Extreme heat in sport

Record-breaking temperatures during the Ashes cricket test match in Sydney led many to wonder: how hot is too hot to continue playing sport safely?

Census reveals Australia’s religious diversity on World Religion Day

World Religion Day aims to foster interfaith understanding and harmony, and is an opportunity to recognise the diversity of religion present in modern day Australia.

Lured overseas by cheap flights? Remember travel health

A public health expert is urging Australian travellers to seek health advice before they travel overseas for holidays.

How's the humidity? Hot exercise tips

Resolved to get fit this year? Ease into it – going like a bull at a gate when starting an exercise program is never a good idea, but when the heat is on, extra precautions are needed.

General anaesthetics do more than put you to sleep

A new understanding of the complex ways in which general anaesthetics act on the brain could eventually lead to improved drugs for surgery.

Can ‘sleeping’ while awake boost brain function?

Mimicking sleep processes in the awake brain of elderly people could prevent age-related decline in brain function.

New research to help measure elder abuse

To help build on the growing body of knowledge on elder abuse, the Elder Abuse National Research Project is currently underway, led by the Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS).

Widening the focus on US seniors poverty research

Using an innovative technique to measure poverty, it found that more older Americans live in deprivation than official statistics suggest.

VIC Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Plan

The Victorian Government is addressing homelessness by intervening early, getting rough sleepers housed quickly and strengthening support services to keep vulnerable people off the streets.

Just 4,000 steps a day can lead to better brain health

For adults 60 and older, moderate daily walks improve attention and mental skills, UCLA study finds.

Aged care bulletin September 2017 quarter

The Aged Care Complaints Commissioner has recently made September quarterly complaints data available to the public.

Industry superannuation funds set for growth

The combination of the largest membership base and youngest age profile, gives industry superannuation funds the greatest long term or lifetime growth potential.

Brain imaging shows spread of key protein in Alzheimer’s

Advances in brain imaging have shown that a key protein, amyloid beta and tau cause nerve cell death spread throughout the brain in Alzheimer’s disease.

Consumer guarantee reports increase 39 per cent

More than 29,000 people reported consumer guarantee issues to the ACCC in 2017, with half noting problems getting remedies for faulty automotive, whitegoods or electronics products.

Low dose Codeine ineffective for most pain relief

The best medical advice and research shows that Codeine is no better for pain than other over the counter medicines, Australia’s Chief Medical Officer, Professor Brendan Murphy, said today.

Free dementia education courses for carers and volunteers

Dementia Australia has announced that they will be running a series of free educational courses for family, carers, friends and volunteers, of people who are living with dementia in the Albury region.

Nestlé sells Violet Crumble to Robern Menz

Nestlé Australia Ltd announced that it has entered into an agreement with Adelaide-based family business Robern Menz (Mfg) Pty Ltd to sell the iconic Violet Crumble brand for an undisclosed sum.

Trees, sky and birdsong in cities are beneficial for mental wellbeing

Researchers have found that being outdoors, seeing trees, hearing birdsong, seeing the sky, and feeling in contact with nature were associated with higher levels of mental wellbeing.

Residents urged to review their cyclone preparedness

Residents are being reminded to ready themselves for any storms or cyclones that could come their way over the coming months.

The Salvation Army Aged Care Plus acquires Dementia Care Matters

The Salvation Army Aged Care Plus has acquired UK based Dementia Care Matters, a leading international dementia care culture change organisation.

Pfizer halts research into Alzheimer's And Parkinson's

Pfizer has announced plans to end its research efforts to discover new drugs for Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases.