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19 May 2022

Towns across regional Australia may not have polling centres for federal election because of staff shortages – ABC News


PM rejects calls from retired judges for national anti-corruption commission – SBS News


Labor will slash Coalition’s grant spending to help budget – Sydney Morning Herald


‘A lazy cost-saving measure’: the Coalition’s efficiency dividend hike may mean longer wait times and reduced services – The Conversation


GPs are abandoning bulk billing. What does this mean for affordable family medical care? - The Conversation


Australia election: How climate is making Australia more unliveable – BBC News


Droughts, fires and floods: Could climate change decide Australia's election? - DW


As general election looms, Australia feels like an anxious country - RNZ


Modular Homes Housing People Across Victoria – Victorian Government


More than 90,000 South Australian public servants now involved in payroll data breach – ABC News


Lung cancer screening program could save 10,000 Australians over the next decade – ABC News


How many people have died from COVID-19 in Australia? - ABC News


COVID has killed 5,600 Australians this year and the pandemic isn’t over. Ethics can shape our response – The Conversation


A surge in influenza cases in Queensland prompts doctors to issue vaccine warning for children and vulnerable groups – ABC News


Russia-Ukraine live news: UN chief warns of global food crisis – Al Jazeera


Human Rights Watch documents more accounts of Russian war crimes against Ukrainian civilians – ABC News


‘We are genuine’: China says it's open to resetting relationship with Australia post-election – SBS News


EU unveils $220bn plan to ditch Russian energy – Al Jazeera


Scientists warn of worsening effects of global warming – SBS News


SES volunteers have the WOW factor – Queensland Government


BOM Weather app to provide flood, fire and storm warnings with push notifications – ABC News


Sleep Helps The Brain Process Emotions, And a New Study in Mice Reveals How – Science Alert


The US Congress Just Held Its First Public Hearing on UFOs in 50 Years – Science Alert




18 May 2022

Wage growth figures lagging behind rate of inflation, figures show – SBS News


More than 30 retired judges call for ‘urgently needed’ federal Icac – The Guardian


ICAC delivers damning report into 'corrupt' driver licensing industry passing incompetent drivers – ABC News


Hey, guess what, guys? Women vote too – and they may decide the outcome of this election – The Conversation


Are real wages falling? Here’s the evidence – The Conversation


‘Respect and expect’: Coalition to cut public service funding – The New Daily


Coalition remains non-committal on paid domestic violence leave after Fair Work Commission backs the entitlement for millions – ABC News


Emergency services volunteers recognised during National Volunteer Week – Queensland Fire and Emergency Services


Seasonal flu and COVID-19 may run rampant this winter. Experts are calling for masks to return – SBS News


The Victorian branch of the Australian Medical Association is calling on people to wear masks as the health systems struggles to cope demand – SBS News


Australia-US-Japan defence exercises expected to increase following China-Solomon Islands agreement – ABC News


Australian election: Where is climate change on the agenda? - Al jazeera


US troops to be re-deployed to Somalia – SBS News


Russian military expert tells TV news program: ‘The whole world is against us’ - The Sydney Morning Herald


Philippines’ new president Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos makes secret trip to Australia – The Sydney Morning Herald


Why does Turkey oppose Finland and Sweden’s NATO membership? - Al Jazeera


The 29,000 younger Australians living with dementia are getting lost between disability services and aged care – The Conversation


Eritrea's Binian Girmay wins stage 10 of Giro D'Italia in sprint finish – ABC News


US Congress to hold first public UFO panel in more than 50 years – Al Jazeera


Deadly skin cancers to rise in Australia in 'tsunami' of cases amid shortage of GPs trained in diagnosis and treatment - ABC News




17 May 2022

Cuts to public sector spending underpin Coalition's forecast budget improvement – ABC News


Super for housing or the government as a co-owner: how Liberal and Labor home-buyer schemes compare – The Conversation


Fewer Australians taking COVID-19 precautions – Australian Bureau of Statistics


COVID is the invisible elephant in the election room - InSight+


Got COVID again? Your symptoms may be milder, but this won’t always be the case – The Conversation


Government documents used for climate change preparation kept secret after Administrative Appeals Tribunal hearing – ABC News


