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26 November 2021

Australia to send troops and police to Solomon Islands amid unrest – ABC News


Solomons PM blames island unrest on foreign powers as Australia sends help – The New Daily


Scott Morrison rejects calls to adopt stronger federal anti-corruption commission model - SBS News


Fears government's voter ID proposal will limit rights of Indigenous people, homeless – SBS News


Schools can still expel LGBTQ+ kids. The Religious Discrimination Bill only makes it worse – The Conversation


We identified who’s most at risk of homelessness and where they are. Now we must act, before it’s too late – The Conversation


Super law passes to create Queensland financial powerhouse [Qsuper & Sunsuper] – Queensland Government


Why are China and Russia strengthening ties? - Al Jazeera


Russian troop build-up: View from Ukraine front line – BBC News


Putin's article: Ukraine can exist only in partnership with Russia - Pravda


USA deploys dozens of Paladin howitzers near Russia and Belarus - Pravda


Top US general says Iran ‘very close’ to bomb, plans are ready if diplomacy fails – The Times of Israel


What to expect as Iran nuclear talks resume next week – Al Jazeera


Israel-Morocco defense deal opens door to intel sharing, joint drills - The Times of Israel


Inexplicable Phenomena Spur Pentagon to Launch New UFO Investigation Force – Science Alert


Germany’s COVID death toll passes 100,000 amid record infections – Al Jazeera


'Very high number of mutations': South Africa detects new COVID-19 variant – SBS News


Curious Kids: how do birds make their nests? - The Conversation


Support available for energy customers – Australian Energy Council


It's easy to switch: Energy Made Easy - Australian Energy Council


Campaign to highlight steps to avoid estimated power bills - Australian Energy Council


Heart attack survivors missing out on support needed to recover – Heart Foundation


Learn cyber security – Australian Cyber Security Centre


Cyber security campaign resources - Australian Cyber Security Centre


Thousands of brumbies to be culled as Kosciuszko National Park plan finalised – ABC News




25 November 2021

Voters in marginal seats are overwhelmingly in favour of increasing income support ahead of a 2022 election, according to a new survey – Business Insider Australia


Rental affordability dropped in most cities during 2021, according to new report – ABC News


Sister calls for royal commission into illegal robodebt scheme following suicide of brother, Corey Webb – ABC News


Australia lists neo-Nazi organisation The Base, Lebanese Shia party Hezbollah as terrorist organisations – ABC News


COVID-19 vaccination reward text message scam – Services Australia


How Domestic Violence is a Threat to Economic Development – International Monetary Fund


Preventing violence against women needs greater focus on perpetrators, Our Watch says – SBS News


Parenting with a mental illness can be made easier with the right support network – ABC News


Veterans encouraged to use new legal service as royal commission into military suicides prepares for public hearings – ABC News


Fix it now: Liberal MPs urge Morrison to protect gay students, teachers – The Sydney Morning Herald


Government faces pressure to reveal robodebt scheme payout details – SBS News


Labor to target ‘middle Australia’ in election as cost of living rises – The Age


National energy market report details expected power bill price drops across Australia – ABC News


Meet our new [CSIRO] Board Chair: Kathryn Fagg - CSIRO


The $31 trillion time bomb ticking for markets – The Age


Israeli air attack kills 2 Syrian civilians; 7 wounded: Report – Al Jazeera


World running out of time to deal with Iran, UK’s Johnson tells Herzog – The Times of Israel


Who are The Base and Hezbollah, Australia’s newest listed terror groups? - SBS News


Ultrathin solar cells get a boost – Rice University


Great Barrier Reef explodes with life during spectacular coral spawning event – ABC News


Heart-healthy baking spices up Christmas as keen Aussies celebrate post-lockdowns – Heart Foundation


United Kingdom Declares Octopuses, Squids Are Sentient Beings – The Byte


Rolls-Royce says it has developed the ‘world’s fastest all-electric aircraft’ topping 345.4 mph — check out the Spirit of Innovation – Business Insider Australia


Latte lovers, rejoice: Coffee could lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease – Edith Cowan University


Australia power plant demolition sees giant chimneys tumble to ground – BBC News




24 November 2021

Pauline Hanson helps government block federal integrity commission debate – ABC News


