Funding for aged care mental health trial

Swinburne Associate Professor Sunil Bhar has been awarded $985,750.60 National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) funding to lead an aged care mental health support trial.

Rethinking the health and weight debate

Swinburne researchers are part of a new wave of health professionals challenging our perception of weight and health.

Now is the time to care about older people

We all have rights that are protected under United Nations conventions. Do we need extra safeguards to protect these rights for older people? These are the issues that were discussed at the United Nations last July.

Dementia patients’ lives transformed through music tech pilot program

Researchers from Western Sydney University have collaborated with aged-care services provider Fresh Hope Care and I’m Soul Inc to develop a music project to improve quality of life for dementia patients.

New bank code may protect elders from abuse

The new Banking Code of Practice could provide valuable protection for vulnerable people against financial abuse if implemented and enforced appropriately.

Carers of terminally ill more likely to have mental health problems

Carers for people with cancer are between 5 and 7 times more likely to have mental health problems than the general population, according to a landmark new study.

Lowering hip replacement infection risk

Researchers from the Musculoskeletal Research Unit at the University of Bristol have identified the most important risk factors for developing severe infection after hip replacement.

Vaping: how safe is it?

A survey of adolescents carried out by researchers at Coventry University has shown that than less than half of e-cigarette users knew that vape products contain nicotine or that they are addictive, raising the possibility that they could be a gateway to smoking normal cigarettes.

Older adults who get physical can lower their heart disease risk

Adults in their early 60s, who spend less time sitting and more time engaged in light to vigorous physical activity, benefit with healthier levels of heart and vessel disease markers.

Disadvantage faced by ‘hidden’ unpaid carer workforce

A campaign has been launched to remedy the economic disadvantage faced by unpaid carers as new research documents the scale of the economic disadvantage faced by those who provide essential support for the needy.

Older Australians fastest-growing online learners

nbn™ connected Australians are twice as likely to enrol in online learning courses.

Can food have negative calories? Nutritionist debunks the idea

Diets are everywhere, but could eating “negative calorie” foods, such as celery and grapefruit, help to boost weight loss?

Are you walking your dog enough?

Australia has nearly five million dogs, with nearly 40% of Australian households owning one.

But it seems that 40% of Australian dogs are not walked enough and that a similar percentage of dogs are overweight or obese.

How meditation affects the brain to help you stress less

In Australia, about one in six adults practise meditation, while one in ten practise yoga. People often turn to yoga or meditation as a way to to take time out and manage the stress of their day-to-day lives.

Close friends linked to a sharper memory

Maintaining positive, warm and trusting friendships might be the key to a slower decline in memory and cognitive functioning, according to a new Northwestern Medicine study.

Older Australians need secure and affordable housing

Peak body for Baptist Care community service organisations Baptist Care Australia is calling for action to stem the tide of insecure and marginal housing for Australians over 55.

Healthy diet linked to healthy cellular ageing in women

Eating a diet that is rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains and low in added sugar, sodium and processed meats could help promote healthy cellular ageing in women.

Polypharmacy in the elderly: new project investigates

Multiple medications are rife in older public hospital patients. Inappropriate polypharmacy is a common problem where patients are taking more medication than medically necessary.

New report exposes a long queue for home care packages

The long queue of 108 000 older Australians needing home care packages revealed in the latest quarterly report from the Health Department should be taken as a challenge to double-down on wider systemic reform.

Age shouldn't be a barrier to playing competitive sports

To stay healthy and fit, older people have traditionally been advised to take up gentle activities, such as walking and tai chi. But it’s time we added competitive sports to the mix.

Women under-treated for heart attack die at twice the rate of men

Cardiac specialists are alarmed by disparity in treatment outcomes in Australian hospitals.