ABC introduces new role of ombudsman to head the Editorial Complaints Unit – ABC News


Rental stress, cost of living pressures forcing Tasmanians into cars as winter approaches – ABC News


Rising cost of living dragging Canberrans below poverty line in what many call Australia's most affluent city – ABC News


Ukraine latest: Russia pushed back from Kharkiv; Turkey says no to NATO expansion; defenders signal end to steelworks siege – ABC News


Monastery in Ukraine's Odesa treats cats injured and abandoned amid war against Russia – ABC News


New Zealand's emissions reduction plan to get low-income earners into hybrid and electric cars – ABC News


Mould allergies, infestations on rise amid persistent wet weather, flooding – ABC News


Tricyclics and neuropathic pain: breakthrough raises hopes - InSight+




16 May 2022

COVID-19 infections in Australia hit worldwide highs — and experts predict another Omicron variant spike is coming – ABC News


Alan Kohler: The end of coal is nigh. The next government must tell the truth – The New Daily


Queues were a symbol of financial inequality during the pandemic — and now, as we head into an uncertain future – ABC News


Housing crisis faces Tasmanian women and children fleeing unsafe domestic situations, but some hope on horizon – ABC News


Coalition announces Super Home Buyer scheme at federal election campaign launch in Brisbane – ABC News


Super for housing inflationary and contrary to retirement income objective – Industry Super Funds


Without radical reform, the prognosis for our health system is grim – The Age


Australia election 2022: Are Australia's refugee releases an election ploy? - BBC News


‘Extraordinary and unprecedented’: Court order could have chilling effect on journalism – The age


AUKUS fallout: double-dealing and deception came at a diplomatic cost – The Sydney Morning Herald


How to Expose a Liar, According to Science: Get Them Distracted – Science Alert


Pope to visit Canada in July to meet residential school survivors – Al Jazeera


Ukrainian authorities say Russia retreating from Kharkiv after weeks of heavy shelling – ABC News


G7 warns Russia-Ukraine war stoking global food crisis – Al Jazeera


India bans wheat exports, cites food security and soaring prices – Al Jazeera


Sweden and Finland announce 'historic' plans to apply for NATO membership – SBS News


Ukraine wins Eurovision 2022 with Kalush Orchestra's Stefania – ABC News


President Joe Biden names envoy to ASEAN bloc, stressing US commitment to South-East Asia – ABC News


Stressed Out? Sharing That With Others May Make You Seem More Likable – Science Alert


Athletes with a disability like Ainslee Hooper are finding their place in strength sports – ABC News


Sarah Jenkins' passion for drone photography was kindled during COVID lockdown. Now she's an award winning creative – ABC News


Those bright lights over Sydney? Not aliens, just Elon Musk – The Sydney Morning Herald


Full lunar eclipse to bring super blood Moon – BBC News


Was this ancient vessel a hand grenade? If so, it backs up a long-debated theory about weapons in the Crusades – ABC News




14 May 2022

COVID winter ‘crisis’ looms as sub-variants stoke experts’ fears – The Age


The grocery change that can save families $2468 a year - Money


Polling sheds light on aged care concern among voters – Australian Ageing Agenda


Northern Territory Chief Minister Natasha Fyles says her team is united. That claim will soon be tested – ABC News


ACT Senate candidate Li Fuxin linked to Chinese government's foreign influence arm – ABC News


China responds to Peter Dutton's 'sensational' remarks about Chinese warship off WA – ABC News


Defence cooperation hardens the India–Australia relationship – East Asia Forum


Integrity in question when Queensland mulls how to measure ambulance ramping – ABC News


Defence Minister Peter Dutton says a Chinese spy ship has been seen near secretive naval facility off Western Australia – ABC News


SBS On the Money: Crypto crash + variable mortgage rates rise from today – SBS News


Russian soldier on trial in first Ukraine war-crimes case – The Age


Russian battalion wiped out in failed river crossing – BBC News


Ferdinand Marcos Jr allies seize control of Philippines Congress after election victory – ABC News


Israel fires missiles at central Syrian town, killing 5: Reports – Al Jazeera


One in five UK civil servants to be laid off: Minister – Al Jazeera


Why the parkrun practice initiative will encourage more GPs to engage in social prescription – ABC News