Foodbank charity feeding 74,000 hungry South Australian children every month – ABC News


Federal government to appoint a Family, Domestic and Sexual Violence Commission – ABC News


Senate suspends controversial ABC inquiry, but government hints at further scrutiny – The New Daily


Third time lucky? What has changed in the latest draft of the religious discrimination bill? - The Conversation


$19 million available to queensland communities to increase resilience and reduce disaster risk – Queensland Government


Thirty-two new timber-frame homes for social housing in Hilton – Government of Western Australia


Help is just a phone call away for Queensland families in need - Queensland Government


Bark Ladies Eleven Artists from Yirrkala [17 Dec 21 – 25 Apr 22] - NGV


US warship sails through Taiwan Strait, first since Biden-Xi meet – Al Jazeera


Israel signals readiness to escalate Iran confrontation – Al Jazeera


World’s highest child soldier numbers in West, Central Africa – Al Jazeera


Spectacular cloud formation brings rain, thunder and lightning to parts of the north – ABC News


Global hackers tried to break into Tasmania Police accounts 'more than 800 times' – ABC News


NASA's DART mission to deflect an asteroid is a little like Armageddon — but with key differences – ABC News


Iodine-powered satellite successfully tested in space for first time – New Scientist


As we return to work, how will our dogs cope with being alone? - The New Daily


Got a storm-phobic dog? Here's what you can do to help them when thunder and lightning roll your way – ABC News


Wet, windy and dangerous – La Nina settles in for Australian summer – The New Daily


Think twice about asbestos: what to know before you start renovating – City of Sydney News




23 November 2021

Foodbank to support hundreds of thousands of Australians this Christmas – ABC News


Woman who stole $940k from employer left gambling app on auto while she slept – ABC News


Aust immigration into Norfolk undermining the island - writer - RNZ


Germany Covid: Health minister's stark warning to get jabbed – BBC News


China will not seek dominance over South-East Asia, Xi Jinping says at ASEAN conference – ABC News


China downgrades diplomatic ties with Lithuania over Taiwan row – BBC News


This New Hubble Pic Reveals a Dramatic Cosmic Phenomenon in All Its Gory Detail – Science Alert


Southern right whale satellite tagging project blows migration assumptions out of water – ABC News


Watch out for fake online deals and avoid scammers this sales season - ACCC


Australia's native wildlife in grip of unprecedented attack - CSIRO


First quantum computer to pack 100 qubits enters crowded race - Nature




22 November 2021

‘The single greatest blow for fairness in Australia’: push to raise Jobseeker – The Age


Tasmanian's gaming legislation looks likely to pass, so here's what it means for the state – ABC News


Covert cameras catch almost 2,000 Queenslanders breaking mobile phone and seatbelt rules – ABC News


Ros Atkins on… Rising tensions with Russia – BBC News


Misremembering Something May Be Evidence That Your Memory Is Actually Working – Science Alert


Mosquito 'explosion' predicted after wet spring, experts warn to cover up – ABC News


Money habits: The small changes that add up to massive savings – The New Daily


Why researchers are turning to music as a possible treatment for stroke, brain injuries and even Parkinson’s – The Conversation




21 November 2021

‘A paradox around loyalty’: How to score the best energy deal for you – The New Daily


Fraud alert: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is - Money


Labor makes ABC independence an election issue with funding pledge – The New Daily


'Thought it was a scam': Small addition a big change for Brisbane phone numbers – ABC News


Former WA public servant Paul Whyte sentenced to 12 years in jail for stealing taxpayer millions – ABC News


Frustrated volunteer firefighters ditch RFS brigades for independent 'mozzie' teams – ABC News


Rival protests in Melbourne as Victoria records 1,166 new COVID-19 cases – SBS News


Dutch police fire shots as COVID protests rock Rotterdam – Al Jazeera


Not just Austria: Which countries have made COVID-19 vaccines mandatory? - SBS News


Australian Open 2022: Unvaccinated players unable to compete at Grand Slam – BBC News


Why some people are prepared to lose their job over the COVID vaccine – The Age


Philippine church founder charged with sex trafficking of women – Al Jazeera


Thousands march in France against male violence, sexual harassment and abuse – ABC News


