Why Easter is called Easter, and other little-known facts

This Sunday, April 16, Christians will be celebrating Easter, the day on which the resurrection of Jesus is said to have taken place. The date of celebration changes from year to year. The Conversation

Grandfathers - mentors and carers to grandchildren

In modern times, grandfathers are more involved in activities with their grandchildren, discussing their futures and acting as their mentors.

Link between media violence and aggressive behaviour

New research offers compelling evidence that media violence affects aggressive behavior.

Sugar’s “tipping point” link to Alzheimer’s

For the first time a “tipping point” molecular link between the blood sugar glucose and Alzheimer’s disease has been established.

Help for chocoholics

Does a bowl full of luscious Lindt balls make you drool? Or can you learn to turn those cravings into other thoughts?

Think FAST if stroke strikes this Easter

This Easter the Stroke Foundation is urging Australians to put their health first by being aware of the signs of stroke and taking FAST action when stroke strikes.

Cairns Indigenous Art Fair

The Cairns Indigenous Art Fair (CIAF) will transform the city of Cairns with its multi-faceted, all-inclusive celebration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts and culture, 13-16 July 2017.

Senior Smiles program targets institutional dental care neglect

Oral health researchers from the University of Newcastle have been successful in securing more than half a million dollars to advance a program dedicated to preventive oral health care for the elderly.

Small weight changes could reduce obesity health impacts

Relatively small changes—such as losing as little as 3 kilograms or maintaining our weight—could have a significant effect in reducing the health impact of overweight or obesity.

Highest and lowest income groups

The ATO has released the 2014-15 Taxation Statistics, revealing data on Australia’s most charitable individuals, highest earners, the richest postcodes and the poorest.

Good genes are nice, but joy is better

A Harvard study, almost 80 years old, has proved that embracing community helps us live longer, and be happier.