Why holding back your urge to poop can wreak havoc on your insides – a gastroenterologist explains – The Conversation


To Better Understand Women’s Health, We Need to Destigmatize Menstrual Blood – Scientific American


Is fresh produce better than tinned and frozen fruit and veg? Not always, these experts say – ABC News


The perilous life of migratory birds - DW


Lights go out on Phillip Island to aid shearwater fledglings on their migration to Alaska – ABC News


Plants grow in lunar soil for the first time, as NASA plans for life on the Moon – ABC News


We've seen the black hole called Sagittarius A* at the middle of the Milky Way. Now what? - ABC News




13 May 2022

To Australians sick of the election: this is why voting is not a waste of your tim – The Conversation


NSW Mid North Coast records three-fold increase in pre-polling numbers – ABC News


Coalition targets marginal seats with almost $3bn in election spending promises – The Guardian


Labor integrity commission to investigate allegations from a ‘long time ago’ - The Age


Auditor-general mulls review of federal infrastructure spending in Victoria – The Age


Who is better for women? Independent scorecard gives one major party the edge – The Age


The $741m Resilient Homes Fund is designed to help home owners affected by flooding. Who is eligible and how does it work? - ABC News


Lack of safe housing in remote Aboriginal communities raising health concerns – SBS News


Fact checking Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese in the third leaders' debate – ABC News


Staff shortages in care sectors to worsen under proposed new National Skills Agreement – Queensland Government


Winter flu – are you at risk? - National Seniors Australia


G7 to discuss action to break Russian blockade of Ukraine grain exports – The Guardian


US to deploy coast guard to Indo-Pacific in bid to counter China’s rise – The Sydney Morning Herald


Finland's president, prime minister back application to join NATO alliance 'without delay' – ABC News


Ukraine to hold first war crimes trial of Russian soldier – Al Jazeera


‘They were furious’: the Russian soldiers refusing to fight in Ukraine – The Guardian


What One Million COVID Dead Mean for the U.S.’s Future – Scientific American


At 78, investor prepares for ‘biggest bear market in my life’ - The Sydney Morning Herald


Spain plans menstrual leave in new law for those with severe pain – BBC News


Octopuses Tragically Destroy Themselves After Mating. We May Finally Know Why – Science Alert


Transforming lives with iris recognition technology – University of Cambridge


Adult ADHD: What it is, how to treat it and why medicine ignored it for so long – podcast – The Conversation


The First Picture of the Black Hole at the Milky Way’s Heart Has Been Revealed – Scientific American


Dehydrated birds falling from sky in India amid record heatwave – Al Jazeera




12 May 2022

Electricity prices are spiking, ten times as much as normal. Here are some educated guesses as to why – The Conversation


Benefits of falling jobless rate flowing to those most in need: Grattan – The Sydney Morning Herald


Charities, consumer groups launch campaign for better regulation of buy now, pay later services – ABC News


‘Over-the-top alarmism’: economists dismiss concerns wage rises cause inflation – The Guardian


What the major parties are promising on housing, cost of living and super - Money


Popular sunscreens recalled after detection of cancer-causing substance – The New Daily


Australian taxpayers paid almost $20 million to sell the Port of Darwin – The Age


UN ‘concerned’ about risks of global hunger due to Ukraine war – Al Jazeera


As the Aussie dollar falls against the US dollar, more economic pressure looms for households – ABC News


US inflation rate at 8.3 per cent but slowing down from peak surge – ABC News


US finds 500 Native American boarding school deaths so far – The Sydney Morning Herald


Shireen Abu Akleh: US activists slam ‘impunity’ for Israeli abuse – Al Jazeera


UK signs deal pledging to defend Sweden if attacked – Al Jazeera


Passenger with ‘no idea how to fly’ lands plane after pilot collapses at controls – The Sydney Morning Herald


Old Mice 'Rejuvenated' With Injections of Brain Fluid From The Young – Science Alert


Incredible Image Has Us So Excited For What The James Webb Space Telescope Can Do – Science Alert


Gentle-giant sharks are on a collision course with mighty ships - Nature


Rechargeable Molten Salt Battery Freezes Energy in Place for Long-Term Storage – Scientific American