Canberra engineer helps develop 'game-changer' iodine electric propulsion system for satellites – ABC News


Rolls-Royce says its all-electric aircraft 'is world's fastest' – BBC News


‘It’s not too late’: Tenth of global fish populations on brink of collapse – The Age


New Lie Detector Can Read Facial Muscles You Don't Even Know You're Using – Science Alert


Amazon deforestation in Brazil surges to 15-year high – Al Jazeera


Calls to better protect wild sandalwood amid fears of extinction – ABC News


Week in pictures: 13 - 19 November 2021 – BBC News




19 November 2021

Grattan on Friday: Morrison gives religious discrimination bill priority over national integrity commission – The Conversation


Australia’s insider trading laws don’t apply to most superannuation products – here’s why they should – The Conversation


ASIC sues MLC for multiple insurance failures - ASIC


Troubled EISS in advanced talks with Cbus to create $70b super giant – The sydney Morning Herald


Major building group Privium collapses with future of its projects unclear – ABC News


First Nations kids make up about 20% of missing children, but get a fraction of the media coverage – The Conversation


Queensland men charged over AFP seizure of half a tonne of cocaine in international sting – ABC News


Free TAFE for Queensland veterans – Queensland Government


Fourth wave hits Germany ‘with full force’ as daily infections reach all-time high – The New Daily


Philippines tells China to 'back off' after water cannons fired in South China Sea – ABC News


Vladimir Putin says West is taking Russia's 'red lines' too lightly – ABC News


World Antimicrobial Awareness Week – World Health Organisation


Tonight’s ‘eclipse moonrise’ will put on a special twilight show for most of Australia – The Conversation


What to say in social settings when you’ve forgotten what to say – The New Daily


‘Portable Oasis’ Extracts Water from Dry Desert Air – Scientific American


Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards winner revealed – The New Daily


Drugs v diet: What we eat has a greater impact on ageing and metabolic health – The New Daily




18 November 2021

Ex-MP Thomson on migration fraud charges – The New Daily


Indigenous advocates make last-ditch plea for key senators to block voter ID bill – SBS News


Pandemic triggers ‘mass exodus’ of critical care nurses – The Age


Afghans who helped Australia to have visas extended every three months – The Sydney Morning Herald


Kate's abusive ex-husband racked up almost $86k of debt in her name. This is how she got help – ABC News


The same places keep appearing in most-disadvantaged lists. COVID means it could be getting worse – ABC News


Merkel: Germany hit by full force of Covid – BBC News


Kissinger: US and China must realise there can be no victor without destroying humanit – The Age


Hydrogen planes may offer a possible solution to 'flight shame'. But can they safely provide greener air travel? - ABC News


Dark roofs ditched, commercial buildings must be net-zero from 2022: NSW Planning Minister – The Sydney Morning Herald


Apple to start selling parts for customers to repair their own iPhones – The Age


Half of the World’s Coastal Sewage Pollution Flows from Few Dozen Places – Scientific American


Are our phones really designed to slow down over time? Experts look at the evidence – The Conversation


Global Temperatures Over Last 24,000 Years Show Today's Warming 'Unprecedented' – University of Arizona


King parrots are dying of a wasting disease that may be spreading through birdbaths – ABC News


Baby rhino named Hari welcomed at Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo – ABC News


Photo winners and finalists - The Comedy wildlife



17 November 2021

I’m an expert in what makes good policy, and the Morrison government’s net-zero plan fails on 6 crucial counts – The Conversation


RBA governor Philip Lowe delivers good and bad news for borrowers with jobs – ABC News


The embarrassingly easy, tax-free way for Australia to cut the cost of electric cars - The Conversation


International leaders warn of threat as Russia builds military on Ukraine border – ABC News


Joe Biden and China's Xi Jinping trade strong warnings on future of Taiwan – SBS News


How high-intensity exercise affects our minds, waistlines and life spans - Techilive


How high-intensity exercise affects our minds, waistlines and life spans – The Age


Human Faces Reflect a Wider World of Emotion Than We May Realize – Science Alert


Scientists Finally Understand What Some Mysterious 'Hotspots' on Brain Cells Do – Science Alert


