Mature Australia Party launched

The Mature Australia Party was registered by the Australian Electoral Commission as a political party on 14 April 2016 with the intention of standing candidates in the coming Federal election.

The Mature Australia Party (MAP) has been working across Australia for the last 12 months from its registered office in North Queensland to rally support from mature-aged Australians to achieve its landmark registration, citing Mr Brian Edmonds as the Officer of the Party.

MAP has membership is bases in all States and Territories, and will field Senate and/or House of Representatives candidates from all mainland States for the Federal election that the Prime Minister Mr Turnbull has promised to call in July this year.

The thrust of MAP will be to advocate on behalf of all mature-age Australians, for major changes to the political culture of governments, and the bureaucratic systems funded by them.

The policies and advocacy of the Party will focus on, and will extend beyond greater equity and a ‘fairer go’- for all, in areas of:

  • economic and cultural development
  • taxation reform
  • electoral representation
  • national infrastructure development
  • revenue-producing national growth
  • the creation of greater employment
  • more sustainable care for children, the disadvantaged, the disabled, pensioners and self-funded retirees, the aged, and other Australians in need.

National Executive spokesman (MAP), Mr Col Walker told SeniorAu that MAP has no formal affiliations with existing seniors groups such as COTA or National Seniors, however, MAP membership includes many members of all such groups, and that it will act on issues presented by representatives of these groups (and others) in its policy-making procedures and actions.

“Basically, they (and others) provide MAP with the “bullets” to fire on many of the issues affecting them, their groups, and their members,” Mr Walker said.

“We are very grateful for that input. This covers a number of policy areas such as aged and disability care, pension pressures and entitlements, superannuation, transport, housing, health issues, protection against community violence, etc.”

Mr Walker said, “The main ‘message’ we have for voters is – tell us what you want changed, what policies you support (or don’t support) and they’re the issues we will advocate for you.

“We can give you a voice in our parliaments that you haven’t had up to now. It is your say that counts – not what the major parties are prepared to do for you, because it suits them!”

MAP will be standing candidates in the Senate, in each State, and selected marginal House of Representative seats.

MAP also proposes that in the future it will be standing candidates in State elections.

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