Rising interest rates and inflation: signs of economic pain to come? - UNSW




11 May 2022

Labor leader Anthony Albanese backs minimum wage increase in line with inflation – ABC News


Fact check: Anthony Albanese and Scott Morrison miss the mark on wages growth – The New Daily


Even with unemployment low, wages fall behind cost of living. Can politicians get you a pay rise? - ABC News


The Stage 3 tax cut that will send middle earners backwards and give high earners thousands – ABC News


Planning kids? You should know the major parties’ parental leave policies before you vote – The Conversation


Remind me, how are hospitals funded in Australia? - The Conversation


Queensland to criminalise coercive control in $363 million pledge to tackle domestic violence – SBS News


Former NSW ombudsman to probe politicisation of Victorian bureaucrats – The Age


PM’s corruption watchdog claims ‘not correct nor constructive’: Barristers – The Age


Flu vaccine cuts heart attack risk by up to 45 per cent – The New Daily


Bungled fuel tax change could hit households $20 a week, truckers warn – The Sydney Morning Herald


US set to increase aid for Ukraine, warning of a long war ahead – SBS News


Brussels conference: Donors pledge $6.7bn in aid for [war-wracked] Syrians – Al Jazeera


Taliban divisions deepen as Afghan women defy veil decree – SBS News


IAEA’s Grossi ‘concerned’ over Iran’s lack of cooperation – Al Jazeera


Sri Lanka issues ‘shoot-on-sight’ order to quell unrest – Al Jazeera


Why Aldi food prices are cheaper than Coles or Woolworths – The Sydney Morning Herald


Power prices are skyrocketing. It’s time to shop around – The New Daily


Opinion: Regaining fitness after COVID infection can be hard. Here are 5 things to keep in mind before you start exercising again – Western Sydney University


Australian-first hospital to treat women with trauma caused by domestic, sexual violence – ABC News


Study finds new iron supplement may limit debilitating side effects [in pregnancy ] – QMIR Berghofer


Recurrent UTIs linked to gut microbiome, chronic inflammation – Washington University in St.Louis


Migrant voices needed for Australia’s largest study on women’s health – University of Queensland


Workplace Gender Equity Agency website - Workplace Gender Equity Agency, Australian Government


Opinion: ‘I always have trouble with forms’: homeless people on how poor literacy affects them – and what would help – Western Sydney University


Basically Half of All Known Bird Species Are Grappling With Population Declines – Science Alert


Coral bleaching in Great Barrier Reef linked to 'marine heatwave' – SBS News




10 May 2022

Rainfall totals of up to 400 millimetres predicted for Queensland as severe weather sets in – ABC News


Cutting through the accusations and acrimony to get to the facts of the second leaders' debate – ABC News


Gambling groups donated $18 million to the states. More than three-quarters went to one party – ABC News


IBAC hits back at criticism of decision to grill premier in secret – The Age


Ditched or delivered? The major 2019 election promises revisited – The Sydney Morning Herald


COVID-19 surges to fresh peak in WA with a record 10,394 new cases, but hospitalisations steady – ABC News


Tiny and alternate houses can help ease Australia’s rental affordability crisis – The Conversation


Our 30 top money-saving tips - CHOICE


Philippines' Marcos Jr wins landslide victory in presidential poll – SBS News


Sweden’s ruling party to decide on NATO membership on May 15 – Al Jazeera


Kylie Moore-Gilbert spent 804 days in prison in Iran. She says without public attention she'd still be there – ABC News


Surprising Risk Factors May Predict Heart Attacks in Young Women – Yale School of Medicine


Mindful Mood Balance Effective for Treating Residual Depressive Symptoms and Suicidal Ideation – National Institute of Mental Health


Who is Ncuti Gatwa? From a hit Netflix series to being the new Time Lord in Doctor Who – The New Daily


Phillip Island's little penguins set record as 5,000 cross beach in 'really unique' event – ABC News




9 May 2022

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says schools not expelling gay students, doubles down on religious discrimination act – ABC News


An online tool is helping voters organise their Senate preferences before they go to vote – The New Daily


Poverty isn’t a temporary experience in Australia. We need urgent policy tackling persistent disadvantage – The Conversation