How can the bite of a backyard mozzie in Australia make you sick? - The Conversation




16 November 2021

Scott Morrison defends Senate ABC inquiry, Ita Buttrose says it's an attempt to 'mute' the national broadcaster – ABC News


Housing affordability won't be greatly improved just by less regulation, more supply, RBA argues – ABC News


Biden signs 'once-in-a-generation' $1tn infrastructure bill into law – BBC News


NATO warns Russia over Ukraine military build-up - Reuters


A renewable energy revolution is powering Australia's $720bn mining and resources industry – ABC News


I chose the electricity retailer offering the best deal for my home. That’s not what I got – ABC News


Hobart hit with snow as city shivers through coldest November night in more than 60 years – ABC News


Last month was the warmest October in the northern hemisphere since records began – SBS News


Salt causes surprising reaction deep in the brain – Georgia State University


15 November 2021

'Comically flawed': Climate experts criticise Australia's net zero modelling – SBS News


$4.35 million additional support for veteran groups across Australia – Minister for Veterans' affairs


Everything you need to know about Australia’s COVID booster shot rollout – The New Daily


Small mortgage increase will hurt as outer suburbs struggle post-COVID – The Age


Why we need more than a summit to fix health insurance – Consumer Health Forum of Australia


How China's hard landing could expose Australia as a one-trick export pony hitched to one wagon – ABC News


Nations reach climate deal at COP26 after compromise on coal – ABC News


COP26 has wrapped up in Glasgow. So was the climate summit a success? - ABC News


COVID-19’s epicentre again: Europe faces fresh reckoning – Al Jazeera


Dutch government orders three-week partial lockdown amid COVID surge - ABC News


Austria imposes lockdown for unvaccinated as Europe cases surge – The New Daily


Anger, grievance, resentment: we need to understand how anti-vaxxers feel to make sense of their actions – The Conversation


New prison riot in Ecuador leaves at least 68 inmates dead – SBS News


Chinese Scientists Say They’ve Discovered Cheap New Way to Do Nuclear Fusion - Futurism


Heroes, hives and a journey of healing – ABC News


Luca lost his sight as a child. Now he makes braille greeting cards to help others – SBS News


Gardeners urged to plant natives in bid to help battling native Australian bees – ABC News


Antarctic penguin 'Pingu' travels 3,000 kilometres from natural habitat to New Zealand – ABC News


Scientists attach camera to 'boss' humpback before it starts multi-whale fight – ABC News




13 November 2021

Scott Morrison says he 'doesn’t believe' he's ever lied in public life – SBS News


Government releases modelling underpinning net zero emissions by 2050 target – ABC News


Proposed changes to the NDIS pose an 'enormous risk' to its future – SBS News


Voter ID laws: An imported solution to a problem Australia doesn't have - UNSW


Outstanding Victorian Women Recognised – Victorian Government


China Evergrande dodges default again, but where is the money coming from? - ABC News


How far will the US and EU go to defend Taiwan? - Al Jazeera


Iran deporting thousands of Afghan refugees – Al Jazeera


UN Security Council calls for an end to violence in Myanmar – Al Jazeera


How the Central West Cycle Trail is sparking the New South Wales economy – ABC News


These carbon-capturing robotic seaweed farms are like planting forests in the ocean – Fast Company


Large-scale genetic study reveals new clues for the shared origins of irritable bowel syndrome and mental health disorders – University of Cambridge


[WA] Employers in the State’s south supporting emergency services volunteers – Western Australia Government


A national blueprint for melanoma screening – University of Queensland


Super cool building materials prove powerful arsenal against climate change - UNSW


From waddle-a-thons to bedtime fails: Our picks for the week’s top videos – The New Daily




12 November 2021

Car park fund just taxpayers’ money ‘in a lolly jar’ - The Sydney Morning Herald


'Standards have slipped dramatically': Integrity experts warn of more pork-barrelling – SBS News


Senior Comanchero bikie detained in Lebanon after Interpol notice - The Sydney Morning Herald


‘My sincere apology’: icare will pay back $38 million to 53,000 injured workers - The Sydney Morning Herald


