Budget 2016 income tax cuts by electorate

The Australia Institute has modelled the distribution of income tax cuts announced in the 2016 Budget.

Telephone metadata reveal sensitive personal information

Most people might not give telephone metadata – the numbers you dial, the length of your calls – a second thought.

We know where you live

The location stamps on just a handful of Twitter posts can be enough to disclose the addresses of the poster’s home and workplace to a relatively low-tech snooper.

Ageing affects test-taking, not language in older adults

The ability to understand language could be much better preserved into old age with older adults struggeling more with test conditions than language processing.

Paleo diet more effective for weight loss

The Palaeolithic, or paleo, diet has been found to be more effective for weight loss than the Australian Dietary Guidelines, according to new research from Edith Cowan University.

NSW Carers Awards nominations open

Minister for Ageing and Minister for Disability Services John Ajaka today announced that nominations for the 2016 New South Wales Carers Awards are open.

Queenslanders have lifetime insurance for catastrophic car injuries

All Queenslanders catastrophically injured in motor vehicle accidents will now have access to lifetime care and support through CTP insurance.

Winter warmer warning: no outdoor gas heaters indoors

It may be cosy, but the outdoor gas heater you’re using to keep warm this winter could be a hazard unless it’s used properly.

Super changes not so super for women over 50

Women over 50 will be the worst hit as a result of the Federal Government's changes to superannuation unveiled in the Federal Budget.

Don’t call me nanna: the ‘Advanced Style’ phenomenon

The latest findings from Roy Morgan reveal that a growing proportion of Aussie women aged 65+ possess qualities fundamental for any aspiring advanced style icon.

Labor commits to pension review

National Seniors has welcomed Labor’s commitment to an independent review of the pension means test, should it win government.

Excess charges for credit and debit cards to be limited

The Reserve Bank has today released new standards which will mean that consumers cannot be surcharged in excess of a merchant's cost of acceptance for a card system.

Australia’s Vietnam Veterans congress opens

The Minister for Veterans’ Affairs Dan Tehan, today officially opened the Vietnam Veterans’ Association of Australia’s 2016 National Congress in Canberra.

Crime and thriller novels make up 29 per cent of borrowed books

British thriller author, Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series of novels have dominated the list of most borrowed library books in Australia and New Zealand this year, according to the 2016 Civica Libraries Index.

QLD's new campaign: ‘there’s no excuse for elder abuse’

The Queensland Government has launched a new campaign to target the growing issue of elder abuse in Queensland.

Expenditure on palliative care medicine services increase by 80%

In 2014-15, 13,000 patients received an MBS-subsidised palliative medicine specialist service, with around 71,500 of these services provided nationally at a cost of $5.3 million paid in benefits.

Palliative care should be embraced, not feared

Palliative care programs are well established in Australia but they aren’t being used effectively.

Spotlight on active ageing and design

How can public space be designed to optimise participation and foster a sense of security for older adults?

$2 million to support NSW volunteers

More than $2 million will be invested on initiatives to better recruit, support and recognise volunteers in NSW.

ACT Flexible bus service expands to Gungahlin

The ACT Government’s Flexible Bus service grows with Gungahlin the next region to get access to this popular free local service.

Calls for both sides of government to address aged care shortfall

An alliance of 48 aged care consumers, providers and staff groups say both major parties need to promise to address the shortfall in residential places and home care services.