Anthony Albanese and Scott Morrison in fiery debate over anti-corruption commission, national security and cost of living – ABC News


With high prices and soaring rents, what are political parties promising to do about housing? - ABC News


In brief: News from around the Pacific - RNZ


More than 60 believed killed after school attack in east Ukraine – Al Jazeera


G7 leaders impose new sanctions on Russia over Ukraine war – Al Jazeera


UK expands import sanctions against Russia and Belarus – The Guardian


PLA encircles Taiwan island with carrier drills amid US, Japanese provocations – Global Times


Sinn Fein hails ‘new era’ after historic Northern Ireland vote – Al Jazeera


Emperor penguin at serious risk of extinction due to climate change – ABC News


Here's a Glimpse at a Future Hothouse Earth if Greenhouse Gasses Aren't Curbed – Science Alert




8 May 2022

Madonna King: Motherhood, the world’s most challenging gig – and the most rewarding – The New Daily


We’re living with COVID but more of us are dying than ever – The Age


Report into NSW grants scheme recommends against making pork-barrelling an offence – ABC News


Michael Pascoe: Behind the headline, RBA warns growth to be slashed next year – The New Daily


‘A great big lie’: researcher disputes government claim that 90% of GP visits are bulk-billed – The Guardian


Indigenous Australians have been forgotten in this election campaign but the conversation won't go away – ABC News


PM stands by plan to introduce religious discrimination law without changing sex discrimination act at same time – ABC News


Dance always felt out of reach but Leisa Prowd took a leap of faith – The Sydney Morning Herald


The Fitness Tracker Paradox: Sales Are Booming, But Activity Is Plummeting. Why? - Science Alert


We Now Know Why Natural Selection May Favor Iridescence in Some Insects – Science Alert




7 May 2022

On Scott Morrison’s watch, Australia has lost standing on the world stage – The Age


Amid all the shouting in the election campaign, the caring economy is stuck in a perilous limbo land – ABC News


Australia’s falling real wages will help fight inflation – The Sydney Morning Herald


Executives resign from Sydney's Star Casino after inquiry heard allegations of serious crime at the venue – ABC News


RBA Governor Philip Lowe is hiking interest rates. Worst case, it’ll mean an extra $600 per month on a $500,000 mortgage – The Conversation


What to do if you're facing mortgage stress after the interest rate hike - Money


Majority of Australians not convinced Prince Charles should be king, Vote Compass reveals – ABC News


Darumbal Aboriginal people celebrate historic sea country agreement on Great Barrier Reef – ABC News


Latest news for veterans – Department of Veterans' Affairs


How the Russia-Ukraine war, COVID and climate change are fuelling a growing global food crisis – ABC News


US intelligence helped Ukraine sink Russia's flagship cruiser Moskva – ABC News


Pentagon denies helping Ukraine sink Russian ship Moskva – Al Jazeera


Italy seizes billion-dollar superyacht Scheherazade, reportedly linked to the Russian government – ABC News


HIV infection rates are declining globally but for Pacific women and girls, it's a different story – ABC News


Brazil sets another Amazon deforestation record, prompting alarm – Al Jazeera


A climate scientist on India and Pakistan’s horror heatwave, and the surprising consequences of better air quality – The Conversation


COVID-19 and Trust among the Young – International Monetary Fund


Gut Health and Allergies – know your dna


Cognitive impairment from severe COVID-19 equivalent to 20 years of ageing, study finds – University of Cambridge


Is there still a benefit to masking when you're the only one? - University of California




6 May 2022

Your official guide to the 2022 federal election – Australian Electoral Commission


Grattan on Friday: ‘Gotcha’ questions are ugly journalism but hazards for leaders – The Conversation


Farmers accuse supermarkets of 'ripping off' consumers amid fresh produce price-hike – ABC News


More than 80 per cent of Aboriginal people speak Kriol — why is it still widely misunderstood? - ABC News


China dominates defence debate between Dutton and O'Connor, with minister warning Australia must 'prepare for war' – ABC News


The Ukrainian refugees who made it to Australia – Al Jazeera


Telethon Kids Institute modelling shows WA about halfway through Omicron outbreak – ABC News


