I have also taken up your QuitDay suggestion and added an Australian government Quitnow site.


Your input is very appreciated.


Michael Bucior

1 May 2015



Well done, Michael.

Not sure how you resource this website but it's a wonderful execution of a great concept. We oldies should thank you for your commitment and diligence. We owe you!

Sincerely, David.

26 June 2014.


Carbon tax passed on to consumers

Phil (surname provided) wrote:


I just found your site and read an article that I liked so "bookmarked" it to add your site to my news items....Alas then I read your blatently biased article about the carbon tax being passed on etc etc. PATHETIC dribble - must have been provided by Tony Abbot's spin Surely you could make SOME effort to appear impartial.

5 March 2013.


Suicide of older men under radar

Marshall Perron wrote:


I read with interest the item in SeniorAU on suicide by the elderly by Dr Roderick McKay.


It is disappointing Dr McKay does not acknowledge that many elderly Australians do in fact support legalizing voluntary euthanasia and would opt for a dignified death when they were ready if the option was available.


To assume all the elderly who suicide need is family and palliative care support and treatment for depression is naive. The prospect of a slow debilitating demise, losing mind and control of bodily functions drives many to violent lonely suicide because the law forbids the provosion of appropriate drugs to die a peaceful death.


Many elderly Australians who suicide do have access to world class services, what they want is to exercise in death the autonomy they had in life.


If SeniorAU want to represent the interests of the elderly they should publish a balanced picture of attitudes to voluntary euthanasia and not simply the religious view.


Originally published 7 January 2013.