Kochie’s 4 week Money Makeover course

An online course that could change the financial future of Australians begins this Monday 29 February.

Lib and KochieSunrise co-host David Koch and his finance-savvy wife, Libby will show Aussies how to secure their financial future if they spend just 15 minutes a day online for 4 weeks.

Kochie’s 4 Week Money Makeover is designed to show Aussies how to take control of their money, cut debt, start saving, create long-lasting wealth and build a strong financial relationship with their partner.

Kochie’s 4 Week Money Makeover is a fun and interactive guide that can be accessed on any device, anywhere and anytime.

“We’ll explain how to master basic financial skills and make your money work harder,” Kochie says.

“Getting your mind in the right place to make positive change in your financial life is one of the most important lessons the Money Makeover will teach you.

“And we’ll have fun doing it. Forget about long seminars or boring textbooks with lots of jargon. We know people are busy and this course allows them to supercharge their financial knowledge through short videos they can watch anywhere, anytime” says Kochie.

A Snapshot of Kochie’s Money Makeover:

  • 15 minutes a day for five days
  • Four week course
  • View on any device anywhere and any time
  • Build a budget and cut spending
  • Pay off debt faster
  • Create real wealth
  • Clear up past mistakes
  • Manage a crisis
  • Track your savings in your personal financial control centre
  • Kochie will refund the course cost of $99 if people do not end up saving at least that amount.

To sign up for the course see http://www.moneymakeover.com.au

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