Two more Omicron subvariants detected in NSW as 11,000 are infected for second time – The Sydney Morning Herald


Wall Street rout as Dow plunges 1,000 points, Nasdaq loses 5 per cent – ABC News


Craving human touch? Scientists have worked out why hugs feel good – The New Daily


Perpetrators of family violence sometimes use threats of suicide to control their partner – The Conversation


How will renters like Cameron be impacted by interest rates rising? - ABC News


This Mother’s Day, let’s celebrate the brave, multi-tasking mums of the Australian bird world – The Conversation


The Relationship Between Gut Health and Anxiety – know your dna


Walking 10,000 Steps a Day: Desirable Goal or Urban Myth? - Medscape


How to stay protected from mobile phone viruses – National Seniors Australia


Huge Solar Flare Bursting From The Sun Is Second of Its Kind This Week, NASA Says – Science Alert




5 May 2022

The Coalition is guaranteeing essential services and lower tax. We can’t have both – The Conversation


Morrison shrugs off 'buffoons' sledge from NSW anti-corruption watchdog commissioner – ABC News


Great Barrier Reef coral bleaching report delayed until after election – The Sydney Morning Herald


Defence morale slumps to 38 per cent, with 20 per cent planning to quit – The Sydney Morning Herald


South Australia records 3,591 COVID-19 cases as death toll jumps by a dozen – ABC News


WA hits fresh COVID-19 peak with 9,782 new cases recorded days after restrictions eased – ABC News


Victoria passes 3,000 COVID-19 deaths as families remember those they've lost during the pandemic – ABC News


Three new Omicron subvariants detected in Australia as another 33 deaths recorded – SBS News


Queensland authorities warn about 'life-threatening' risk of catching both COVID-19 and the flu – ABC News


NPS MedicineWise calls for review of quality use of medicines funding decision – NPS Medicnewise


Solomon Islands Prime Minister ups ante in criticism of Australia while praising China during tirade in parliament – ABC News


Ukraine using US intel to kill Russian generals: report – The Age


EU president Ursula von der Leyen calls for ban on Russian oil imports in new set of sanctions over Ukraine invasion – ABC News


US: Russia plans to annex separatist statelets in Ukraine – Al Jazeera


Astonishing Heat Grips India and Pakistan – Scientific American


US Federal Reserve makes biggest rate hike in more than 20 years to fight inflation – SBS News


Cognitive Impact of Severe COVID Is Equivalent to 20 Years of Aging, Study Finds – Science Alert


Global study highlights menstrual stigma, with conversations key to change, UWA researcher says – ABC News


Electric Planes Take Off – Scientific American




4 May 2022

Reserve Bank opts for standard 25-basis-point interest rate hike as first in likely string of rises – ABC TV


NAB joins CBA, ANZ, Westpac in matching RBA’s rise in interest rates – The Age


Morrison government to freeze deeming rates for social security recipients after interest rate rise – SBS News


Prime Minister Scott Morrison says Australians ready for rate increase, as Labor warns nation faces cost-of-living crisis – ABC News


Dominic Perrottet rejects Scott Morrison's attacks on NSW anti-corruption watchdog – SBS News


Brisbane City Council urged to redirect $200m earmarked for Olympic land into affordable housing – ABC News


Michael Pascoe: Behind the headline, RBA warns growth to be slashed next year – The New Daily


Women’s safety support scrambles as violence rises – The Sydney Morning Herald


European Union prepares next sanctions over Ukraine invasion, including Russian oil ban – ABC News


Unravelling the controversies of Chinese foreign aid – East Asia Forum


Neural pathway key to sensation of pleasant touch identified – Washington University St. Louis


Fatigue after COVID is way more than just feeling tired. 5 tips on what to do about it – Bond University



3 May 2022

ICAC commissioner slams kangaroo court claims as ‘deeply offensive’ - The Sydney Morning Herald


One in 25 Australian homes will be uninsurable by 2030 due to climate change, report warns – SBS News


Renters competing 'Hunger Games-style' as number of rental properties dwindles – ABC News


Voters believe they’re doing their bit on climate but want government to do more – The Sydney Morning Herald