Unemployment rate surges to 5.2 per cent, with thousands looking for work as lockdowns ease – ABC News


ASX tumbles after national unemployment rate jumps above 5 per cent and US inflation surges – ABC News


Inflation: US consumer prices surge at fastest rate in 30 years – Al Jazeera


Hundreds of health workers at risk of job loss over COVID-19 jabs – The Sydney Morning Herald


Nurses expected to delay inducing pregnant women due to staff shortages, ANF survey finds – ABC News


Queensland water supplier Sunwater targeted by hackers in months-long undetected cyber security breach – ABC News


Investigation launched after child swallows button battery at Queensland childcare centre – ABC News


Dutch experts recommend Western Europe's first lockdown since summer - Reuters


Germany reports another COVID-19 record: 50,196 new cases - Reuters


Chinese leaders approve resolution cementing Xi Jinping's power and status – SBS News


If It’s Flooded Forget It, Queenslanders Urged – Queensland Government


Your workplace rights to paid or unpaid leave and free counselling to escape domestic violence – ABC News


Top Five Scams Exposed For Scams Awareness Week – Victorian Government


Rare palm cockatoo listed as endangered due to habitat loss, bushfires in far north Queensland – ABC News


Sitting more linked to increased feelings of depression, anxiety – Iowa State University


Common Household Noises May Be Stressing Your Dog – UC Davis




11 November 2021

Veterans from conflicts apart united on Remembrance Day – The Sydney Morning Herald


Alan Kohler: Branch stacking is a bargain – why wouldn’t it go on? - The New Daily


Vaccine mandate [QLD] extends to private health, aged care, and disability sectors – Queensland Government


China and the US announce surprise agreement to work closer on cutting emissions – SBS News


Countries hailed as COVID-19 success stories are now reimposing restrictions – SBS News


Experimental depression treatment is nearly 80% effective in controlled study – Stanford Medicine


Your feet are your friends – here's how to treat them properly – Your Life Choices


Replacing animal fat with vegetable fat may reduce risk of stroke, study finds – The New Daily


Comedy of Errors – Australian Shakespeare Company




10 November 2021

[Federal] Car park fund over-budget and running late – The Sydney Morning Herald


Australia's climate policies have been ranked last out of 64 countries – SBS News


Government looks to invest $500 million in more carbon capture and storage technology - SBS News


Motor industry pushes back against federal government’s electric vehicle plans – The Age


Alleged Nick Martin murder mastermind David James Pye faces court over WA bikie's killing – ABC News


Underworld gangs allegedly stealing luxury cars in Sydney’s north – The Sydney Morning Herald


Queensland Government calls for First Nations voices – Queensland Government


Have you been stapled to your super fund? - CPSA


APRA urges super members to prioritise their own best financial interests - APRA


UN food agency: 45 million people on the edge of famine – Al Jazeera


China posts record trade surplus despite global supply-chain woes – Al Jazeera


French bishops agree to compensate thousands of sex abuse victims – Al Jazeera


Indigenous Children Are Still Dying in Boarding Schools – Scientific American


Comedy of Errors – Australian Shakespeare Company


Mesothelioma in Australia 2020 – Australian Institute of Health and Welfare


E-violence increases through early adolescence but declines as teens become adults – University of Michigan


Extreme hotspot: What 60C means for the Middle East – Al Jazeera


Why discussing money early is crucial to healthy relationships – The New Daily


At Long Last, the James Webb Space Telescope Is Ready for Launch – Scientific American


NASA SpaceX crew splashes down in Gulf of Mexico – Al Jazeera


Wang Yaping becomes first Chinese woman to walk in space - Al Jazeera


Just don’t douche – what your vaginal biome can tell you about your health and pregnancy – The Conversation




9 November 2021

The Commonwealth Bank and Westpac have both hiked fixed home loan interest rates – Business Insider Australia


New data estimates thousands of Australians are living with undiagnosed cancers after COVID-19 lockdowns – ABC News


Everything you need to know about Australia’s COVID booster shot rollout – The New Daily


Domestic violence was treated by workplaces as personal, now it's a $2b business problem - ABCNews