New Zealand faces major sea rise ‘much sooner than we thought’ - Al Jazeera


CSIRO study finds antimicrobial resistance is making UTIs more deadly - CSIRO


What are the odds of catching COVID-19 twice? Here's what we know about reinfection – ABC News


Hidden Hazards – NIH News in Health


People attending GPs aren’t getting all the preventive health care they need. Here’s what could help – The Conversation


The pandemic’s gardening boom shows how gardens can cultivate public health - CSIRO




2 May 2022

Michael Pascoe: COVID quietly jumps to become our second-biggest killer – The New Daily


Five experts grade the major parties’ plans for an anti-corruption commission – The New Daily


Aspen Medical was given more than $1 billion in government PPE contracts despite no experience in large-scale procurement – ABC News


Anthony Albanese returns to the spotlight, launching Labor's election bid to win government – ABC News


Anthony Albanese says debt and deficit have never been higher. Is that correct? - ABC News


Scott Morrison makes his case for Australians to realise their 'aspirations' – SBS News


Qantas to break London flight barrier with Airbus jet order - Reuters


With interest rates about to start rising, experts estimate almost 300,000 mortgage borrowers are at serious risk of default – ABC News


Ukraine, democracy and media freedom on agenda at White House journalists' gala dinner – SBS News


Russia strikes U.S. weapons at airfield near Odesa, defence ministry says - Reuters


US sees no threat of Russia using nuclear arms despite rhetoric – The Jakata Post


Ignoring Putin's threats, US boosts support for Ukraine – The Jakata Post


Poland and Romania first candidates for Caliber missile strikes - Pravda


Denmark, Sweden summon Russian ambassadors over spy plane flight – Al Jazeera


Posties bloodied, traumatised in rising dog attack figures – The Age


Number of gambling advertisements on Victorian televisions skyrocketing, research shows – ABC News


Astronomer's Mind-Blowing Animation Shows The True Scale of Our Solar System – Science Alert




1 May 2022

Labor announces 'shared-equity' scheme for homebuyers ahead of Federal Election – ABC News


Labor promises royal commission into bungled Robodebt scheme if elected. Scott Morrison says issue has been addressed – ABC News


Addressing Superannuation Guarantee Non-Compliance – Australian National Audit Office


‘Toxic’ OPP in turmoil, with solicitor exodus after sex offence unit axed - SOURCE


Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month aims to change community attitudes – Queensland Government


Solomon Islands prime minister lashes Australia over AUKUS security pact – The Sydney Morning Herald


Heatwave hits India and Pakistan as power stations struggle to secure coal supply – ABC News


Kim warns North Korea would ‘pre-emptively’ use nuclear weapons – The Age


Dutch dockers refuse to unload ship with Russian diesel cargo – Al Jazeera


Russia FM asks US, NATO to stop supplying arms to Ukraine – Al Jazeera


Russia posts trained dolphins at Black Sea naval base, satellite images show - DW


China manufacturing output drops to lowest level in 2 years – Al Jazeera


From faith to fear: churches put to the test - The Sydney Morning Herald


Foster and kinship carers acknowledged across Queensland – Queensland Government


Pfizer says its COVID-19 treatment Paxlovid fails to prevent infection of household members – ABC News


Want to be sustainable and cool? Choose fans more and aircon less – University of Sydney


As The Oceans Warm, Marine Life Faces Extinction Levels That Rival The Dinosaurs' End - Science Alert


20 ways to slash your food bills – The Sydney Morning Herald


What's happening in our brains when we meditate? It's not just a question for neuroscience – ABC News


Does music improve overall health and wellbeing? - UNSW


Australian stargazers in for rare four-planet skyshow - SBS News




30 April 2022

Australians are substantially under-vaxxed ahead of a major flu season – The New Daily


Robodebt scandal: Labor pledges a royal commission if elected to government – The Sydney Morning Herald


Coalition pledges to slash cost of everyday medicines - The New Daily


Slow move to renewables blamed for power price spike – The New Daily


Are we at a point where Australians tolerate people dying from COVID-19? - ABC News


Solomon Islands attacks Scott Morrison over AUKUS deal and Anthony Albanese returns from COVID-19 isolation – ABC News


Teensy targets and false diagnoses: How a campaign of no ideas fails us all – The Age


Solomon Islands prime minister lashes Australia over AUKUS security pact – The Sydney Morning Herald


From China to climate and COVID: does Australia really care for the Pacific? - The Sydney Morning Herald


Temperatures top 47 degrees in India and Pakistan - and it’s only spring – The Age


Eurozone inflation hits new high as growth slows amid Ukraine war – Al Jazeera


Possibility of ‘large’ economic shocks in future, Yellen warns – Al Jazeera


Caring for Your Mental Health – National Institute of Mental Health USA


7 Things To Know About Sleep Apnea and CPAP – Yale Medicine


Could exercise counteract cardiotoxic chemotherapy for women with breast cancer? - University of South Australia


Six new species of tiny frog discovered in Mexico – University of Cambridge


Researchers Have Identified The Diet to Follow if You Want to Live as Long as Possible – Science Alert




29 April 2022

Coles’ grim warning to shoppers as inflation surges – The New Daily


The cost of living is surging, so why will the RBA add to it by raising interest rates – ABC News


ACOSS analysis shows mutual obligation requirements are causing harm - ACOSS


Restrictions may have gone - but COVID deaths have not – SBS News


Rising out-of-pocket health costs are a worry. But the major parties have barely mentioned it – The Conversation


Wholesale power prices soared 141pc year on year and households should brace for more – ABC News


Government agency accused of being 'at war with those it should be supporting' as appeals against NDIS cuts spike – ABC News


Scientology accused of child trafficking, forced labour of Australians – The Age


More affordable housing with less homelessness is possible – if only Australia would learn from Nordic nations – The Conversation


Anti-Semitism continues to rise across the world, according to new report – SBS News


Leaked documents reveal Chinese company's aviation plans for Solomon Islands to become a 'regional hub' – ABC News


Africa Faces New Shock as War Raises Food and Fuel Costs – International Monetary Fund


Ukraine war to cause biggest price shock in 50 years - World Bank – BBC News


Air attacks hit near UN chief as Antonio Guterres visits Ukraine – Al Jazeera


Biden asks US Congress for $33bn in additional aid to Ukraine - Al Jazeera


Russia says Ukraine weapons supplies threaten European security - Al Jazeera


Possibility of ‘large’ economic shocks in future, Yellen warns - Al Jazeera


US economy unexpectedly shrinks in 2022’s first quarter - Al Jazeera


Heatwave in India leaves millions struggling to cope – BBC News


World lost forest area greater than size of UK in 2021: Report – Al Jazeera


Over 20% of Reptile Species Are Now at Risk of Extinction, Scientists Warn – Science Alert


Fail: our report card on the government’s handling of Australia’s extinction crisis – The Conversation


Wake up! How to boost alertness and beat the midday slump – The New Daily




28 April 2022

CPI rose 2.1% in the March 2022 quarter – Australian Bureau of Statistics


Food and Energy Price Shocks from Ukraine War Could Last for Years – The World Bank


Inflation to be Elevated for Longer on War, Demand, Job Markets – International Monetary Fund


What the rise in inflation means for interest rates and cost of living — and it's not good news – ABC News


'People living in cars': Rising inflation is devastating for low-income earners, community groups say – SBS News


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27 April 2022

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Youpla collapse to fuel ‘trauma and intergenerational debt’ for Indigenous families across Australia – Save Sorry Business Coalition


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Germany will deliver anti-aircraft tanks to Ukraine - DW


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26 April 2022

The $14.8 billion in planned tax hikes the Liberal Party failed to mention – The New Daily


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Railway strikes targeted arms supply routes - Russia – BBC News


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Israeli forces fire artillery shells into southern Lebanon – Al Jazeera


Elon Musk to buy Twitter for $61.4 billion – ABC News


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25 April 2022


Anzac Day marked across Australia as crowds return to public dawn ceremonies – ABC News


Madonna King: Let’s remember those who gave their lives so that ours would be better – The New Daily


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As dominant creditor, China must 'step up' on debt restructuring, Indonesia's Indrawati says - Reuters


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Annoying Cat Parasite Has Again Been Linked to Psychotic Episodes, But Only in Men – Science Alert


How safe is my make-up kit? You’re not going to like the answer – The Sydney Morning Herald