Bikie gang member charged over Nick Martin murder at Kwinana Motorplex - ABCNews


Federal watchdog proposal a ‘sham’, intended to protect parliamentarians – The Age


Michael Sukkar’s brother recruited Liberal members under ‘corrupt’ scheme, documents state – The Age


Proper corruption watchdog needed to scrutinise Sukkar’s scheme – The Age


Government commits to expanding electric vehicle charging stations but no subsidies to increase uptake – ABC News


How to protect yourself from dodgy builders and defects ruining your dream home – ABC News


No AUKUS arms race in Southeast Asia – East Asia Forum


Poland prevents mass migrant crossing from Belarus and warns of armed escalation – SBS News


Israel-made spyware used to hack phones of Palestinian rights workers, report says – SBS News


German coronavirus infection rate hits highest since pandemic began - Reuters


Denmark revisits its 'corona pass' as third wave of epidemic looms - Reuters


Queenslanders, let’s talk scams! - Queensland Government


Satellite images show China built mock-ups of US warships – The Sydney Morning Herald




8 November 2021

Proper corruption watchdog needed to scrutinise Sukkar’s scheme – The Sydney Morning Herald


Labor proposes anti-scam centre, calls for crackdown on social media companies profiting from fraud – ABC News


Scott Morrison hails vaccine milestone as double-dose vaccination rate hits 80 per cent for Australians over 16 – ABC News


Inquiry into Mental Health and Suicide Prevention [report] - House Select Committee on Mental Health and Suicide Prevention


In the ICU where only Maria is vaccinated, others die in disbelief – The Age


International travel is back for the vaccinated. But what are we flying into? - The New Daily


'A good day to be a Kiwi': New Zealand legalises assisted dying – SBS News


US President Joe Biden finally seals the deal on trillion-dollar infrastructure package – ABC News


French bishops kneel in show of penance for decades of Church child abuse - SOURCE


Brain tissue boosted after six-week treatment for chronic suicidality - USC


Hundreds of breast cancer patients accept 'knitted knockers' from Charleville craft group – ABC News


California Factory Producing 50,000 Lbs of Lab Grown Meat Per Year - The Byte


Technology set to redesign the future of food as agriculture moves towards net zero – ABC News


‘The Big Crunch of 2021’: Why shoppers everywhere face major delays – The New Daily


AI-powered glaucoma screening test delivers rapid results - RMIT


Why do we wake around 3am and dwell on our fears and shortcomings? - Swinburne University


Vegetables come first for PhD student – Massey University


Health workers struggle to stay on top of rising syphilis rates in remote WA – ABC News


Forests could be key to estuarine fish conservation – Asia Research News




6 November 2021

AMAQ warns rising COVID-19 cases after Qld border opening will delay health services, force cancellation of elective surgery – ABC News


Red Cross to backpay $25 million over wage theft – The New Daily


Mark McGowan announces plan for Western Australia to reopen border at 90 per cent COVID-19 vaccination rate – ABC News


Europe's COVID-19 surge a 'grave concern' says WHO, as hospitalisations double in one week – ABC News


With fourth wave raging, Germany agrees booster shots for all - Reuters


China is making supporters of Taiwanese independence criminally liable for life – SBS News


Spooked Chinese brace for ominous winter of shortages, high prices and lockdowns – The Sydney Morning Herald


Diplomat found dead outside Berlin embassy was Russian secret agent: report – The Sydney Morning Herald


It's true: Be nice and others are more likely to be nice to you – University of Oregon


Stanford researchers find whales are more important ecosystems engineers than previously thought – Stanford University


Eat oats every day to get a head start on beating the Christmas battle of the bulge – The New Daily


Governments Worldwide Consider Ditching Daylight Saving Time – Scientific American


Escalating refund fraud ends in jail time for SA man – Australian Taxation Office


Firefighting Robots Go Autonomous – Scientific American


Friendly jaguars and surfing sea lions: Here are our picks for top videos of the week – The New Daily




5 November 2021

Victoria, NSW open border to 'free travel', allowing families to reunite – SBS News


Doctors warn of deadly spike in melanomas as COVID-19 lockdown sees drop in skin checks – ABC News


Eruption From the Sun May Affect Power Grid, Scientists Say – The Byte


Aurora australis seen over Tasmania was 'hands-down best' lightshow in years, photographers say – ABC News


Great Barrier Reef study aims to predict, protect against bleaching events – ABC News


A national blueprint for melanoma screening – University of Queensland


Life expectancy hits a new high – Australian Bureau of Statistics


Here’s how dietitians can help our mental wellbeing – The New Daily




4 November 2021

Scott Morrison’s submarine snub was a ‘stab in the back’: French Ambassador – The New Daily


Voter ID is a bad idea. Here’s why – The Conversation


Former minister Marlene Kairouz spent more than $18,000 in one year paying for Labor memberships, IBAC hears – ABC News


Dominic Perrottet orders review of how grants are awarded in NSW amid new claim of pork barrelling – ABC News


Alan Kohler: Super funds must clean up their act on insider trading – The New Daily


Super funds told to get their snouts out of the trough – CPSA


APRA shines light on choice super sector - APRA


Shopping or buying online [cyber security] – Australian Cyber Security Centre


How to buy the best pedestal and tower fans - CHOICE


Scandinavian nations creating commissions to review crimes against Indigenous people – ABC News


An Asteroid Barely Skimmed Earth Last Week, And We Completely Missed It – Science Alert




3 November 2021

Cleo Smith found alive by WA police in Carnarvon – ABC News


At least $38b in JobKeeper went to companies where turnover did not fall below thresholds, data finds - ABCNews


Australia’s Reserve Bank signals the end of ultra-cheap money. Here’s what it will mean – The Conversation


Beds and medical services cut as Queensland hospital workers defy COVID-19 vaccination mandate – ABC News


SA Health data reveals hundreds of staff forced to take leave over COVID-19 vaccination refusal - ABC News


Australia is about to be hit by a carbon tax whether the prime minister likes it or not, except the proceeds will go overseas – The Conversation


Success at COP26 would boost retirement savings – The Age


Australia refuses to join global pledge led by US and EU to cut methane emissions – ABC News


Indian PM Narendra Modi commits to net zero emissions by 2070, asks for $1 trillion in climate finance – ABC News


Facebook will shut down facial recognition software – The New Daily


Melbourne Cup 2021 is won by Verry Elleegant at Flemington with her 10th Group One success – ABC News


The Sun Just Blasted the Earth With an Enormous Solar Flare - The Byte




2 November 2021

Aukus: French president says Australian PM lied over submarine deal – SBS News


PM points to secret texts as he hits back at French leader over submarine row – The Age


Morrison outlines $2 billion funding pledge to UN climate summit – The Age


Proposed voter ID laws a 'solution looking for a problem', Senator Rex Patrick says - SBS News


Australians stranded overseas rejoice at TGA's new COVID-19 vaccine approvals – SBS News


COVID-19’s global death toll tops 5 million in less than 2 years – The Sydney Morning Herald


Queensland records zero community COVID-19 cases as thousands of unvaccinated health workers suspended – ABC News


Jeannette Young sworn in as Queensland's Governor – ABC News


Rising sea levels force villagers to leave coastal areas in Bangladesh – SBS News


Report: Fitness Tracker Data Breach Exposed 61 Million Records and User Data Online – Website Planet


Human Birth Canals Are Seriously Twisted. Researchers Think They've Figured Out Why – Science Alert


What's Behind The Strange Drop in American Body Temperatures Over The Past 200 Years? - Science Alert




1 November 2021

'I don’t think, I know': Emmanuel Macron accuses Scott Morrison of lying about submarine contract – SBS News


Increase in suspected bikie-related crime across Gold Coast prompts new task force – ABC News


International travellers touch down at Sydney airport as quarantine scrapped – SBS News


‘It’s endemic’: Nearly two-thirds of audited real estate agents underquote – The Age


Fears of post-pandemic skin cancer crisis in Australia – SBS News


COVID-19 booster shots for NSW adults available from Monday – SBS News


60 years after it first gazed at the skies, the Parkes dish is still making breakthroughs – The Conversation


How to avoid ‘toxic positivity’ and take the less direct route to happiness – The Conversation


Meet the millions of people who aren't employed, who aren't considered 'unemployed' – ABC News